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Happy New Year: Your Horoscope for 2014

A new year is a huge deal. There’s a whole new map of transits, retrogrades, eclipses and alignments to follow and using astrology as your GPS can help you navigate the road ahead.

In this preview of your 2014 horoscope we’ll cover the 12 signs and the 12 houses over a period of 12 months. And since there’s so much to cover, we’re going to dance and glance over your year ahead—the best times for love and creativity, financial blessings (and warnings) and career-alert days. If you want to know what’s going on in your life, your Sun Sign horoscope can be a great guide, but for an in-depth look at your horoscope for 2014, nothing beats a personal reading.

Time to Take Notes

Now whip out that calendar and take notes of the best (or worst) days for your Sun Sign and/or Rising Sign. It’s time to preview your horoscope for 2014.


Your five-star financial days are April 28 and October 23. Jupiter beams love and creativity on July 16 as does Venus on August 11 through September 5. Your career rocks between January 1 and March 5 and from mid-October through December 4.


May 28 rocks for finances as well as June 23 through July 18. Expenses increase after July 16. Feel the love on May 8 through June 23 and September 5 through 29. Mercury, Mars and Venus help your career on January 11 through 31, March 5 through April 5 and December 4 through mid-January 2015.

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With Jupiter in Cancer through July 16, finances continue in the best light. Your career benefits between February 12 and 28 and again between April 5 and May 2 as well as during the New Moon in Pisces on March 1. Plus, creativity and love shine on many days including June 23 through July 18 and it’s not too bad for the rest of the year either.


Jupiter continues to be in your court all year, moving from your first to second house on July 16! Mercury, Venus and a New Moon shine on your career from March 30 through May 28. Mid-September is a good time to spread your career wings. October 23 through November 16 love calls your name, and the month of April and mid-July through mid-August aren’t too shabby either.


Jupiter enters your sign on July 16; this is huge for all aspects of your life. Venus in Leo from August 12 through September 5 also helps you in love, creativity and more. Love lights up between November 11 and December 10. April 23 through May 7 (especially April 29) are hot career days. So is May 28 through June 23. An August 25 New Moon helps you financially, but September is your money month.

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January 1 there’s a New Moon in your house of love. Venus sprinkles you with love and creativity from September 5 through 29 and then more love from December 10 through January 4, 2015. September 24 and again on the 29th through October 23 are your best money days. May 7 through 29 your career moves in fast forward; June 23 through July 18 you get noticed at work.


Scorpio is in your money sign so mark October 23 through November 16 as good cash days (right after Mercury retrograde in Scorpio on October 4). March 5 through April 5 and September 29 through October 23, Venus assists in matters of love and art. Expansive Jupiter is in your career house through July 16 so use its power.


Ooh-la-la, Scorpio. March 1 is a five-star love day. April 5 through May 2 Venus is in your house of love. Then the Sun and Venus both enter your sign on October 23 and stay together until November 16. That’s hot! November 16 through December 10 (Put a big pin in November 22!) are excellent for your bank account. With the exception of one or two days between July 26 through September 5, your career is on fire.


Venus and Mercury push your career forward between August 15 and September 29 (minus a day or two). Jupiter continues to help joint finances through July 16. Venus moves forward in your money house from January 31 through March 5 and again on December 10 through next year. May 2 through May 28, Venus puts you in the mood for love and she does it again on November 16 through December 10.


It’s your kind of year with a New Moon in your sign on January 1. Love is abundant between January 31 and March 5 and then again on December 10 through January 4, 2015. May 28 through June 23 Venus is in your house of true love. January 30 you may see a financial bonus. From September 29 through October 23 your career is keeping you in demand.

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Jupiter is in your daily house of work through July 16, helping you get ahead. September 27 through October 4, Mercury is direct in your career house. Then on October 23 the Sun, the New Moon and Venus enter Scorpio as well—Venus stays until November 15. There’s time for love from March 5 through April 5 and again on June 23 through July 18. Thanks to its retrograde, Venus also graces your money house twice this year—from April 5 through May 2 and again September 5 through 29. The March 1 New Moon inspires ways to make extra money.


