Uranus in Sagittarius: Fiery Visions for 2012

Born With Uranus in Sagittarius: You Are the Fiery Minds Who Envision the Future for 2012

If you were born between December 1981 and January 1989, you have Uranus in Sagittarius. With Uranus in Aries now blazing a path to the future “full speed ahead,” you will help drive that path in the direction of a vision for a greater future with ever-expanding views of life and its possibilities.

Actually, Uranus in your natal chart will be in a harmonious aspect with Uranus in present times. Finally, your vision beyond the horizon will be driven to fruition by the dynamic “take no prisoners, just charge ahead” energy of Aries. You may miss a step or trip over some other annoying obstacle in your daily life, but your friends and family love you for your focus beyond what is known, and they know you are unstoppable in your passion for life and generosity to others.

Whether it’s discovering a culture from a distant land or time, exploring the depths of the ocean or endless space, or simply diving through the information buried in some library, you have the door to the future in your view, and the passion to “fire up” others to make it happen.

So, Uranus in Sag, this is your time to lead that group to a location that will help them see a greater view of the value of unfamiliar people and what they might offer to humanity as a whole. Or, you may be teaching others what is available through studies and higher learning. Then again, it may be as simple as a friendly break-up of an established relationship that opens you to the ideas of new people and your true potential. Better yet, you may break through to your partner to get them to expand their personal view of life and share the wonder of it all with you!

In the midst of the apparent breakdown of this exciting and freeing, but disruptive time around 2012, you will see the breakthrough to a dream you were certain would come true. Avoid saying “I told you so.” Your usual generosity will allow you to be glad for others’ personal transformation whether they give you credit or not. You are an ardent energy needed to drive us to a future that includes everyone and their well-being. You are the booster to the rocket that is Aquarius in Aries.

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6 thoughts on “Uranus in Sagittarius: Fiery Visions for 2012

  1. Jeanne

    Martina,just want too thank you for your support. I know I would have gone crazy but your happy out look really did help me .hope too talk with you again . Maybe by then I will have same happy news too share lol

  2. Debra Keil-LeavittDebra Keil-Leavitt

    Nina: You have Uranus in Virgo if you are a Sag born in 1966, so that blog would apply to to you. However, since you are a Sagittarius, Uranus will be in harmonious aspect with your sun in 2012, so this will bring you great surprises and opportunities for self-expression in the coming year. Have fun!


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