Your Money Horoscope: Life-Altering Eclipses

Life-Altering Eclipses

A Life-Changing Month for Your Money Horoscope

When it comes to your September Money Horoscope, there will be a lot of planetary shifts to keep your eyes on. Let’s start with the life-altering eclipses—a partial solar eclipse in Virgo on the 12th and a total lunar eclipse in Aries on the 27th which is also a Super Moon. Full Moons signify endings in whatever house they touch in your chart, but this Full Moon is influenced by Saturn and Pluto, so this eclipse will also signal some sort of karmic and unexpected beginning.

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Use September for money planning, but finalizing those plans is not supported as Mercury will go retrograde in Libra on the 17th, the same day that Saturn leaves Scorpio for the last time until 2041. Venus will now go direct in Leo, having been retrograde since the end of July, but her full benefits won’t be felt until next month as she takes some time to get her bearings straight. If you’re feeling the urge to splurge make sure it’s a wise purchase.


Beneficent Jupiter is in your sixth house of daily work and reputation. Why not tap into the energy of this powerfully gracious planet and have a chat with your boss about that raise that you are surely due? Just do so before the 16th.


September is an important month for your finances as Saturn enters your house of shared money/other people’s money on the 17th. Saturn is a karmic planet with lessons to teach and it will remain in your eighth house for approximately two years (plus). Carefully weigh all of your decisions regarding taxes, loans, credit and even inheritances.

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On the 17th your ruling planet, Mercury, will go retrograde—the same day that Saturn will move into your house of relationships. In a monetary sense this is not all bad news. In fact, Saturn helps you communicate effectively, enabling you to charm important movers and shakers in business. You’ll finally be noticed and appreciated now and over the next couple of years.


Your September Money Horoscope will bring you a feeling of relief when Venus returns to forward motion in your second house of money-in-and-out. Your financial situation will improve. It will be easier to meet your obligations then it was in August, but remember even Venus will be a little shaky in her orbit until October, so easy does it with spending.


Whether you’re financially on the ball or you’re faced with a monetary dilemma, September is a great month to seek out a third party to help you expand your portfolio or just show you the light at the end of the tunnel. New perspectives can be enlightening and Leos love having control over their future.

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On or near September 5 or 6 you may receive financial advice thanks to the Sun’s interaction with Pluto and Venus’ return to forward motion. If you asked for advice, then that’s great. If you didn’t ask, take it anyway. This person is somewhat of an expert in their field and their insight is invaluable. Plus, they just want to help.


After September 17 make the most of Saturn’s reentry into your house of communications. Use karmic Saturn’s power and influence to ask for that raise you’ve been wanting. As long as you know you deserve it, you should have no problem convincing others.


Karmic Saturn has left your sign for the next 30 years or so. It has now moved into your house of money-in-and-out for a two-year-plus stay. Just before summer, it made a brief visit to your money house, so hopefully you’re prepared and all of your financial papers are in order. If not, then do so before the 17th. Saturn is a taskmaster and he’ll accept no excuses.


In your September Money Horoscope the day to circle is the 12th. That’s the day of the New Moon Lunar Eclipse in your tenth house of careers. Remember, eclipses can be life changing. This will be an important and likely rewarding financial moment in your career.

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As the practical sign of the zodiac, you know how to keep your cool. But that may fly out the window on the 9th when Mercury in your career house squares explosive Pluto in your Sun sign. Forewarned is forearmed! This could negatively affect your ability to pay the bills. If you’re not happy, find other employment first and then say what you feel if you must.


Jupiter in your house of other people’s money will square off with Neptune in your house of money-in-and-out on the 16th. Though Jupiter is beneficent, Neptune is confusing matters this month. Don’t sign on the dotted line or agree to any financial matters from mid-month on. Wait for clearer explanations.


Circle the eclipse of the 27th in your September Money Horoscope which takes place in your house of money-in-and-out. Remember that eclipses can be life-changing events and this one may upset the apple cart, but only temporarily. Pisces rules the feet and you’ll have no trouble landing on yours.

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