Your Weekend Horoscope: Independence and Freethinking

Independence and Freethinking

Weekend Horoscope

The weekend begins on an exciting note with an alignment between clever Mercury and innovative Uranus, encouraging independence and freethinking. A meeting between delightful Venus and bountiful Jupiter increases your pleasure and makes for a happy time! These influences encourage you to step outside your box and embrace pleasure. Here is your Weekend Horoscope!

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Your fun and outgoing vibe makes you a desirable date or mate. Happiness is a big turn on and because you feel so good about yourself it makes people want to be around you. Romance promises to be red hot. If you are single, make it your mission to meet someone new!


Your ruler, Venus, joined with bountiful Jupiter in your home and family zone, brings big-time blessings to your domestic life. This is a great time to entertain at home or to make major changes in your living space. In either case, go for what you really want. Your Weekend Horoscope says the universe supports you in doing something big!


Spending time with one of your more eccentric friends will prove to be pretty interesting. It is refreshing to be able to talk freely with someone who gets you and can provide insightful feedback. What you learn will inform your choices and actions in the days and weeks ahead.


A fortuitous alignment between opulent Venus and bountiful Jupiter in your financial sector promises major prosperity. You may not win the lottery, but you will probably see an increase in your earnings. The more money you have, the more you spend. Take steps to prolong your good fortune.


Delightful Venus and magnanimous Jupiter, aligned in your sign, bestow big-time optimism and generosity. Your potential for happiness hasn’t been this high since 2003! The downside is that your desire for good times can lead to overindulgence. Your Weekend Horoscope advises you to keep an eye on your wallet and your waistline!


People are stepping up to help you in unique and interesting ways. The support you receive can help you make progress toward achieving an important, professional goal. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth! Consider any help you receive to be karmic payback for previous good deeds.


With your ruler, Venus, aligned with expansive Jupiter in your social sector, you are likely to receive several invitations to spend time with friends or to participate in group activities. Hanging out with pals will prove to be immensely pleasurable and could possibly connect you with a new love interest.


Your reputation is enhanced by delightful Venus and bountiful Jupiter gracing your professional sector. Your positive vibe makes a strong impression upon others and can help you make the connections that will allow you to excel. If you need to connect with an influential figure, your Weekend Horoscope says now is the time!


Your ruler, Jupiter, joined with delightful Venus, in your house of higher consciousness, brings a yearning to expand your horizons. This is a great time to travel or to connect with a faraway love interest. In fact, any activity that allows you to break free from your normal routine will teach you something new.


People are being super nice to you! All sorts of gifts, favors, and support are likely to come your way. An attitude of gratitude will go a long way toward keeping the blessings flowing in your life. Your Weekend Horoscope reminds you to be sure to find a way to pay it forward!


An alignment between clever Mercury and your ruler, innovative Uranus, marries creativity with insightful ideas and plans. This is a great time to brainstorm innovative, new projects and to discuss your plans with like-minded pals. Receiving feedback from fellow geeks or intellectuals will inspire you. Mentally, you are in your zone!


An alignment between delightful Venus and expansive Jupiter brings happiness to your work life. If you want to request additional hours, improved conditions, or seek a new position altogether, you have the planetary support needed to make it happen. This is definitely the time to push things forward.

4 thoughts on “Your Weekend Horoscope: Independence and Freethinking

  1. Edna Poole

    I am 91, intelligent and lonely. I am a widow. Iam sexual and nice looking. I have joined dating clubs but have not found a companion due to age. I look about 75. Financially stable. I am studying intuition…is this any answer? What can I do to take away the alone feeling. I used to be psychic and had healing hands. Can I get them back? Edna Poole.

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hope everybody has a happy and safe Fourth of July holiday !!!!!!!

    ps….for my brother Sean, watch out playing with those stadium fireworks…..remember : while your eye brows and moustache will grow back ( hopefully ) , having hands, fingers and toes are important and useful ! LOL

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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