Your Venus Love Horoscope for April 2013

Two Sides of Venus You’ll Love

Venus will be giving love a real workout in April as she starts the month full of energetic Aries energy and prepares for her date with Mars on the 6th—it’s one hot night. Also, look to the 18th and the 24th when Venus will be in Taurus and you’ll want to languish luxuriously with your lover. If you’re single, you could quite possibly meet “the one.” If you’re in a relationship, you may find yourself falling deeper in love’s embrace.


You’re a magnet for love with Venus in your sign for the first half of April. You’re a natural-born socializer so attracting a love interest could happen anywhere from a nightclub to the supermarket. Venus in Taurus will boost your popularity at work.


After the 15th, Venus enters your sign and brings out your luxury-loving side. This month love is all quality over quantity and that includes time you spend with a lover. Resist the urge to splurge. If you must overindulge in anything, then fill your house with scented candles and enjoy.


As the sign of communication, you’ll love the excitement of Venus in Aries and the physical contact between you and your lover will heat up. On the 18th, hold hands during a couples massage.


Be ready, Cancer, for just about anything to happen in love—anything good, that is. The cardinal energy of Venus in Aries is tailor-made for you and the earthy vibe of Venus in Taurus means lots of hugs and heartfelt kisses on the menu.


Venus heats things up while in fellow fire sign, Aries. Love could get a little wild and crazy, and you’re perfectly fine with that. Venus in Taurus could bring a work-related flirtation. Look before you leap, Leo.


Don’t say no when your lover invites you for a little chat over dinner. You may discover something that you didn’t know—a pleasant surprise perhaps. Venus in Taurus deepens your feelings and makes you feel grounded in love.


Venus’ power multiples under the Aries New Moon. Libras are truly focused on love and togetherness—two of your favorite subjects. If you’re involved, love can deepen and if single, this month could be when you meet your other half.


Venus reaches into the depths of your heart to show you what truly matters. The lunar eclipse in your sign may sting you just a bit, but Venus will help you keep it all in perspective. Let love grow from the inside out—show your affection.


On April 6 and 10 Venus taps into your adventure-loving side and either sends you hot vibes from a new love interest or inspires you to spread the love you already have by adding to the family—at least you’ll enjoy trying.

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Venus in Aries appeals to your social side and you and your favorite date may be out socializing a lot. After Venus moves into Taurus, an energy you’ll like, it’s time to concentrate on love alone—just you and that special someone. Old friends could become new relationships.


If you’ve had relationship problems (friends, lovers, etc.), Venus steps in to smooth things over. It just keeps getting better as the month progresses. If you’re single, Venus will help you find love not too far from home.

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Venus in Aries makes you irresistible to the opposite sex by making you more charming than ever. Once in Taurus, Venus turns you on to deep feelings in love and partnerships. If you don’t already have someone special, this may be the month you find them.

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  1. Jennifer

    @ Ingrid Blizzard : if they have been saying since September and you are not back together, you simply need to move on for your health and sanity :)))

  2. ingrid Blizzard

    I’ve been talking with your psychic and it was told to me that my x-boyfriend Michael will return to me and this as been seen Sept and speaking to him he says he move on and suggest that I move on. I think that your information was not right

  3. virginia Reed

    I dont go out…I just concentrate on my college homework and go to a local community chapter govt. meeting and once a month I go to a local supermarket…I go on a shuttle once a week…I dont think, I will find anybody or anytime…I am single for 2years now…

  4. mary mcCusker

    yes i have two questioms the first one is when will i be moving and the second question is about my health

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    don’t know what to make of my love matter at hand.. it has a differant way than what you said in your message… but thanks r a d


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