From November 6 through December 16 you’ll have the aid of Venus and/or Mercury in your career area. Look for a financial opportunity on March 30, or it may find you. May and October are good money months. Jupiter remains in your house of true love through July 16. Venus beams you love and creativity from April 5 through May 2. June 27 is another creative day. More love comes to your house of true love from July 18 through August 10.

26 thoughts on “Preview Your Horoscope for 2014

  1. Betty Acunas

    Trials are constant, it’s up to you how to deal with it. Thank you so much for sharing this horoscope. It’s really a big help to guide our life to obtain success.

  2. Bella

    4 FREDDY A ::: I don’t know what’s all gonna on N your own personal life I haven’t commented yet BCZ i am watcher – BY being A listener … I was listening 2 you – watching your wording – your WORDING terminology … What has me concerned maybe is what your not saying – now – OR maybe it’s N your underlining words , or maybe you are not implying NATA @ all , BUT – however your N a serious crises mode of some kind .. I can read that much … NO I don’t know – & no it don’t matter .. NO I – won’t EVER judge NO 1 EVER BCZ you see I’m not personally walking N 1s own shoes … Right now , NOW AM I 😉 … Maybe try a crises center of some kind … I’m not implying NATA nor AM I judging you but only 6-8 weeks ago yes things seem 2 be better off OR at least going or better 4 you .. NO I don’t know what has 2 so stressed out now but I can see UR clearly stressed out big time by your wordings lately ../ so & ASAP plz find someone that you can talk 2 you who will listen 2 your problems only find someone that can help you out of this darkness that you are currently N … FYI plz try 2 find someone that is only there 4 you 4 right now … I feel like that’s what you need .. IF you know what I do mean !!!!! (( not that this matters I’m dealing with cancer SO do like I DO I choose very wisely IF you CATCH my drift )) .. !!!! Plz be safe be blessed & try 2 have a happy good new year .. I hope this helps you, my warmest wishes go out 2 you – yours …. however Stay safe ok – plz .. FYI plz try 2 remember your not the only 1 who is suffering out there ok .. 🙂



  4. LJ

    ANIETIE UMANAH: Having a numerology report done for the year is always enlightening – I can’t do much for you here, so I’ll suggest that you call someone who can help you decipher your personal year ahead – the fact that you asked specifically for numerology tells me that you will find the answers you seek through that venue. Best of luck – Happy New Year.

  5. LJ

    Bryant: Your 11:11 should be discussed with a numerologist. I often have 4:44 come up and have heard of this from others – 4 is a spiritual number – 11 is a master number – and if you add it up the way a numerologist would, your 11:11 adds up to 22 (also a master number) which whittles down to a 4. You may be on a spiritual path and your best way to decipher it is to have a numerology report done. Go for it – they’re enlightening.

  6. LJ

    Happy New Year Everyone – we should always look forward to the New Year and the hope that comes with it.
    Thank you for all of your comments and your readership in 2013 and I look forward to writing more for you in 2014.
    Thank You

  7. Laura

    If I may respond to Anne: I find the best way to learn from and about astrology is to first read up on and learn about each individual sun sign as much as possible. You will find similarities over and over again, in characteristics, traits, etc. to each sign. Another way it really, in my opinion, comes together, is to observe. I find when I observe people, whether I personally know them or not, if I know their sun signs, I can see similar behaviors, reactions to situations, expressions in communication, just to name a FEW things, in people of the same sun signs.
    It will be rather general, maybe even appear vague, because people’s charts are a combination of many planets/signs, like ascendent and moon signs, for example, but I find definite similarities between individuals of like sun signs. I find it helpful, it gives me a little extra to go on, when I try to know people better.

