Your Weekend Horoscope: Beware of These Relationship Pitfalls

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Venus in sensitive Cancer aligned with expansive Jupiter and fanatical Pluto is bringing the drama! Desire is overblown and romantic relationships could be subject to possessiveness, jealousy, and power struggles. Not getting what or who you want is not the end of the world, though it could feel that way this weekend.

Spending a quiet weekend at home with your significant other can help you to avoid a lot of drama. Find a home-based activity or project that you can enjoy together. However, if someone starts acting like a boss and tries to run the show, your domestic bliss could be blown.

You might think that you are just being playful when you express certain desires to your mate, but there is a fine line between making suggestions or requests and telling someone what to do. Don’t be bullish, Taurus. And if the shoe is on the other foot, don’t let yourself be bullied.

Your weekend horoscope shows a desire for the finer things that money can buy. You might be tempted to spend money on luxurious furniture or home decor. Or your plans might involve a lavish party at home. Racking up big bills can wreck your budget and create conflict in your relationship.

You feel beautiful and desirable, though you could lose your poise if the object of your affection fails to fall for your charm. Rejection or unrequited love can make you jealous and obsessive. Don’t lose your head, Cancer. Self-love and self-respect are the traits that will make you the most alluring.

You might be nursing an infatuation in secret or could be involved in an illicit relationship. Your feelings could be so intense that they are creating physical stress. Obsession and jealousy aren’t good for your health. If love sickness is interfering with your well-being, then it is time to let it go.

A conflict between friendship and romance puts pressure on you to find a way to keep things peaceful. A friend and a love interest might be competing for your attention. Or a friendship might become complicated by a developing romantic interest. Try your best to steer clear of drama.

Your weekend horoscope shows that when it comes to your career, you are just trying to live the dream. Your ambitions could be thwarted by a jealous or controlling partner or family member who wants to keep you in your place. Dim your shine until this storm blows over.

Either you or your love interest might challenge the other person’s ideas about what romance should look like causing the two of you to lock horns. Don’t get too much in your head about it. You should follow your heart instead. A friend may offer some wise advice.

Manipulation springs into action when someone doesn’t get his or her way. Whether it’s sex or money that you (or your partner-slash-opponent) is after, it will get ugly when the other person doesn’t give in.The needy party probably doesn’t want others to know that he or she has been rebuffed.

You like to be in control, so it’s no surprise that you might try to boss your partner around or mildly harass someone whom you are interested in. And while it might happen under the guise of affection, you are really pushing to get what you want. Remember that it’s not all about you.

Your weekend horoscope shows that you might obsess about your weight or your appearance if you are feeling undesirable. Your beauty radiates from the inside out. How you feel about yourself shows and a prospective love interest is more likely to be attracted to someone who loves himself or herself.

A romance might be heating up or there could be a chance to connect with someone new. In either case, you should be careful that a jealous or controlling friend doesn’t interfere in your love life. Steer clear of people who don’t support your happiness and try to rain on your parade.

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  1. Rose06

    HI! Krishni, thank u for your weedend horoscope. But, nothing in it pertains for me I am a Gemini, I am not over buying
    and I don’t have a life partner and I have never thrown lavish parties. So, I don’t know were all of this is coming from????
    Can u if u can tell me about this interpretation?

  2. sharon knight

    Do Edgar Pickett have real love for me? Do I continue this. secret relationship? Neither one of us is married, he is a Pastor.


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