Your Summer Vacation by Sun Sign

Your Summer Vacation by Sun Sign

Your Astrological Guide to a Summer Vacation

If you’re planning a trip for one, two or the whole crew, let astrology be your travel agent. This guide will help you find the perfect summer vacation by Sun Sign to create that perfectly memorable adventure for everyone. Mix and match the adventure-loving side of a fire sign with the sensory-stimulating dream vacation of an earth sign and explore the endless vacation possibilities.

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As a fire sign, Aries likes vacations that hold some simmering possibilities. Though vacations require some planning, make sure it’s peppered with spontaneous adventures and unexpected diversions. Book a wild safari in the jungles of Africa or a trip to discover how the Badlands got their name. If you’re a luxury-loving Aries, you may prefer a Palm Springs resort or a trip to Vegas where you can enjoy the hot desert sun and sample the exciting night life as well.


Luxury, comfort and dreamy indulgences appeal to the bull’s refined taste for the good life. Forget the sleeping bags; Taurus prefers five-star rooms with cloud-like beds and room service. After eying your surroundings from your room with a view, you’ll be ready for tropical beaches with plenty of exotic elixirs delivered by cabana boys who can clue you in on where to find some local treasures. Buy yourself a trinket to remember this blissful adventure.


When in Rome, Mexico or any place they vacation, Geminis like to do what the locals do and soak up authentic cultural experiences, so forget the usual tourist traps. Mix with the locals, enjoy native cuisine and discover little-known adventure spots and shops. The twins love adventure coupled with time to kick back and relax. They’re also not above booking a two-destination vacation just to shake things up a bit. If you’re traveling with a Gemini, they’ll always come prepared—for anything.

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Cancerians love watery destinations so beaches, lakes, pools and the like are perfect choices. You’d adore a place that feels like home, offers a chance to float on the waves, and take long strolls on sandy shores. You love making memories, so take lots of pictures so you can look back and relive each special moment.   The crab also carries their home on their backs, so if you’re traveling with a Cancer, don’t worry if you forgot to pack something. It’s likely that Cancer brought one for each of you.


With the Sun as their ruling planet, this fiery sign loves action, adventure and working on their tans in the sun so they’ll look extra hot when it comes to the night life. “Go big or stay home” is your motto because Leo loves the bright lights of big cities, or exotic desert spa destinations where they can be pampered. They love to take the spare-no-expense approach to fun. Give yourself an experience that makes you purr because no one likes an unhappy tiger.


Virgos tend to be health-conscious and they also love immersing themselves in local culture. When booking a foreign destination, you’re into learning the language, observing customs and sampling local cuisine. Health spas are a great choice, but as a Virgo, you can go just about anywhere, as long as it offers a full-sensory experience. Feed your mind, body and soul with a little mountain climbing or a countryside bike ride and end the day with a soothing massage.

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As the partnership sign, trips that are devoted to the two of you are the most pleasing for Libra. It should be a place rich in culture with lots of interesting people and plenty of things to do. You also love to visit friends in far-off places. That way you can enjoy unfamiliar places while still feeling perfectly at home—Libras like balance whenever possible.


Get away to a secluded destination. Try to book something private like a beachfront property. You’d enjoy that much more than a hotel full of strangers. Scorpio wants to relax and unwind, and a place near water soothes their hard-working souls.


Sagittarius likes to travel to places they’ve never been before. Try a destination vacation that holds a bit of mystery—a loose itinerary with plenty of room for adventure. They love the great outdoors, so consider sleeping under the stars and getting in touch with nature. Although your prefer warmth over cool-weather destinations, it’s safe to say you’re pretty much ready for anything that sounds intriguing.

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As a Capricorn, you’d prefer a place that is rich in culture and history, where you can blend in with the locals and enjoy a full, non-touristy getaway. This hard-working sign does like the little luxuries of life—and the most luxurious thing you can do is to step out of your everyday routine and absorb another way of living. The perfect getaway is one they’ll love to revisit again.


The recipe for a perfect Aquarian-style summer vacation includes a bit of the great outdoors, a dash of excitement, a pinch of “me-time” and a good helping of pampering. Rent a hill-top house on an island with a view where you could enjoy a nature walk down to the beach. When you return, enjoy a fully-prepared meal followed by a night on the town full of dancing and flirting. Don’t forget to book that massage.


This water sign loves tropical and romantic settings. You’d love a true getaway where you can forget everyday life and live a fantasy-like, carefree existence. Start the day with an exciting adventure and end it by listening to local music, drinking local concoctions and dancing under the stars.

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