    And to Bryant: often times seeing the same numbers over and over again, can be a sign or message intended for you by your angels or guides.

    Sorry, I know you wanted answers from the psychics on this site, but I just felt compelled to respond! LOL

  8. QueenDeevaDee

    Thanks for the future information and HAPPY,PROSPEROUS,HEALTHY, WAELTHY, FUN LOVING NEW YEAR TO ALL WHOM BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. dorothy

    I have hope my health will take a upward spiral and my nagging meds go away and maybe feel whole again and regian gd health
    hopeful leo

  10. Maria Rodriguez

    Yes, I am in agreements that in mid year I will get a boost for bringing money in by selling my home. Jupiter will assist me in getting a high price that is valid because I am now in the most desirable place in the city. Yes, I, have to wait until after Mercury retro gate to not to get messed up communications to actually finalize the papers. Venus is in my sign just when I need a love of support from my husbands because we are going have to make a move to a new place and give up many things we had piled up over over life times. We are over 70 yrs. of age, but in good mind and good health. We want to downsize while we are able to do the exiting things in life, like really enjoy retirement. If we keep the house we are reduced to be the slave of the house, as we sell the house we are taking control over our of life in freedom.
    I am a Libra .

  11. Elfriede V.

    A Happy and prosperous New Year 2014!

    I look forward to having health, safety, faith and friends. The same I wish sincerely to my children and my friends who are always there for me.

    Will I stay healthy, get my past love back, who brought me so much joy, this someone who was and still is my best friend, a new well paying job, my Very Own Apartment & return to the US, if only for a few weeks.

    After I had lost everything, I am trying to work myself back up but seem to be surrounded by so much pessimistic people, but hope to reach my goal anyway.

    Write back.
    Happy New Year!!

  12. sonia

    Hi an my name is Sonia and I live in Etobicoke, Ontario and have been single for a few years and have been looking for love and will I find love in 2014 or not and I am a really good person and searching and on a quest in finding true love and a real soul mate and I hope that it happens for me this year because I am a caring person with a huge heart and would like to share with someone as well and I hope I can fins someone who will feels the same way for me as well too and please help sonia and would really like to find that special person that I am so post to be with the stars say astrogical, please help and check for me, sonia. and a happy new year 2014!!

  13. Bella

    Thank you Ms Gina Rose a Happy New Year 2 you 2 .. Yes 2014 is gonna BE my year .. Thank you 4 remembering me N your prayers lol lol 🙂 … YES IT IS much appreciated AND a big shout out – thank you very much 4 remembering I DO have serious health issues going onS .. I’m ok = translates lol lol 😉 I’m hanging on – N – there tight lol !!!! xoxoxo Bella 😉

  14. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    This is for Bella :

    Happy New Year and I will definitely keep you in my prayers and ask for good health and happiness to come your way in 2014 !

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  15. Anne

    I personally find it diffacult to follow and process astrology. It seems complicated and the messages seem vague and general. I have yet to gain much from it.

  16. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Happy New Year, LJ !

    And to all of my clients and fellow bloggers, may the coming new year bring you happiness, good health, and prosperity !

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  17. Bryant

    This 11:11 is always coming up the last several years when I am looking at a clock. Does this mean anything special? I would appreciate anything you could tell me.


  18. Bella

    Good bye 2013 , & hello 2014 lol lol .. It’s gonna be a great year N 2014 I can’t wait .. Thank you 4 my Capricorn 4 cast 4 the next year since my work schedules done about a year N advance 2 lol .. yes from where I’m @ N my own life yes that finally looks – sounds about right N the love dept 2 (( FYI I AM FINALLY see wedding bells 2 lol )) IF I can only get better lol + oh yeah + it’s a 7 year 2 nice lucky 4 me .. I feel it N my bones it’s gonna BE a great year 2 == YEAH – yes & that’s what I’m talking about 2 CP lol .. I wish all if y’all a very 🙂 – safe New Year !!! 😉


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