Your September 2013 Horoscope

Check Your Horoscope: A Down-to-Earth Moon

A little shift in energy comes our way in the September Horoscope as summer comes to its unofficial end on Labor Day, and our carefree summer-loving feelings turn to the basics of school, work, daily routines and even the importance of our relationships. The New Moon in Virgo on the 5th is a breath of fresh air that’s charged with powerful backing from Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto.

During the second week of September, Mercury enters partnership sign Libra and the following day Venus enters sexy Scorpio—ooh la la. The following week begins with a communicative Mercury-unpredictable Uranus opposition that intensifies during the week. Leave any important discussions for the earlier part of the following week.

Fall Into Romance

Nearing the last week of September, the Sun enters Libra on the 22nd—it’s the Autumnal Equinox and the beginning of the fall season is upon us. The 26th holds some romantic overtones when Venus in Scorpio trines lucky Jupiter in Cancer—both water signs. Intuition in love is high and a gesture could say more than a thousand words.

During the last weekend of September Venus squares Mars and challenges in relationships will reveal themselves. Don’t hold on too tight; just go with the moment and if someone needs a little space, give it to them. They’ll likely be back before Mercury enters Scorpio on the 29th, if it’s meant to be.


The New Moon in your sixth house will breathe new life into your work and workout life. Pluto transforms your vision while in your career sector. Venus brings out your sensual side but when at odds with Mars at month’s end you’ll have no patience for jealousy.


A New Moon in your romance sector makes you long to get away. Pluto in forward motion again will put you in touch with your more sensitive and intuitive side. Venus in your seventh house squares Mars in your fourth house, reminding you to consider the needs of others but not to your own detriment.


Try incorporating a little feng shui into your surroundings at home and at work to make things run more smoothly. Let others join in on the project. Like-minded people come together as Pluto turns direct. Work and communication are at odds at months end, so try to get things done on your own.

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A New Moon in your communications sector puts the spotlight on detail and organization for maximum efficiency during a busy time. When Venus enters your house of romance on the 11th, it’s a great time to find new love or solidify and existing relationship.


A New Moon in your house of valuables and money matches the Full Moon at month’s end. Try to save more than you spend and resist the urge to splurge during the Full Moon. Money is the focus but during Venus-Mars square at month’s end put your money where your mouth is or over it if you feel the urge to say too much.


It’s your New Moon this month Virgo and it’s an inspiring, feel-good time. The Full Moon is perfectly blissful in terms of your most treasured relationship. Go out and create some memories even if you’re single. Be sure to rest as hard as you play.


The New Moon in Virgo is a good chance to stop and smell the fall foliage, because the Full Moon will give you tons to do after the 19th when it comes to work. Balance is your mantra in September and you should repeat it often, especially when considering personal relationships.


Both the Virgo New Moon and the Pisces Full Moon make this a social, fun and adventurous month for you. You enjoy both your time with family and friends. While Mercury is in Libra make sure you’re clear in communication; don’t just assume someone understands your position.


While the Virgo New Moon puts emphasis on your career life, you be sure to also make plenty of time for family—especially during the Full Moon. While Venus is in sexy Scorpio, your 12th house, make plenty of time for dating and date nights.


As Venus leaves your career house, Mercury enters so you can be assured of being in demand most of September when it comes to work. Aside from a few moments when you’ll wish you were somewhere else, your September Horoscope is pretty good overall.

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The New Moon in your 8th house, the Full Moon in your 2nd house and Venus in your career house after the 11th make September a super month for making money and doing a little planning for the future. If you feel the travel bug, try to put it off for later in the year.


Mars in your house of everyday work and reputation will square Saturn on the 9th and Venus at the end of the month, so avoid tension and just go with the flow. Someone will appreciate your work ethic and show you a few tricks of the trade. Travel for work or pleasure will be appealing.

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  2. LJ

    Dear Readers – including Umeano, Mary, Michele, Marabra, Adrian, Viviane, Dexter and LaTonya – I wish I had the answers to all of your questions – they’re all good ones. But one thing I wanted to say to Dexter as well as everyone else was, when you want something as badly and you strive to reach your goals, you should have no trouble reaching them – unless, of course, the universe has something better in mind …
    Thanks so much,

  3. LJ

    Bella – we’re sister Cardinal signs! I’m not sure of your sign, but I know for us Cancers that September isn’t a bad financial month – busy at the least. You’re very astute though – and it’s good that you watch your forecast to get an idea of what’s coming – you, however are the navigator … put that marvelous free will to work for you.

  4. LJ

    Atir – as an Aquarius Sun, you are in one of the best money-making months of the year so far, but you have to do your part. Best of luck.

  5. atir

    I was born 3feb1952 Valletta malta. I want to know if this month will be financially good for me and if I will be getting a house or move

  6. LaTanya

    Will my husband and I make it work this time from our separation and what does my financial picture look like for ths rest of the year?

  7. dexter

    Hello I work a fulltime job plus with pepsi pt on the weekends, I am tired working 7 days a week n my goal is to get ft with pepsi, I applied for machine operator position n warehouse since thats where my experience is mostly at, I am a pt merchandiser n I dont like using my car for traveling I want to werk at the plant but I just feel like I want to quit already because I just feel like I will be stuck at my pt position for a while. My question is do I think I will get a position at the plant ft soon?

  8. marabra

    Hello there i was with my ex for.1year and.some months i still love.him tho we had lots of problems in are relationships and we end up breaking up i still have stronge feeling for him and care for him but all i want is for him to be happy i found out that he is going out with someone i was just wondering if its time for me to let go and move on or should i hold on and expect him to come back are love was crazy and like no other but we were always there for each other

  9. Bella

    Lol lol hummmmm RIDDLE ME THIS ??? I WONDER IF THE LAST WEEK of the month IS TALKING | REFERING TO US ARIES CANCER LIBRA CAPARICORNS trines .. I’M HOPING I’M WRONG bit I BET IT IS REFERING TO US Lol lol let’s see if I’m right thank you it looks likes its ggonna be a grounded month either way … thanks bella .. 🙂

  10. Mary

    Hello there just know if me and my ex abraham are getting back together and if theres.a future.for us.together


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