Your Summer Solstice Horoscope: Making Connections

What Does the Summer Solstice Have in Store for You?

Just days before the Summer Solstice which occurs on June 21 in the Northern Hemisphere, Venus in Taurus (one of her homes) will form a wonderful angle to Jupiter in Cancer. In addition, Mercury is retrograde, making this a great week for every Sun Sign to kick back a bit and relax.

The overall mood that ushers in summer will be playful and fun-loving, fueled in part by the Moon in Aries. On the evening of the Summer Solstice, the Moon changes over to Taurus, making the day end on a comfortable and relaxed note.

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Now let’s take a look at the Summer Solstice Horoscope for your Sun and Rising Signs:


With a very romantic energy just days ahead of the Summer Solstice, you’re already feeling the warm and fuzzies. Once Venus moves into Gemini a few days afterwards, it’s quite likely that a friendship could deepen or, alternatively, friends can become lovers. Let stress go for now and enjoy.


You’ve been busy, and though you don’t exactly realize all the energy you’ve spent lately, you’d do well to recharge during the weekend of the Solstice. Connect with your element, the earth. Take a walk without your shoes on, do some gardening, take joy in the quiet moments which of late have been few and far between, and then go have some fun.


Last’s month’s new Moon in your sign was the signal of your “New Year.” You are inspired and supported by the stars to take on new adventures, using all you’ve learned. For this weekend though, take a break and celebrate summer by surrounding yourself with the energy of those you love. Recharge those batteries.


Is there a more special time for you dear Cancer then the time when the sun moves into your sign and signals the start of summer? You want to share your feelings of love and warmth with those who mean the most to you, so make sure you make a big deal out of the Summer Solstice because it is a big deal—for you especially.


A party is as good a reason as any to gather everyone together, and besides, if you don’t do it, who will? If, however, you’ve taken on a little too much lately, a day spent resting on a float in a pool isn’t such a bad idea either. In other words, take charge of your day in the sun and do what you like. Enjoy it!


The summer sun is about to shed some light on an ongoing situation—one you’ve wrestled with for some time now. The answers are easier to see in the light of day. There’s nothing so large and looming that you can’t set it straight. Welcome summer with open arms. All will be very reassuring.


You’re about to get a peek into the future you’d like to create. It is possible to have it all! Do what comes naturally and resonates with your true happiness meter. Celebrate the Summer Solstice because it sets the stage for new and positive energy coming your way.

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Take a break from hard work to renew and revive your most significant connections. The joy of the day will lead you to new sparks of inspiration in many areas of life. Your mind is active as always, and your body is relaxed as long as you surround yourself with those you love.


Ever the philosopher, you will see an opportunity to use the light-hearted energy of the Summer Solstice to bury an ongoing bone of contention. Life is just a little better when you’re jovial and happy and not at odds with a current situation. Allow the spirit of summer to lighten your own spirit.


Even if you do the same things every day, once the Summer Solstice rolls around you’ll be looking at it all in a new way. Take a break, sit back, listen and take it all in. A lot is going on around you and your most important relationships take center stage in your Summer Solstice Horoscope.


Our lives are often filled with people willing to offer their opinions. That doesn’t mean you have to accept their advice or reject their interjections. Right now (and this weekend especially), all you need is to surround yourself with the people in your life who you know have your best interest at heart.

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Think of your Summer Solstice Horoscope as a reminder to not sweat the small stuff and to see things in a positive light. As you prepare to welcome in the start of summer, remember the child within and try to see life through their eyes. If you do, it will be an eye-opening summer.

4 thoughts on “Your Summer Solstice Horoscope: Making Connections

  1. LJ

    Hi Pamela: Sorry my response is late … so you tell me – was your Solstice Horoscope accurate to you sign? Aside from the warmth part, that is.

  2. Pamela

    Hi i live in Australia, whats the solstice got in store for me, is it the same as above? (PS I am an Aries)


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