The Total Lunar Eclipse and Your Sun Sign

April’s Lunar Eclipse: Shake Things Up!

April is host to a total lunar eclipse in Libra, and every Sun Sign will feel the life-changing effects. The two most important things to remember about April are:

1. Eclipses on their own can shake things up and bring inevitable change to our lives (all for the better).

2. This is a huge astrological month. In fact, it’s the biggest in 2014! Some serious alignments will pump up the effects of both the lunar and solar eclipses talking place.

Make Room for Better Things

Eclipse energy is healing energy and we often see things that no longer serve us come to an end in order to make room for new energy and fresh opportunities. It’s not always easy to accept how something that affects our lives (something beyond our control) can be good for us, but when it comes to eclipses, the universe not only has the best of intentions, it also seems to know best.

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The majority of people will feel the effects of an eclipse right away. For a few, the energy will build for a month before taking hold, so keep that in mind as you read the April 15th total lunar eclipse forecast for your Sun Sign.


Your lunar eclipse forecast is all about partnerships. This could mean a love relationship, a work relationship or a friendship. For instance, if you’re BFF decides to move, don’t be sad—you’ll just have a new city to visit.


Something to do with either your daily rituals or habits is about to undergo a transformation. This could include something to do with work, where you might hear about something that no one else knows yet. It could also mean the end of a bad habit.

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The lunar eclipse takes place in your house of love and creativity. If there’s something just a little “off” lately in either of those areas, the truth is about to reveal itself. The eclipse will shine a light on what needs to be known to affect changes for the better.


As the moon child of the zodiac you know how eclipses always affect you more deeply than any other Sun Sign. This one is all about where you live, literally. You may decide to move, a roommate situation could change or renovations are in the works. Just float on water, go with the flow and don’t fight the current.


You may feel like roaring a bit during the lunar eclipse, as communication and travel (or both) go awry. Trips may experience delays or be subject to last-minute changes. Emails and texts may lack the sentiment and emotion you’re trying to convey and they may be perceived incorrectly.

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Hold onto your hat and your wallet during this lunar eclipse. Your second house of finance is the target, so one possibility is that unexpected expenses could pop up. If you’ve saved money, you’ll hate to part with it, but you’ll be glad you had it to spend.


Since you’re the host of this total lunar eclipse, this one is all about you, Libra. Due to other alignments, this may be a tense time for you, but necessary changes are in affect. You are about to evolve. Be ready to turn the page and start a new chapter.


No sign appreciates mystery, innuendo and subtext like your Sun Sign. If someone has swept something under the rug (even you), it’s about to be discovered. Your intuition will lead you to the answer, even if it comes from within.


Your philosophical side will be lit up as the total lunar eclipse illuminates your house of friendship and the groups you belong to. Someone’s behavior may shock you. The eclipse is showing you the virtues of tolerance and acceptance. Be patient with them and with yourself.

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An eclipse in your career house will require you to work out your resilience muscle. Changes at work or a change in work are inevitable. This could mean a promotion, a change in management or even a move you have to make for a new position. Trust that it all works out in the end.


When it comes to all things foreign, including long-distance travel, it appears you’ll hit some snags during the eclipse. Also, any dealings having to do with lawyers, insurance or higher education would be best dealt with after next month if you can wait.


You can be one of the most creative and resourceful of the Sun Signs when you need to be and that’s a good thing, especially when this total lunar eclipse lands in your house of other people’s money. You may have to shell out for a bill that takes you by surprise but is necessary to pay.

5 thoughts on “The Total Lunar Eclipse and Your Sun Sign

  1. wanita

    you hit the bull’s eye. man you are damn good. my water eater took a dump yesterday.hopefull you can predict money dropping from the sky into my lap soon

  2. Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    thanks LJ for this insightful article. I am looking for some good news soon so your astrological prediction was good to see.
    the changes have been very positive and I feel the energy is moving forward.
    enjoy the beauty of all the events this month.
    Buddha bless,

  3. Gopal

    I have been looking out for a job since last 7-8 months and i have not got any job yet. Can you give me an idea , when i might get the job. My date of birth is 1st May 1975.

  4. Ted

    My birthday next week.I have had the worst 2 years in my life,from having a staffe infection in my right breast,has cost me all my superannuation,loss of work,and now living beneath the poverty line,and still no cure.All specialists are mystified,I am not overly materialistic,thank God,had to sell my house to pay for all this.
    I am hoping this lunar eclipse can bring about a new situation.
    I have stopped smoking,one glass of wine every two days with dinner,if I can afford it,no more antibiotics,nothing,except for bandages,changed every day.
    Tried suicide,that did’nt work more anti depressents,just want to kick this infection and start again.I will be sixty.


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