Tiger Woods: Capricorn Clash

Two Capricorns going through a scandal has got to be tough. Both Tiger Woods and his wife, Elin, are Caps, the sign most concerned with reputation. The recent reports of Tiger’s sexual shenanigans have prompted several women to come out of the woodwork, claiming to have had affairs with him. Oh, my!

So what’s up with their charts? Tiger’s afflicted Neptune shares some of the blame. Neptune, the planet of both deception and compassion, is conjunct his Moon in Sagittarius and opposite his Mars in Gemini. This can indicate someone who needs to escape through fantasy, sex, drugs or the like.

On the positive side, it also indicates someone unusually compassionate (The Tiger Woods Foundation helps disadvantaged children).

As for Elin, she has Moon in either adaptable Gemini, which would help her weather the storm, or home-loving Cancer, which would make her easily wounded emotionally. As a couple, her Venus in Aquarius is at odds with his Venus in Scorpio; Aquarius is freedom-loving and detached, whereas Scorpio is passionate and possessive. This clash makes it harder to understand each other’s relationship needs. Difficult, but not impossible.

As for what’s ahead for them, between now and most of next year, transiting Saturn in Libra will be squaring their Suns in Capricorn. Whether they’re together or apart, dealing realistically with their individual and shared issues will take priority.

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