Your Weekend Horoscope: Lust, Luxury and Indulgence

Your Weekend Horoscope: Lust, Luxury and Indulgence

Your Weekend Horoscope

When sumptuous Venus in Taurus squares flashy Jupiter in Leo, desires are inflated and appetites become insatiable. This energy is all about lust, luxury, and the indulgence of whatever it is that turns you on. However, all that glitters is not gold! Be careful not to mistake style for substance. A grounding effect from potent Pluto on Sunday will reveal what’s real. Here’s your Weekend Horoscope!

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You are playing loose and fast with both love and money. You are keen on taking a risk and you don’t mind spending a little extra in order to fulfill your desires. If it’s a pay-to-play situation, you should expect that the fun will be over when the money runs out.


You have impeccable taste. It is reflected in the way you dress and you also want your home to be a showcase of style. In your quest to impress your friends and loved ones, you could go overboard. Sometimes less is more, Taurus. Know when to tone it down.


Keeping secrets is not your strong suit, Gemini. Sometimes you just can’t help but blab something to others that you really should keep to yourself. Hold off on asking a friend for advice on a confidential, romantic matter. You will soon receive the confirmation that tells you what you need to know.


Your Weekend Horoscope indicates increased opportunities for socializing. However, between spending money on your hair, outfit, and entertainment expenses, your good time could come with a hefty price tag. Splurge if you can afford to. On Sunday, you could be presented with an invitation that is a better use of your time and money.


You are making a stellar impression in your professional world and this makes you hungry for even more acclaim. Wait until you have something to show before seeking out more attention. Don’t worry. At the start of the week you will have something to present to others that validates your worth.


Your Weekend Horoscope suggests that you might be overly optimistic regarding a distant lover. It will take more than hoping and praying to bridge the gap between you. If your beloved isn’t making an effort to show interest, then it is probably time to cut him or her loose.


People have been spoiling you lately and this raises your expectations around what you think you deserve. This tendency could rub someone the wrong way. If you need a big favor, turn to a relative or a long-time friend. Don’t ask too much from a casual acquaintance.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows a strong connection between you and a partner (either personal or professional). However, this might cause you to overstep boundaries or to make assumptions about what he or she might want. A conversation on Sunday will bring the clarification that allows you to act appropriately.


Be careful that your passion for a particular task doesn’t cause you to overestimate your abilities. Even though you may have all the information that is required, you may be lacking the experience needed to do the job right. Patience and perseverance will help to keep you on course.


Your vibe is super romantic, but it could be a bit more than your partner is ready for. Find a way to express your affection without being too overwhelming. By the start of the week you will feel more secure and can relate to your love interest in a more appropriate fashion.


No matter how close you are to a partner or loved one, you shouldn’t expect him or her to attend to your innermost needs. There are some desires that others simply can’t fulfill. By Sunday, you tap into your own inner power and find a way to give yourself what you need.


Bragging about your accomplishments and overestimating your abilities could cause you to commit to taking on a project that you are not cut out to manage on your own. If you get in over your head, a friend may come to your rescue at the start of the week.

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