Your Weekend Horoscope: Bold Self-Expression

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This weekend the Sun enters the sign it rules—Leo. The Sun, in this fiery and dramatic sign, brings your boldest self-expression to bear upon the house where Leo resides. Check your horoscope to find out the area of life where you can shine brightly, command attention and fully express yourself over the next four weeks.

The Sun in the zone ruling romance, creativity and children encourages you to birth your greatest gifts. Whether you bring forth love, art, entertainment or offspring, what you produce bears the hallmark of your bold and fearless spirit. Don’t hold back! The world is ready to receive your gifts.

The Sun in your domestic sector shows that you really shine when you are holding court in your castle, surrounded by your closest loved ones. Your weekend horoscope reveals that domestic matters will take precedence over other affairs in the weeks ahead, so focus on getting your home life in order.

The Sun in your communication sector recharges your gift for gab. Focus on projects that involve writing, education or public speaking. You are in your element when you connect with the audience that appreciates your knowledge and wit. Go forth and find your people. They want to hear what you have to say.

The Sun in your financial zone reveals your mastery at generating income and acquiring the material possessions you desire. You are a master when it comes to wheeling and dealing, so this is an ideal time to set your sights on a big prize. Go for it, Cancer!

The Sun entering your sign announces the start of your birthday season. In the weeks ahead, it is all about you! This is a great time to make changes in your physical appearance that will allow your bold spirit to shine through. Personal goals and self-improvement take precedence now.

The Sun in bright Leo illuminates your subconscious mind, bringing the emotional fortitude to face your secrets and to heal deep, emotional wounds. Meditation, therapy, dream work or other contemplative practices will empower you and help you to shine from the inside out. Peeling back the layers will reveal your inner light.

The Sun in your friendship zone will recharge your social life in the weeks ahead. Your weekend horoscope indicates that spending time with your BFF or participating in a group activity will provide the camaraderie you crave. You are the perfect team player, so all forms of collaboration are favored.

The Sun in your career sector is recharging your professional life. Your star is shining so brightly that your colleagues and superiors can’t help but pay attention to what you are accomplishing now. Embrace your moment and give them a performance that they aren’t likely to soon forget.

Your weekend horoscope reveals that you are in your element as the Sun lights up your house of adventure. Whether you are a physical thrill-seeker or more of an armchair adventurer, you will be at your best when you pursue activities that expose you to different experiences and teach you something new.

The Sun in your house of transformation illuminates your connections with the people closest to you. The emotional and financial support you receive from others in the weeks ahead will help you to thrive. This house also rules intimacy, so sex is important too. Connect with someone who shares your passion.

The Sun in your partnership sector shows that you express yourself most fully through your important, one-on-one relationships. Whether you are with your mate, business partner, or BFF, your best qualities (as well as your worst) are reflected back to you through partnership, so choose your partner with care.

The Sun in your work zone shows that you are at your best when you are being productive. People often view you as flaky. However, you give form to your unique vision and talents when you put them to use in a practical way. Find the job or project that really allows you to shine.

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  1. Brenda Chapman

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