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If you’re ready for more bedroom sizzle, you’re in luck – some sexy shenanigans are assured when the Sun transits through Scorpio from October 22 – November 20, 2008.

Scorpio, a water sign, is not only the sign of sex, but of transformation as well. So while the fun can be off the charts, it may be accompanied by some deep level changes you need to make. Scorpio is all about death and rebirth (metaphorically speaking, of course). So in order to live your destiny – and have more love, joy and prosperity in your life – you’ll first need to eliminate what holds you back, whether it’s clutter, negative attitudes or pesky people.

All it takes is a little courage to do some clear-headed soul-searching about, well, you. Oh, and one of Scorpio’s biggest challenges is forgiveness, so if you’re harboring resentments toward those who have hurt you in the past, it may be time to let all of that go. Forgiveness, after all, is good for the soul. And it will open up the cosmic doors for more good things to enter your life.

Let’s take a further look into the mysterious, magnetic sign of Scorpio.

The Scorpio psyche
To put it mildly, Scorpio is complicated. It’s all or nothing with Scorpio. They can be your most powerful ally – or a powerful enemy if they feel betrayed. They are intensely loyal and intensely jealous. They can be extremely secretive, at least until they trust you, and they seldom trust easily. So you often won’t know what they’re thinking. Or you may think you know what they’re thinking, but you’ll probably have only scratched the surface because the Scorpio psyche runs deep. The emotional depth of this water sign makes Scorpio unusually skilled at reading the psyches of others. You can seldom put something over on them. Their intelligence, mixed with keen intuition, makes Scorpio the most penetrating sign of the zodiac.

One of the greatest desires of Scorpio is influence. Their ambition is intense. Actually, whether it’s a lover or a business, whatever they focus (obsess?) on can become the center of their world, at least for a time. They are stubborn, proud and willful and seldom give in to failure. And they’re not above using manipulation to get what they want. But once they realize they need to move on, Scorpio is like the phoenix rising from the ashes in their ability to reinvent themselves.

Scorpio loves a good mystery. They’re often intrigued by such things as the afterlife and scientific enigmas. They also need to know what makes people tick and are adept at drawing out secrets from others. Getting them to tell a secret, however, is nearly impossible.

Scorpio in love
Nowhere is the complexity of Scorpio more apparent than in their relationships. They require access to the mind, heart and soul of those they love, but they can be completely inaccessible when they need time alone. If you’re in love with a Scorpio, you’ll need to give them space occasionally. If you don’t, you’ll run the risk of your Scorpio erecting a wall that only an atomic bomb could penetrate. Oh, they’ll open up eventually. They love you, after all. And they don’t let go of those they love if they can help it.

This brings us to Scorpio’s Achilles Heel: they fear abandonment above all else. They can be devastated by a breakup for a very long time. As such, they don’t open their heart easily. They may romp with you in bed – they’re not usually shy about sharing their passion, which is considerable! – but it may take some time before they truly let you into their heart. Even with all the complications, their smoldering looks, aura of power and emotional depth and sensitivity make Scorpio hard to resist.

Scorpio at work
Did I mention that Scorpio likes to be in control? Whether it’s a multi-billion-dollar software company (think Bill Gates) or a daycare center filled with toddlers, Scorpio craves their own domain. It’s all about having power over their fate. Scorpio can work well in collaboration with others they respect, but usually they work best on their own. They also work best when their focus isn’t divided among too many projects.

Scorpio can be found in just about any profession, but they excel in careers that use their creativity, focus, brainpower, insightfulness, analysis, efficiency or financial acumen. They make excellent doctors, therapists, researchers, efficiency experts, investigators, artists, business owners, investment counselors, accountants, politicians, salespeople and religious leaders. Whatever they choose to do, Scorpio often rises to the top of their field.

So go ahead and pursue your passion. Let the power of Scorpio help you manifest your goals. It’s all about accessing your focus and vision – and having some fun, too!

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