Numerology: Your Balance Number

Numerology and a New Approach to Being Balanced

In numerology, your Balance Number unlocks the mystery of how to obtain balance in your life, and the key to this mystery can be found in your initials.

What Gets You Off-Kilter?

When we’re in balance things flow more freely in our lives, but balance isn’t always easy to achieve, especially when you’re faced with a challenge or when you’re experiencing some sort of conflict.

If a problem requires all or most of your attention, then other parts of your life can suffer. In general, doing everything in moderation is a good way to obtain balance in your life. Knowing how to approach problems, how to fix them and how to tweak them for the better can be found in your Balance Number.

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Finding Balance in Numerology

Using your full name as it was written on your birth certificate, take the initials of your first, middle and last names and find their numerical value in the chart below. If you have five names, then you have five initials to work with. If you have only two initials, that’s fine too.

Find the number that corresponds to each letter and add those numbers up. Then take the total number and reduce it to the lowest possible number between 1 and 9.

Here is an example:

John Henry Smith: His initials are JHS.

Using the chart below, you know that J=1, H=8, S=1. Add them up. 1+8+1 = 10, which can be reduced further by adding 1 + 0 = 1.

John Henry Smith’s Balance Number is 1.

In some instances in numerology you may come up with what is known as a Master Number: 11, 22, 33. However, when calculating your Balance Number, you should disregard Master Numbers. In other words, if your total equals 11 then your Balance Number would be 2 because 1 + 1 = 2.

Use the chart below to calculate your Balance Number:


What the Numbers Mean

Balance Number 1: Most of your unbalance stems from keeping your worries to yourself. You could really benefit from a little outside insight by sharing your troubles with others for a totally new perspective. It may not be easy to do, but opening up to others can open up your whole world.

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Balance Number 2: You tend to take an emotional approach to problems and that can cloud your vision and consume your thoughts. By avoiding conflict at all costs, you often miss out on your natural ability to find compromise. Try putting worries where they belong—in the mix and not in the center of your emotional well-being.

Balance Number 3: Like 2 you also take an emotional approach to things and you can become consumed with finding a solution to the situation. But you get tunnel vision. Also like 2 you have a natural gift—being able to bring factions together in the name of compromise, which can make a big difference to everyone involved.

Balance Number 4: A problem can cause you to become angered and you often leap headlong into situations where you try to force a resolution. Take a step back and try to see that a problem can be resolved from many different angles and approaches—not just one. This requires discipline on your part.

Balance Number 5: Instead of dealing with a problem, you’d probably rather avoid it altogether. Diving into food or alcohol as a handy diversion won’t work for long, because when the goodies are all gone, the problem will still remain. Instead, look within your deep creative well to come up with a solution.

Balance Number 6: You have the wonderful ability to see an issue and discern the underlying causes, but problems pop up when you lean on others—either to fix things for you or just to escape from your situation altogether. Avoid being unbalanced by helping yourself the way you often help others.

Balance Number 7: As a person in touch with your emotional side, you tend to take an emotional approach to problems. But you also possess the great ability to problem solve by analyzing the situation. Using more of your analytic side as opposed to your emotional side will bring you balance.

Balance Number 8: Part of being out of balance can stem from your powerful and astute ability to recognize a problem and then tell others how it can be solved. You’ll become more balanced when you elicit the help and opinions of others in finding solutions. Just don’t view openness as a weakness.

Balance Number 9: You possess the ability to see the big picture of a problem and you easily empathize with others. But you can also be emotionally removed from problems, including your own. By taking a more practical and down-to-earth approach to problems you can find the balance you seek.

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