Your Saturn Horoscope June 10 – July 9, 2013

The Tortoise of Transformation

Slow-moving Saturn takes its time while teaching lessons. You may not feel the progress yet, but rest assured, it’s happening.

Read on to find out what Saturn has in store for you this month!


If the ground beneath you is fertile, you will grow. But before you go putting down new roots, make sure the path is cleared and tended. This is tedious for you, aggressive Aries, but it’s the only way to happiness.


If you find that, yet again, people are irritating you more than usual, consider the common denominator. How do you deal with compromise? Are you open to suggestions or are your feet planted so firmly you’re unable to run?


Pro-activity is the order of the day, Gemini. Translation? Nothing is going to fall into your lap. However, the inner work you’ve done of late has shored up your resources. You’re energized and so it’s best to act on it.


It sounds trite, Cancer, but your dreams may very well be coming true this month as your hard work begins to pay off in tangible ways. Don’t lose sight of the goal now, otherwise, you’ll fall just short.

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Abstract ideas related to your past problems begin to make sense now. The question is, will you use the information you have to begin making shifts or will you continue to repeat the same mistakes?


You’ve been outputting creativity for a while now, Virgo. It’s time to take some in. Read, go to the museum or listen to music. Enrich your mind and spirit and you’ll get the refreshing boost you need.


You’ve started to experience the inclination for motion. Whether that’s in looking for a new project to sink your teeth into, or setting a new personal goal, you’re feeling proactive about the “big picture.” Get to it!

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Romance is in the air, whether of the relationship variety or in regards to artistic endeavors. You encounter something positively dreamy and Saturn helps you discern if it is real or too good to be true.


You’re inclined to begin tying up any unfinished business in your life, whether professional or personal. All those little things you’ve let go of for a while need to be tended to—either cared for or released.


For the first time in some time, you feel differently about your community and the people you surround yourself with. You’re beginning to discern who is useful to you and who is not. Trust your gut.


Money is the highlight for you this month. It may not come your way just yet, but the ways in which you can improve your finances become clearer to you. The trick is that you must act on them.

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You have a tendency to drift—particularly when it comes to artistic endeavors. However, at this time it’s vital for you to stay true to your own vision for yourself and your projects. Don’t let the myriad of voices remove you from your center.

One thought on “Your Saturn Horoscope June 10 – July 9, 2013

  1. Yolanda R.

    A few days ego, I read one of your comments about “2 people watching me” and since I have been quite worried in feeling unsafe for the past year, I sincerely wonder if you have some info on this very strong negative feeling. Since my mother died many years ago and that recently, some new people have recently taken the residence downtairs from me (I live in a triplex for the last 16 years) now, I am constantly worried and unsecured with one of the people occuping the main apartment. Is there some info I should feel and know who to feel better, or eventually prepare myself to move away within a 1-year period since I have a lease or ask for legal and uncosly move from this place which I can affort for a short while longer?

    As for my mother, I strongly believe that she was abused but, my life was menaced when I tried to claim my share of my father’s money after my mother internment. Since the money was taken by some family members which had no wrights to it since they never did anything or help since my father’s dead in 1971. I believe my mom who was not too knowledgeble about law and her own wrights, was talk into doing some signing of her income and was also promised that I would be given my share by these horrible cousins. I feel so strong about it that it could very well be true. Please do help me, since I fear that my small income is about to become less and less helpfull in giving me a decent but not a good and protected living? Can you assist me without forcing me to pay some costs, since it will be difficult for me to do so, within this month! But, should I do get some luck, I shall make sure to follow up on your fees. Please, do assist me, because my health will definitely fear worse to come. Thank you


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