Your Pisces Solar Eclipse Horoscope

A New Path to Take

Eclipses are perhaps the Universe’s most powerful way to get us to take notice of its awesome power. This February 26, the Universe will give us a New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse in the sign of Pisces. The Moon will be conjunct (joined) with Neptune, the Piscean ruling planet. While a new moon can symbolize new beginnings, a New Moon Solar Eclipse can act as the catalyst for a new beginning that may well be life-altering.

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The Next Chapter

If you dreamed of taking a next step in your life, the Universe is now showing a new path and giving you access to the next chapter. Not every eclipse will affect every person, but for some they can bring about surprising events. Overall, this eclipse is a friendly one. Pisces is a sign that effortlessly floats between the dimensions of reality and fantasy, and brings out our creative side. Also take note that eclipses can be felt a full month before or after the astrological event day. It all has to do with your individual birth chart.

It’s Not Just an Eclipse Day

The Universe is pretty good at multitasking and even blending events. So in addition to the Solar Eclipse, Neptune will be exchanging good vibes with Pluto in Capricorn and jovial Jupiter will give Saturn a pleasant break from its serious side while it’s in fun-loving Sagittarius. But that’s not all. Mars, at home in Aries, will join forces with unpredictable Uranus, and that adds a bit of a kick to whatever comes of this eclipse for your sign. This energy is spontaneous, surprising and unstoppable by nature. Good or bad, news will spread like wildfire.

Now let’s see how this New Moon Solar Eclipse will affect your Sun Sign:


Your twelfth house of dreams and the subconscious is the venue for this New Moon Solar Eclipse. Add the Piscean effect, and you can picture yourself daydreaming about what the future holds. You may decide to take a college course or some training to enhance your future prospects. The direction you choose may surprise you as well as others.


The solar eclipse puts a spotlight on friendships, fun and close relationships. This may bring out your need to join a cause or join others in a group-centered event. The other astrological events of this day may bring a shocking bit of news out into the open. But good or bad, be sure not to greet unexpected news with unpredictable behavior. Cooler heads certainly  prevail.


Lucky Gemini, you get a solar charge straight to your career house during this solar eclipse. The spotlight is on you and it could propel you to the top of the ladder or even push you in front of the camera. Whatever happens, it will certainly be newsworthy. Meanwhile, keep checking your texts as you may find some surprising news that comes from a friend.


Are you in the mood for an adventure? Well this New Moon Solar Eclipse will highlight your house of travel and all things foreign. Although this could be for work or pleasure, the Neptunian effect will help make any trips you plan at least partly fun and perhaps a bit mysterious. Remember, eclipses can take effect 30 days before or after the actual eclipse event, so if it doesn’t happen in February, start looking to March. That is if you haven’t already gone in January.


The New Moon Solar Eclipse will highlight your eighth house of shared money. All solar eclipses are important to you as your ruler is the Sun. This friendly eclipse will light the way to new venues in making money. Investments with a partner or funds borrowed to invest are all possibilities. Artistic Leos will benefit from this eclipse the most. It is quite possible that one of your projects brings you an influx of cash.


Surprising news may pop up concerning your finances. This is due more to the Mars/Uranus conjunction than the solar eclipse, but the feeling will be the same—surprising. Uranus is unpredictable, so there’s no telling exactly what will happen without checking your individual birth chart. However, you should hope for the best. Perhaps you’ll win the lottery! The New Moon Solar Eclipse itself points the way to possible marriage or commitment. If you’re already married, a decision about your future could be made.


The New Moon Solar Eclipse will open up your sixth house of everyday work and reputation. A new opportunity may present itself and will likely allow you more freedom and/or allow you to use your creative flair more. You may also decide to dedicate yourself to a new workout regimen or eating plan. Any changes made now will not only be successful but perhaps life-changing.


Sexy Scorpio, the New Moon Solar Eclipse in your fellow water sign of Pisces will bring big changes via your fifth house of things you love. That certainly includes people too. A new love may be on the horizon. However, if you’re already attached, you may hear some good news regarding your child/children. This is also your house of passion, so pet projects will also have a way of grabbing your attention and drawing out your creative side.


February is a big month with lots going on, especially around the New Moon Solar Eclipse. Your house of home-living gets the spotlight so you might be building/buying a new home or possibly moving. Since this is a watery event, just make sure the shower and similar amenities are in order. Your love-and-creativity house gets the real jolt on this same day though, thanks to a fiery conjunction between Mars and Uranus in Aries. This transit could open up an eclipse-like, life-changing event: new love, a changing love affair or new creative ideas are all possibilities.


Your house of creativity and communication is beaming thanks to the New Moon Solar Eclipse. The Pisces effect might prompt you to take a cruise or set sail for an island surrounded by the calming effects of the ocean. Certainly your ideas will expand if you can manage a getaway, so creative projects get the green light—ideas abound. Leave cleaning and client relations to the experts. You’ve got a date with imagination and destiny.


A New Moon Solar Eclipse in your money house lights the way to new opportunities. Given the Piscean effect, there’s a chance to show your flair for decorating or making unique presentations out of even the most mundane. If you’ve worked hard, then believe you have what it takes to get that promotion, start your own business or attain your dream job. Whatever comes, it’s likely to lead you to a more prosperous time.


We’ve saved the best for last Pisces, because this New Moon Solar Eclipse is your yearly New Moon surrounding your birthday—your astrological New Year. However, being a solar eclipse makes this seem like your birthday is celebrated in Times Square. Your skill, creativity and all of your talents are about to get you the recognition and status you deserve. The spotlight is on you and what you do best. So, enjoy this fabulous aspect. Home, work and life itself are about to get even better than you’ve ever dreamed.

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