Psychic Krishni on Astrology

More Than Just a Sun Sign

For many of us, our Sun sign is all we know when it comes to astrology. But for a professional astrologer, that’s just the beginning of a much more detailed and elaborate map of who we are and where we have the potential to go. Psychic Krishni talks about some of the common misconceptions and why it’s been a lifelong passion for her. Krishni uses astrology to help people understand who they are and what their role in this world is.

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1. What does it take to become an astrologer?

It takes a certain kind of ambition as well as the ability to synthesize various types of information, both spiritual and astronomical. A student of astrology must learn the basics of the practice first, and then study charts of loved ones and famous people in order to gain a working understanding of the personality traits denoted by planetary placements. Then, perhaps someone studying it would delve into more specialized areas like synastry (compatibility) or forecasting.

2. What drew you to astrology?

From a very young age, I found it fascinating. I guess one could say that it was a calling. Years later, I still find it fulfilling and I love sharing it with my callers.

3. Is there any science to astrology?

People have been debating this question for hundreds of years. Instead of weighing in on it, I will say this: Using the positioning of the planets and stars to offer advice and guidance has helped me help people. Astrology can be applied in a practical way, so debating the science of it isn’t really necessary.

4. How important is astrology to daily life?

Astrology is about as important as the weather forecast. It shouldn’t control the choices you make, but it should aid you towards making the choices that best suit your purpose. If you’re planning a party outdoors, you’ll want to check the weather to find out whether it will be rainy or sunny that day, right? In the case of rain, one might reschedule or rent a tent for the occasion. Astrological forecasts such as horoscopes work the same way. They describe conditions that are most likely to be at play.

5. Are the characteristics of the signs set in stone?

When people speak of signs, they are referring to the Sun sign and each has its own set of characteristics. However, this is only one piece of the puzzle. The various aspects of one’s Sun and its house placement add a variety of nuances to its general characteristics. These are found in one’s natal chart, and as a result, no, they are not set in stone.

6. How much importance should we place on astrology when looking for love?

Regardless of one’s sign and what books or even astrologers may tell you about compatibility, anyone with sufficient dating history and a rudimentary understanding of the signs probably has a sense of which signs they get along with best. This is the best guide. However, when true love comes calling one shouldn’t get hung up on whether or not the person is the “right” sign. Just go with flow. Every person that plays a significant role in our lives is there because they are meant to be, no matter what sign they are. Astrology is more helpful in describing a person’s characteristics, so that you can get a sense of their relationship style and what they respond to emotionally and mentally. This certainly gives you a better understanding of whom you’re dealing with and how they approach relationships.

7. How does astrology guide you in your life?

I find it helpful to know the planetary transits and their overarching energetic themes. Knowing when certain cycles begin and end is helpful. I try to take full advantage of supportive transits and to keep certain activities at a minimum when I know that the current transits might make them more challenging than usual.

8. Other than Western astrology, is there another type of astrology you look to?

I consult with a Vedic astrologer. It’s a completely different system from Western astrology, and I find that it adds another layer of wisdom.

9. Can astrology help a person find a job?

Astrology can tell you what professions you might have a natural knack for, and it can tell you the best and worst times to look for a job.

10. Is there more to astrology than just a person’s Sun sign?

Yes, of course! There’s the Moon sign, which describes your emotional makeup, Mercury, which describes how you think, Venus, which describes your social life and how you express love, and so on with each of the planets. There are also house placements and aspects, which flesh out personality traits. And that’s just a start!

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  1. Barbara

    I wish religions took astrology seriously. They tell you that you’re not supposed to believe in astrology & then in apparent contradiction , even the priests know what astrological sign they are!


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