The Best Holiday Gifts By Sun Sign

Gifts By Sun Sign

Choose Gifts That Touch Their Heart, Soul and Sun Sign

Whether or not the people on your list are astrology buffs or not, gifts that represent a person’s Sun Sign are always considered special. Why? Because knowing a person’s Sun Sign allows you to choose meaningful gifts that speak to their mind, body and soul. Here are the best holiday gifts they’ll never expect, but will be thrilled to receive.

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Give them what’s hot, unique and original. Find something that everyone else will want as soon as they see it. You don’t have to fly to Milan in search of a special treasure, but if you want to give them jewelry or clothing, make sure it will make people ask, “Where did you get that?”


Trinket-loving Taureans love the valuable and durable (think diamonds), and if it comes with a lifetime guaranty, even better. Although they love the finer things in life, this down-to-earth sign also loves what’s cuddly, comforting and relaxing. How about a fluffy pet or fluffy slippers?


Information, automation and all things socially stimulating interest your Gemini. A remote car starter, the latest iPhone or anything they can talk about and share are all good examples of thoughtful gifts with a gadget twist.


If your gift says “I know you and I love you,” it will be a hit. It can be big or small, but it must be from the heart. You could give them a beach vacation, a spa day, or a hand-painted framed picture of the two of you. If your gift has a water/pampering vibe, it will be a hit.


This fire sign is a go-getter, so think about something that enhances their life or career.  Tickets to the latest Tony Robbins seminar, a shiatsu massage, or a new gadget that keeps them ahead of the curve identifies with their need to be on top of things.


Anything that helps them achieve order is a welcome holiday gift. Virgos are also into living a healthy life, so a natural food delivery service or some organic beauty products are something they’d enjoy. If you’re not sure, just warm some oil and give them a pampering body massage.


The zodiac’s symbol for Hollywood, they love clothes that are elegant and unique. Think retro faux fur or velvet gloves with a silk lining. They also love to entertain, so unique martini glasses, serving trays and richly scented candles are always a good bet as well.


If you buy them clothing, just pick something sexy and black. A spiritually intuitive sign, they’d love a psychic reading to balance their energy. Scorpios are also fond of music, so dinner with classical music playing in the background will soothe their busy brains.


Try to honor their need for constant movement, whether it’s exercise or travel. You could give them luggage or fitness gear. Perhaps the zodiac’s philosopher would like a nice journal to record their travels.


The goat is always climbing to the top of the mountain, whether it’s literally or professionally. Climb the pyramids, or take them skiing for the holidays. Organizing office essentials with classic appeal are always appreciated, and any items of clothing you may choose should be unique, yet classic as well.


The best holiday gifts should be fun, funny, unique and quirky. Aquarius will be hosting a party, so give them something to share with their guests that will make them chuckle. A vintage strobe light, oddly-shaped drinking glasses or a fun party game should do the trick.

Tap into the thoughtful, heartfelt and meaningful, like a collage of all your favorite moments spent together. If you really want to bowl them over, take them to a spa retreat; they may never want to leave. You can’t go wrong with a special evening of music, scented candles and massage.

3 thoughts on “The Best Holiday Gifts By Sun Sign

  1. HC

    You suggest giving a “fluffy pet” as a a gift . I really hope you mean a fluffy stuffed toy.

    Please, please do NOT give animals as gifts, and please do not encourage other people to do so.

    Animals and pets are for LIFE , not just for Christmas.

    An unwanted pet may end up neglected or ill treated, or dumped somewhere – if they are lucky, dumped at a shelter rather than “set free” to starve, be run over by a car, or killed by another animal. But even if they end up in a shelter, their chances of being adopted are slim and they will probably end up being euthanased.

    If somebody wants a pet, let them make the effort to go and adopt one – please adopt, don’t shop.

  2. Whitedove

    Judy, everything you need to know is already inside of you. Pay attention to all those feelings, things that happen out of the blue, dreams that speak to you in the night. Listen to the intuitive messages that are being sent to you from the universe. They are guiding you. You are very sensitive but you are second guessing yourself. You are ignoring the signs in hope that love finds you. When love comes to you, it feels good. You are at peace. You are inspired and happy. If you don’t feel peace, something is a miss…. This is telling you to back up and to reassess the situation.. If you are having dreams that the man who says he wants to marry you is with someone else, then it’s either a fear or a message. If a fear, you must face that fear and tell yourself that you are worthy of a loving relationship and that you deserve this. Remember, you are a child of the most high God! You are special and valuable. You must feel this. Stop focusing on the man and focus on yourself. When you feel good about you and feel you are worthy, you will attract a man that fulfills you. When a man wants a wife, he values a family. He respects women. He runs to the one that makes him feel respected and valued as a man. Women have the ability to help men get in touch with their feminine side ( feelings) and that is what they need. In return a man supports you and risks everything for the ones he loves. Take care of yourself and let God take care of the rest… Relationships can’t be one sided. Both must be fulfilled. If you do not feel peace. If you have doubts, you must rethink this situation. Fall on you knees and thank God and the universe that you have a wonderful loving man that truly loves you for who you are. See what happens next… Remember to ask for forgiveness for anything and everyone that has hurt you and done you wrong. Let that go and look to the future. Imagine the life you want but think of it as if it has already happened. Don’t let fears or negative thought dominate. The Devil is a lair…Negative thought are seeds that grow in your subconscious and will block anything good coming to you. Once you speak and thank God for what you have and what is coming, it will filter into the subconscious and manifest in your life. This is Universal law. Imagine it, Speak it, feel it, live it. You are the only problem you will ever have and you are the only solution you will ever need. God has given this to all of us……

  3. judy jakson

    i have been haveing dream’s a bout’ the man i have been with for six years that he is with other woman and said he want to marry me but i fell he not tell me the truth that he real just playing for sex or what every’. i real need someone who will not bull me and tell me the truth is’ he real in love with me and real want to marry’ me? or he just useing me to get whant’ he wants can someone get back to be asp like to day’ befor i make a mistake with he please i need someone to tell me the truth’. i im a victim of rape befor i meet him i was by myself for eighteenyear and than it happen i meet him so im asking in god’s name please help me. don’t fell sorry for me just tell me the truth’ pleaase help me someone’ i don’t want to make a big mistake in my life. miss. judy jackson. i need to know to day a. s. p. thank you who every.’


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