Seduce Your Soulmate

Sun Sign Soulmate Seduction

Opposites attract. That’s a fact. The Jerry Maguire line, “You complete me,” may sound old—even cliché—but it’s that unspoken, often unconscious reality that compels us to seek our soulmates. In astrology we often see people marrying their opposite Sun or Rising Signs. Sometimes our Moon joins our perfect partner’s Sun, as masculine/feminine planets find common ground.

We naturally recognize and “feel” the person who balances us in our lives. It’s great when that special someone finds something in you that is irresistible as well. Your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign can give you great insight into what your soulmate craves in you and what will keep them always coming back for more.


You know what you want and you know how to get it. In fact, you are normally unstoppable. What’s great is that those beautiful people who appeal to you also crave exactly who you are! Show that gorgeous mate your fiery essence and fearlessness, and they will learn that you are that unique, totally irresistible source of strength they don’t want to live without.

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You are richly in touch with your own sensuality and this three-year period is an important soulmate time. There is an ease in your ability to attract beauty and to be a source of it. Your soulmate is a soul-searcher as well. As they question everything about their own lives, your pure and natural enjoyment of life draws you perfect mate to the comfort of your arms, again and always.


You are “quicker than they eye can see” and your sign is symbolic of the amazing partnership that comes from clear communication on every level—from simple language and sexuality to the subliminal and then to the intuitive. The sexiest organ is the brain and it’s essential to any real satisfaction. The brilliance of your ideas work as a turn-on that your eternal lover can’t resist.


This is a year when your life will grow to include your soulmate, or if you’ve already found that special partner, to bring new joy to your experience. You are pure seduction as you show your partner that home is wherever you are. Your unconditional love balances your partner’s self-criticism and lets them be the person they dream of.


You light up the room wherever you go and have no problem getting your soulmate’s attention. You know how to thrill your lover with your passion. Just be certain to let them catch their breath and relax in your amazing affection. You know they’ll always come back for more.


You are naturally attractive and your soulmate senses that you are a true partner in their hopes, ideals and every-day reality. Your adaptability to your partner at any given moment will amaze them. What excites your lover even more is how clear you are about exactly who you are. And there is no one sexier than someone who is self-assured.


Libras live for the process of finding and working with their soulmates. Your Sun ruler, Venus opposite Mars, is depicted kneeling before Venus’ natural beauty, elegance and charm. You have those perfect ingredients to bring your soulmate lovingly and happily to their knees before your love and loveliness.


You bring amazing vitality and depth to a soulmate connection. Beyond your intense loyalty, no one offers the ultimate seduction like you. You embody the mystery that surrounds the feelings we don’t see. You are the master of that undercurrent that compels everything from sex to soulmate recognition.


Your soulmate will be drawn to you as the ultimate gravitational force of fun and wisdom—an irresistible combination. While lovemaking with your soulmate is a sacred act to you, the clown is also sacred and you love finding joy and humor in everything. There’s no reason to be so solemn about love. If it’s fun, it will last!

“You will find your soulmate if you live from the higher aspects of your personality.” – Psychic Fiona ext. 5178


With every wonderful delight that has been used in seduction, you know one absolute reality: There is nothing sexier than power, and you exude power, Capricorn! Your refined looks are delicious to your comfort-loving soulmate and your earthy assuredness brings that sense of safety your partner craves.


Your soulmate somehow knows that you are their future. Your perception and foresight are impeccable and nobody networks like an Aquarian, so your soulmate will show up in your life. Your soulmate will recognize that you are one-of-a-kind and they will love your absolute originality.


With Neptune traveling through your sign, you offer the ultimate in romance and talent. Everyone wants a bit of magic in their lives, and your mystical and artistic qualities will speak to your soulmate. You have the amazing ability to enchant your partner by simply being your dreamy self.

8 thoughts on “Seduce Your Soulmate

  1. Tina

    Which do you feel is the “TRUE” soul mate of mine? I am 4/28/45.

    The others are: 7/4/47, 7/16/48, and 11/10/48. Please advise which is best for me….

    Thank You!

  2. Nancy

    Capricorns and Geminis do not attract Capricorns are very self centered everything is them ans sex. Geminis are not into that and it is a turn off I am, a complete Gemini and without communication the Capricorn will loose out!


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