Your Vedic Horoscope for September 2013

What’s Your Soul’s Path According to Vedic Astrology?

If you’re looking for the astrology that focuses more on your eternal soulmate and your karmic path in life, the Vedic zodiac may speak more directly to you. The Vedic Sun Sign reflects the Hindu culture’s interest in karmic paths and soul relationships. The zodiac normally used in India is tied to the placement of the stars and constellations as they appear in the sky today, while the Western Zodiac is based on our seasonal relationship to our Sun.

Check the dates below to learn your Vedic Sun Sign and learn your September Soul Path/Soulmate forecast.

April 14 – May 13: Mesha

Thursday, September 5, your Vedic horoscope begins a weekend of romance and vision. You and your life mate move toward a greater mutual commitment on Monday, September 9. Find delight in a weekend getaway, September 13 – 15, at the beach or lake. Sunday, September 22 and the weekend of the 27th – 29th bring a sense of timelessness and beauty to your relationship.

May 14 – June 13: Vrishaba 

September offers an inspired time where love, children and romance are in focus. Innovative ideas propel you on your life path on Wednesday, September 11 and Friday, September 20. Positive communications break up old, habitual problems Sunday, September 15. Tuesday, September 24 brings harmonious communications regarding partnership/marriage.

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June 14 – July 15: Mithuna 

Your life experiences allow you to teach and heal others during the first week of September with great results for your life path by Tuesday, September 17. You find you are able to “move between worlds” with ease and communicate what you learn over the New Moon on September 5. Romantic, creative efforts flow beautifully on Thursday, September 26.

July 16 – August 15: Karkata 

September begins with transformative challenges bringing a new opening on your life path. The loving communications that follow spark successful, creative efforts September 3 and 11. Enjoy stimulating travel or studies on Friday, September 20. Sunday, September 29 brings brilliant, intuitive flashes about love and life.

August 16 – Sept 15: Simha

With the new and first Crescent Moons in your sign on Thursday, September 5 – 8, you find loving commitments blend with positive, romantic feelings for your future. Expect to continue expanding relationship progress on Tuesday, September 17 and 18. Creative inspiration and travel could bring amazing soul contacts on Friday, September 27.

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September 16 – October 16: Kanya 

You share your dreams on Tuesday, September 3, bringing a sense of eternal friendship and love. Communications and a professional female friend bring openings to those dreams on Friday, September 6. Joy comes from working with partners on Sunday, September 15 to promote a beautiful, healthy environment. Tuesday, September 24 brings a beautiful soulmate/marriage flow of emotion and energy.

October 17 – November 15: Tula 

Venus enters your sign on September 6 with the Moon following on September 8. This period is all about soulmates, commitments and romantic, loving feelings. Creative efforts and love-making are powerful on Tuesday, September 17 for mutual healing. The weekend of September 27 through the 29th is a happy time when travel and studies fulfill you while there is exciting sexual tension and release.

November 16 – December 15: Vrishchika 

Tuesday, September 3 is a great day to pursue your ideals as you have a whole new approach to fulfilling your life’s purpose. Wednesday, September 11 is an action day when an enlightened idea really puts you in an excellent position to reach others and succeed. September 19, 20 and 29 are great days for follow up on this brilliant new approach that could bring radical, positive change.

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December 16 – January 13: Dhanus 

During the New Moon on September 5 you can transform your life and really put it on course with your intention. A beautiful sense of eternal love and friendship brings joy to Sunday, September 8 and Monday, September 9. Networking brings inspiration on Tuesday, September 17 and Wednesday, September 18. The weekend of September 21 – 22, you touch your soul partner through creativity and playful sexuality.

January 14 – February 12: Makara 

The weekend of September 6 through the 8th brings a wonderful opportunity for pursuing ideals through travel associated with spiritual pursuits and promoting sustainable lifestyles. Marriage and commitment conversations can make headway on Sunday, September 15 with soul partnership experiences on Tuesday, September 24.

February 13 – March 14: Kumbha

The Crescent Moon with Venus brings spiritual fulfillment and creative inspiration on Sunday, September 8. You inspire and heal others with your positive nature and generosity on Tuesday, September 17 as studies, travel and your spiritual pursuits bring deep satisfaction. You enjoy wonderful creative inspiration on Thursday, September 26 and Friday the 27th.

March 15 – April 13: Meena

High energy, coupled with brilliant intuitive ideas, make real progress on your life path at the beginning of September. Spiritual inspiration flows into putting creative ideas into form, including having a perfect Tantric sexual experience with your soulmate on both Wednesday, September 11 and Friday, September 20. Fun and beauty surround you on Sunday, September 29.

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    If all this would happen to me on these dates, I would be ecstatic, considering I know that Donny is my soul mate. We are just in a rough spot! No communication.


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