Weekend Horoscope: Ambitious, Voracious and Ruthless

The Object of Your Affection

When it comes to love, it’s all and everything. People are apt to be ambitious, voracious, and downright ruthless in the pursuit of the object of their affection. Mercury aligned with unconventional Uranus invites you to temper overheated passions with cool detachment and an enlightened perspective. Here is your Weekend Horoscope.

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Thinking outside the box will keep you from losing your head over a partnership issue. Do you want to be seen as manipulative or controlling? Or would you prefer to demonstrate your ability to rise above a heated situation? The choice is yours. Be open to an unusual solution.


You might be obsessing over education, travel, or a long-distance romance. In typical Taurus fashion, you are going overboard in your attempt to work things in your favor. Don’t be so intent on doing things your way that you are blind to alternatives. A clever friend may provide a helpful suggestion.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals big-time passion and romance. Before you get carried away by desire, have a conversation about your relationship and where you want to take things from here. Being clear about where things stand allows you to make the most of this super intense vibe.


In partnership (personal or professional), you can’t do things halfway. You have to be all in. You and your partner are unstoppable when you work together to achieve a shared goal. However, if your personal needs conflict with partnership goals, you will have a big problem on your hands.


You want to dominate in the workplace, so you are trying to pull off something really big. You are pretty obsessed, but you might be promising more than you can deliver. Be careful that you’re not building up crazy expectations. Take time to research more innovative ways to accomplish your task.


Whether you have a date, hang with the kids, or participate in your favorite solo activity, you are all about having fun. When you are passionate about something, you get obsessive about the details. Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that your current plan is no exception. Just be careful not to blow your budget.


Plans for an intimate get-together at your place could become complicated by inflated expectations or overly elaborate plans. Putting too much pressure on yourself or your partner could completely ruin the mood. The same applies to family gatherings. Keep it simple, especially if certain relationships are problematic.


An impassioned speech will definitely grab the attention of others. Even you will be surprised at how much you share and how fervently you express yourself. Some of what you share will be deeply personal, so just make sure that you are ready to reveal so much of yourself.


Obsessing over a luxury item or a pricey activity could compel you to spend a ridiculous amount of money. There is nothing wrong with the occasional splurge, but if you’re not careful you could do serious financial damage. Is this really what you desire? Or are you attempting to outdo a friend?


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals your unparalleled passion, ambition, and determination. To say that you feel confident about what you can do would be an understatement! However, an unnecessary show of force is just showing off. Exercise your judgment in determine how much or how little assertiveness to apply to your endeavors.


No matter how overwhelming your emotions are, you still have a choice about how you allow them to affect you. Put your passions on hold for now and opt for cool logic instead. A conversation with a levelheaded friend can provide a more enlightened perspective and distract you from intense feelings.


A conflict between you and a friend could reach a breaking point. You should be open about how you really feel about the situation, even if your values are vastly different from those of your friend. Sharing your unconventional perspective could bring about an unexpected shift in how you relate to each other.

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