Your Weekend Horoscope: Express Yourself in Bold Ways

Express Yourself in Bold Ways

Your Weekend Horoscope

A grand trine in fire featuring warrior Mars, asteroid Pallas (ruling wisdom), and asteroid Vesta (ruling devotion) motivates you to express yourself in bold ways through creativity, athletic pursuits, or any activity that combines inspiration with bold action. What empowering activity can you devote yourself to this weekend? Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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You are pretty self-motivated and this weekend is no exception! You are keen to take the initiative when it comes to a project or activity that allows you to express yourself and also broadens your mental or physical horizons. An outdoorsy adventure might fit the bill or a creative activity could fulfill you.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows a lot of energy directed toward home and family matters. Strengthening your connections with loved ones will empower you and ignite your own emotional fortitude. On a more practical level, you might spend time attending to home repairs. This is an ideal time to transform your domestic life, inside and out.


There are a lot of ideas that you want to share with others, so it is important that you connect with like-minded souls who can provide the stimulating interaction and feedback you require. Whether you collaborate on a project with a partner or engage in a group activity, connecting with others will be immensely rewarding.


You are determined to not only make a name for yourself in your professional world, but to also aggressively pursue moneymaking opportunities. Your dedication and willingness to engage in hard work can definitely make a powerful impact. Set the bar high. You have what it takes to hit your mark!


Your Weekend Horoscope shows you being pretty assertive when it comes to pursuing something (or someone) you want. You are definitely bringing your A-game when it comes to impressing the object of your affection. Just make sure that your romantic interest is giving you the green light before you charge ahead.


For someone as methodical as you are, it’s frustrating when you can’t take action when and how you want. You will have to rely on friends and family, and even the kindness of strangers, in order to get things done. While you can direct the action from behind the scenes, you won’t take center stage this weekend.


You have the drive and energy required to take the lead in a group project or to organize an outing with your friends. Your organization, attention to detail, and masterful planning covers all the bases, making it easy for others to just show up and have a good time.


The competition will have to work very hard to keep up with you in the professional arena. Even though you should be relaxing and enjoying the weekend, you are busy devoting yourself to a task that will advance your career. There is no stopping you when you set your sights on a goal!


You possess strong beliefs and you don’t mind going to the mat to defend them. Your argument is flawless, so it’s unlikely that someone could defeat you in a war of words. Nevertheless, you don’t have to show up at every fight that you are invited to. Choose your battles wisely.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates that your passion is on the rise. You crave deep connection, but it isn’t just about getting physical. You need intense emotional interaction coupled with a sensual experience. Even if you can’t get your needs met now, it is good to realize what you really require in order to feel fulfilled.


You should feel confident being in the driver’s seat in a personal or business relationship. Your sense of direction is impeccable and you can be relied upon to initiate action that is in accordance with your shared goals. Just be sure to keep you partner in the loop and to consider his or her individual needs.


You are as busy as busy can be taking care of household chores and devoting yourself to completing work tasks. This weekend could be all work and no play unless you make it a priority to pencil in time for well-needed rest and recreation. Know when to give yourself a break!

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