Use Astrology to Explore Your Shadow Side

Shadow Side

Challenges and Opportunities

If you’re interested in astrology, you probably already know the qualities of your sun sign. You know what’s great about your sign, and you also know about the challenges that can arise. But did you know that each sign has a negative side, also called a shadow side?

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Major Breakthroughs and Joys

Having a shadow side doesn’t make you a bad person. Your shadow side is actually the part of your sun sign that holds potential. It’s the side that offers major breakthroughs and unexpected joys, but only if you confront it. Are you up for the challenge? If so, here’s your sun sign’s shadow side and the potential growth you could experience from facing it:


The past few years have shone a light on your shadow and how you might improve your heroic approach to life. Sometimes your high energy propels you into action before you’re clear about the needs of others. You’re a true hero when you act once you’ve listened, so aim before you fire.


Your intense loyalty to people and ideas makes you appear stubborn. Like Aries, you need to listen to others’ ideas with an open mind. Being as accepting of the differences in others as you are to the richness of those you already love expands your happiness.


You are so fascinated by the flow and trends of human life and language, and you navigate those waters lightly. This makes others think you’re shallow. But if you dig deeper into your own heart and soul when you express yourself, you’ll have a more profound connection with the people you genuinely love and appreciate.


Your sensitivity to others is a blessing, but sometimes others see you as a bit prickly in response to their comments. Some see you as too concerned with financial and personal security. What’s actually needed is for you to build your own sense of confidence by realizing that the only real security anyone enjoys is being that unique person others truly treasure.


Your natural ability to attract the attention of others and keep it, due to your entertaining nature, has others thinking you’re a bit self-centered. But by simply engaging others with that intense focus you have, you can bring everyone back to enjoying the bright light that is you. Then you’re the most irresistible leader or performer imaginable.


You want to create the perfect scenario for everyone, but that can be overwhelming to you and to others. They’re intimidated by your hardworking approach. The great news is that 2016 is the year you’re learning to relax and give yourself a break, while painting with a broader brush—much to the happiness of others.


You’re so intent on being fair and pleasant to everyone, that you often find it hard to make clear decisions and to tell people what you actually need. Understanding that others really want to make you happy (as much as you wish to delight them) can be really helpful. The true balance you seek in life is the flow of giving and receiving.


Your ability to dig deep within for growth and healing can confuse others, and you can appear unreachable or secretive. But this is also your greatest asset. Your fearless approach to yours and others’ shadow sides can heal such issues as sexual repression, anger and more. Just share your honest Scorpio self and you’re on the right track.


You’re known for your brutal honesty and your grasp of the great “cosmic joke.” The comedy often saves you, but be certain that the other person is ready for your revelation when you land that one-liner. Saturn is going through your sign right now, offering some needed equilibrium to your tendency to go a bit overboard in your expectations and promises to others.


Your intense purpose and focus on what the world needs, and your ambitions to make that happen, can make you appear impersonal to others at times. Your answer to this is clear communication. You’re doing it for them as well as others, but if you hear them and let them contribute to your future plans, then they’ll soon realize that there’s a big heart behind the drive to succeed.


Your vision of the future can sometimes leave you out of touch with people who need and want your attention now. Your massive group of friends can also make those close to you feel lost in your very busy network of people. Set aside specific times to relate to those closest to you and you’ll find your grander plans take on more human power and potential.


People sometimes find your romantic ways more mystifying than mystical. While you mean well and truly care about others, you sometimes forget to bring your dreams and creative notions down to earth enough to share them. 2016 is the perfect year to find that balance that makes your gorgeous romantic notions into something wonderful for the world.

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