Your Weekend Horoscope: A Controlling Vibe to Relationships

A Controlling Vibe to Relationships

Your Weekend Horoscope

Warrior Mars entering harmonious Libra brings a controlling vibe to relationships, as people seek to get others to play by their rules. You could push or be pushed into an agreement or alliance before all parties feel like they are ready to get on board. Be aware of boundaries. Here is your Weekend Horoscope.

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You feel comfortable calling the shots in a relationship, so you don’t mind putting the pressure on your partner to move things forward or to do things your way. There is nothing wrong with a little gentle prodding, but don’t get too pushy. Be mindful of your mate’s needs and desires.


Your motivation to take care of chores and to take care of your body is high. This motivates you to put a lot of time and effort into work or exercise. Not everyone will be motivated to keep up with your pace. Don’t push others (or yourself) to do more than you can handle.


When it comes to romance, you are in pursuit mode. You know what (and who) you want and you won’t let up until you have sealed the deal. Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that you are very competitive. You bring the same winning spirit to any games or activities you are involved in now.


Whether you are attending to home repairs or rallying roommates and family members to get things done, you definitely mean business. You possess the energy and motivation required to make big changes in your domestic life. Not everyone is so receptive to change. You can expect a little resistance.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that you are pretty outspoken. You will make your thoughts and intentions crystal clear and leave no room for misunderstanding. It is good to get things off your chest, but you should be mindful of how the words you use impact the people around you.


You are eager to resolve a financial matter, but in your haste to get things done you could overlook important details. Don’t be in such a hurry, Virgo. You need to take time to understand the pros and cons. This will give you the confidence to make an informed decision.


It has been two years since you’ve had the kind of energy and motivation you have now. Mars in your sign brings big-time assertiveness and the ability to act upon your desires. If you have been in a rut, this is a good time to push yourself out of it and move things forward.


A lot of the activity in your life is playing out behind closed doors. This is a time to work quietly behind the scenes rather than pushing your activities to the forefront. Spend time in research and planning. Your efforts won’t be acknowledged by others now, but they will in the months ahead.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that you have what it takes to lead a group effort or take charge of an activity involving your friends. Some will be glad that you’ve taken this on, while others may find you too bossy. You can’t please everyone, but you should try to consider the desires of all involved.


When it comes to advancing your career goals, it’s game on! You know what you want to accomplish and you are ready to do what you have to in order to make it happen. Your ambition and hard work will make the right impression. Just stick with it, Capricorn!


You have a lot of wild ideas and you don’t mind getting up on a soapbox to defend them. It is great that you have such strong convictions, though not everyone will be willing to endorse your line of thinking. Sometimes you have to agree to disagree.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that you are in a super passionate mood. Intimacy is high up on your list of priorities, so this is a great time to plan a romantic date. Your powers of attraction are enhanced, so if you are single, this is a great time to go out and meet someone new.

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