The Amorous Moon

We think of Venus as the planet of love, amorous interest and passion. Yet the Moon is every bit as important to happiness in your love life. If your birth chart features Venus well-aspected in every degree, many astrologers would predict a stellar love life for you. Yet, if your Moon has hard aspects to it, your love life could be unexpectedly difficult.

This is because the Moon rules emotions. Its aspects show how we express those emotions in our different facets, as well as what events are drawn to us and how we react to them. The house placement of your Moon reveals where you’ll experience joys and reversals. If your natal moon has hard aspects, you’ll perceive life as filled with emotional challenges and conflicts, and this instinctive reaction will have a huge effect on your love life.

Let’s briefly examine how the Moon in relation to other planets could affect your love life:

Moon/Sun aspects
Positive Moon/Sun aspects mean your way of emotionally expressing yourself helps you progress in self-realization, while hard aspects indicate that your emotional reactions or desire for comfort may come at the expense of your personal development.

Moon/Mercury aspects
This aspect describes how you communicate emotionally. Beneficial aspects would make you well attuned to others, while hard aspects could make you oblivious to the emotional impact of your words, a bit like the proverbial bull in a china shop.

Moon/Venus aspects
Here is what you value in emotional relationships, how you view and express both love and beauty. Graceful aspects will make loving and being loved come quite naturally, while hard aspects may make you fearful of expressing love and may make you regard yourself as unattractive.

Moon/Mars aspects
This aspect shows your degree of motivation and ambition, your ability to negotiate honest disagreement or conflict, and your life passions. Strong placements will give you initiative — you’ll confidently reach for what you want — while difficult placements may make you testy and irritable, and you may unwittingly create conflict wherever you find yourself.

Moon/Saturn aspects
This particular arrangement of planets governs the basis and foundation for your emotional life, as well as the expression or inhibition of emotional needs. Positively expressed, there will be a solid, reality-based foundation for relationships; negatively expressed, there may be a soft heart overprotected with walls of steel.

Moon/Jupiter aspects
Here, the expansive planet of luck meets the emotional center. The possibilities are quite staggering — with beneficial aspects you may be lucky and truly charmed in love, while with negative aspects you may have excessive self-regard, limiting your ability for true intimacy.

Moon/Neptune aspects
This arrangement juxtaposes the planet of emotions with Neptune, which rules mysticism, the urge to merge with the Infinite and with others, as in Tantric sex. Positively expressed, these planets can work beautifully together — dreams, creativity and love can flourish — but negatively positioned this intensely emotional, spiritual connection can become a fog of delusions.

Moon/Uranus aspects
Uranus is the planet of sudden and unexpected change, so with this placement your emotional life could be radically unpredictable. Negatively aspected, you may find your emotional support network unpredictable and unavailable. Positively aspected, you may find yourself surfing through apparent emotional chaos with joy in your heart. In either case, it may be hard to forego independence.

Moon/Pluto aspects
If there’s a harmonious relationship between these planets, then deeply felt emotions are going to get their most honest and strongest expressions. Badly aspected, there will be an attempt to bury these emotions, and those we’re intensely attached to may be met with suspicion and envy.

Once you know the Moon’s influences and tendencies in your chart, you are forewarned and forearmed, giving you the opportunity to make informed decisions, rather than being buffeted by incomprehensible, unexpected emotional storms that can make a hash of your love life.

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