Use Astrology to Keep Your Boss Happy

Unlock the Secrets to Employment Bliss

Is your boss the demanding type, the giving type or someone who craves constant attention? You can use astrology to anticipate their demands, give them what they want before they ask for it and make sure they know they’re priority number one.

“An astrology reading highlights the challenges that a person will face in their life and then reveals the helpful aspects and opportunities to meet those challenges.” – Psychic Faith ext. 9608

Fire Sign Bosses:

Aries Boss: “Keep it busy, keep it moving.” Aries doesn’t care for the “drudgery” approach to work. Generate excitement and enthusiasm about your work even if it’s sorting through the daily mail.

Leo Boss: “Everyone should have fun while working; me first.” Give them attention, don’t question their authority, and remember to love it. Loyalty, above all, will keep your boss happy.

Sagittarius: “Service with a smile.” As long as you’re willing to constantly learn and be jovial about work on a daily basis, you’re able to keep this boss happy, happy, happy. Tired of all that smiling and not sure if this is where you’re meant to be? Get a career forecast from astrologer Psychic Kit ext. 5180. Give her a call!

Earth Sign Bosses:

Taurus: “Proof is in the numbers.” If you contribute to the bottom line and can prove it, you’re in good light. It also helps to be a likable person. Beyond that, everything else is a waste of time.

Virgo: “If it’s not on a list, it doesn’t exist.” Record-keeping is an obsession with this boss. They don’t want to know details, just the facts. Make yourself invaluable as the go-to person with all the answers.

Capricorn: “Can you just stay until it’s done.” Cappy bosses don’t let anything slip by them. They know and see all. Work with tireless enthusiasm and be friendly without being a social butterfly—this is work after all.

Air Sign Bosses:

Gemini: “Catch me if your can.” When your Gemini boss isn’t out to lunch, at a meeting or just off the radar, they’ll want to know all the latest happenings in the office—be a confidant and have gossip handy.

Libra: “Expect the unexpected.” Librans tend to get lucky with landing lofty positions. Be their other half and make yourself invaluable, and they may just like you enough to take you with them to the next job.

Aquarius: “Bring your dog to work.” Thinking outside the box is a big plus here. Think of a way to make the business thrive while contributing to charities and saving puppies, and they’ll love you for it.

 Water Sign Bosses:

Cancer: “Concentrate on reading my mind.” Be intuitive, quick enough to catch and ride the waves, and if you’re ready for anything—fun, crisis, the unplanned—your boss will be happy. Want to know when the next unplanned anything is going to happen with your boss? Talk with astrologer Psychic Winter ext. 9002 to get the details!

Scorpio: “I’ve got my eyes on you.” Swab the decks or abandon ship. Scorpio’s spy-like, cool demeanor is never more present than when they’re the boss. So if you want to keep your boss happy (and keep your job)—do your job.

Pisces: “Someday people will learn to fly.” Pisces bosses may seem like they’re daydreaming, but they’re actually envisioning the future. Having an open mind and being innovative will keep your boss happy.

“Astrology reveals your aspirations and goals, talents, hopes and wishes, as well as your challenges en route to your goals. ” – Psychic Sonya ext. 5071

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  1. quinn ext. 5484

    hi LJ – wonderful article. knowing your the sign of your boss makes life easier –
    i love my gemini editor 🙂

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