Your Soulmate Horoscope for May 2013

Spring Fling or Real Thing?

Matters of the heart take on a certain dual nature with Venus in Gemini starting May 9. What will this mean for you? Here is your soulmate forecast for May 2013.


The month starts off slow (possibly even contentious) but things improve mid-month (around the 18th, to be specific), when Gemini and Venus sextile Uranus in your sign. Is a potential paramour better as a friend? Good question.


Venus winds up her stay in your sign during the first nine days of May, so savor these days! Bonds made here are real ones and should be kept, even if communication turns confusing mid-month.

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Love and light abound as beautiful Venus traverses Gemini territory most of the month. Seize this spotlight (much of which corresponds with the Sun in your sign) and run with it. You’re bound to charm the pants off of admirers—literally!


Love has been such a focus in your life as of late, but so has work. And if they haven’t been competing, they will be this month—and until November. Learn the fine art of balance lest you be pulled in too many directions.

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Romance is all around—particularly in social settings. Translation? You may discover that special someone in a group setting when you weren’t even looking. Conversely, you may rediscover old feelings for someone from the past.


If you’re feeling confused by something your special someone is saying, it’s with good reason. Luckily, you above all are armed with a razor-sharp B.S. radar. Just don’t over analyze  Let sleeping dogs lie until next month!


Your urge to lash out at those nearest and dearest is not actually a reflection upon them, but rather, your need to break free from the chains (not the people) that bind you. Translation: You must be complete solo to be part of a good duo.


Your charm is on display this month after the 18th. Take everything you hear with a grain of salt and a dash of hope. You never know what could happen as long as you act with your own highest good in mind.


Things are light, bright and airy when it comes to love and romance, Sag, so seize it. Now, you’ll have the fun you always crave. Decide later what it means. If the stars have anything to say, it could mean a lot!

“Anyone can attract a fun partner by having a fun sense of self.” – Psychic Lalita ext. 5408


You’re feeling extra connected to someone of late. Don’t let work get in the way. From here on, balance becomes a challenge and it’s perhaps because you now value the professional and the personal!


May comes on strong. It’s a perfect precursor to what could be a summer of love. It will definitely be a summer of fun. Social opportunities abound, offering up potential partners in crime and in life!


Be creative in your expressions of love and lust. No one has your way of showing devotion, in whatever form you feel it. Now is the time to let it rip. You have to be willing to take romantic risks if you want the rewards!

13 thoughts on “Your Soulmate Horoscope for May 2013

  1. krutika

    M in a relationship. But my bf told in feb he s getin mard in May n since den v r not in contact . Is wat hes sayin tru wil hecal me n wl things btn us b cool as it were

  2. amy

    I’m a Scorpio and my partner is an Aries.we’ve been together for 15 years off and on and I think we are a great couple .I’m very much in love with him and we’re supposed to get married .we have a good communication but sometimes he doesn’t share when he’s upset and shuts dow. n .we’ve been throug h a lot of ups and downs in that amount of tim e .I just wonder is this too good size that will make it

  3. bella

    AMEN Marsha & IT’S NICE 2 know THAT i AM not THE ONLY 1 who DOES know/SEE’S that IN LEO’S !!!! Thank-You

  4. nicole


  5. kyt

    Hi, just wondering if it would be waist of time to try and reconnect with my first love i am a taurus and he is gemini

  6. velma rodriguez

    Hi i myself am a leo , i have to say i am not enything you all say on your coments im soory
    but you all , one thing about me im very loyle 2 im very loveing 3i work hard 4im very independent,5 goodhouse wife ,6 I love to see and play sports i am not a boring person, to me
    my husbend is a picese , and thay can be very happy persons only when thay want to be,so,
    in my family i have a member that is a zodiac one for each month, but every one in my family
    are very active, sorry to say but i think its in there gense, Desagry with you all. sorry????

  7. marsha

    Lori, in regard to Leos’, I have known a few , and let me just say that when it comes to being faithful,they have no conscience. They get bored very easily and no matter what you do to entertain them, they could care less. They have a conquering instinct with no regard for other peoples feelings. So be award of Leos’.

  8. bella

    Leo’s & Aries should make good partner’s MATCH, LEO”S ARE ALL about ALL DRAMA, BUT IF you are a woman AND you want A LEO relationship WITH A MALE LEO PLEASE run ASAP ??? FYI MY BFF 4 over 30 + years IS 1, well were NOT BFF”S NO more, I FINALLY GOT TIRED of ALL THE DRAMA so MY BEST ADVICE WOULD BE 2 RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN now lol !!! many blessings 2 you !!! Bella

  9. Brian Gilliland

    Hello, as long as ur loyal, they will stay loyal. Two high energy signs with complimented personality’s that verbalize easily. Take their shallowness with an understanding they can be just as deep. And reserve the emergency charm for their stubbornness

  10. Lori

    hi Araanza,
    I’m an amateur astrologer and happened to read your post. Yes you can get along quite well, especially if your charts echo each other at all. Like you might be a Leo, but if your Moon or rising sign {for instance} are in Aries then it will help. And same for your Aries partner…if they have any Leo in their chart it helps. You can get natal {birth} chart wheels at a low price from astrologers or there might be places on the internet to calculate them for free. Then you can see for yourself, but you’d need to learn what the astrology signs look like so you can read them. It’s easy just look up “astrological glyphs” online or in a basic astrology book.

    Leo likes to dictate to others a bit, Aries doesn’t want to be told ! Aries tends to be independent. So you might want to watch your Leo tendency to sort of manage others,
    but you might hardly be that way at all. All Leos are different individuals. They make wonderful partners because they have many great qualities.

    I think most any signs can get along as long as they have enough mutual astrology – and nice aspects too of course.
    Anything needs time, good luck and I hope you cherish each other.

  11. Araanza

    Hi, I just have a question! I’m Leo, my partner is Aries, I’ll love to know If we are good together as a couple, I feel like we have a special connection, but you never know,, first months everything is amazing!!! Thanks!!


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