Your Venus Placement and Love

How the Planet of Plenty Impacts Your Love Life

The placement of Venus in your chart determines how you love. Are you playful or serious? Flirtatious or smoldering? A combination? Read on to find out!


You use your independent spirit as a tool of seduction. You’re quick to pursue a person when interested and child-like with affection once involved. You’re an exciting lover who thrives on adventure.


Loyal and sensual, you’re driven by commitment and physical intimacy. It’s the best of both worlds! You tend to woo with food and are likewise ensnared. Try not to be too possessive—you must learn to trust!


Fun is the name of your love game, Twins. It doesn’t mean you won’t commit, but rather that in order to keep you, a lover must inspire you. You’re curious about what makes people tick and happy to share your personal philosophy.

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A caretaker to the core, you have a sentimental streak—you crave commitment. You’re also especially sensitive and cautious. Though it wouldn’t hurt you to lighten up, any partner who loves feeling loved would be lucky to have you!


When it comes to romance, you love the show. Nothing is too elaborate for you in terms of wooing a partner or being wooed by one. You like being worshiped,  but you’re loyal to and proud of anyone you become involved with.


You’re a giver in love. It’s your aim to assist. However, you have to be sure your feelings are reciprocated before you’ll let your walls down. This can make you tough to get to know, but it also makes you an amazing listener.

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You’re all about being fair in your relationships. You’re kindhearted and well-intentioned and aim to create a harmonious atmosphere for your partner. You love to please and will go to all ends to do so as long as you’re well treated.


Contrary to popular belief, while you show love with sex, you’re not sex-driven. You want commitment, depth and lasting love. You’re provocative, but not always open. It takes a while to crack you, but there’s so much below the surface.


Always an adventurer of the heart, you want to expand your horizons via your relationships. You’re fun and full of life, but sometimes tough to please. You hate being bored and sometimes require others to help entertain you.


You lead by proving your capability, so a potential lover knows they can count on you to do as you say and say what you mean. You can be a bit serious, but it’s well-intentioned. You’re the settling down sort.

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You want a friend as much as a lover. You want a partnership filled with romance and an adventurous sex life. You’re not typical and you won’t be drawn to anyone for a meaningful amount of time.


Right from the moment you bat your eyes (you flirt!), you promise to be a playful paramour. And you are. You’re also tender, romantic and can become clingy. If you work on maintaining independence when in love, you’ll thrive.

11 thoughts on “Your Venus Placement and Love

  1. Myline Kamsch

    Three months ago I meet and had dinner with a guy that I dated twenty years ago since then we talk a lot and we have this strong attraction towards each other he’s a Leo and I’m acquarius. I wonder if there is a future for both of us I have a strong feelings for him and I feel that he does to but I don’t know if I could trust him.

  2. cendi

    Im sorry to have to here what your going through its very hard tp go through something like that with the man you me i Know.its almost like your heart is crushed like a cig on the groundhog and you put so much into your relationship and believed with all your soul that your love was going to last.and then he broke that.your feeling fear,confusion,betrayal.,sadness,lonelyness,used,AND WORST OF ALL YPU STILL LOVE HIM.well my friend you did not deserve that.he is. Not the man your supposed to be with he lied to you my dear and lead you on be strong and tell yourself that you deserve what you put out at the very least,your true love is still out their searching for you break away from this decoy thats holding you back..k 😉 hope i helped

  3. Dulce Maria Dedieu Gonzalez

    I am a Cancer & have loved a Gemini for 3 years tremendously. Now he rejects me & makes love with a Leo who is a heavy set girl. I am so so upset because we loved each other So much!! Why is this happening to me?

  4. cat souza

    can I have my free reading via email ? Have no phone ? I do need to know, today I’m not so good :(will I ever feal more than just ok ? please help me!

  5. john kunkel

    i wish i knew what money love and health is ahead for me in the future . and i hope i am still living years from now john kunkel jr.

  6. kyra

    my venus is in aquarius, my sun in pisces. the man i love has his sun in aquarius, also his mercury and saturn, his venus in capricorn. he was very attracted pysically but rejected me. why?


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