Your 30-Day Numerology Forecast for April 7 – May 7, 2013

Your Birth Number Forecast

The numerology of April and May is all about a balance between pleasure and responsibility. April’s fresh, new beginnings give way to putting your energy into developing important relationships through finding comfortable working and home relationships.

Your birth number consists of adding together the numbers of the date of your birth. You then add those numbers together until you reach a number of 1 – 9.

Example: February 14, 1998 is 2/14/1998
Add 2+1+4+1+9+8+8 = 33
Add 3 + 3 = 6
6 is your birth number.

Note: Continue to add the numbers until you get a single digit. For instance, if you get 11, add 1+1 and you get 2. That will be your number to use for this forecast.

Here are the days aligned with your birth number and the overall energies at play:

Birth Number 1

April is your month to finally feel free of everyone and everything holding you back and you are an absolute dynamo on Tuesday, April 9. Travel offers gains, as well as studies. You are passionate and unstoppable on Thursday, April 18. After weeks of seeing what’s possible, you can finally take some action on those aspirations. Saturday, April 27 brings new, brilliant ideas for you to work with.

Birth Number 2

Your relationships are still your biggest focus in April and May. On Wednesday, April 10, you are so hot that your energy almost overwhelms you! You start feeling more settled in your love life by Friday, April 19. Sharing freedom as part of being in love is the key to satisfaction. Speak the language of intelligent and responsible freedom in your relationships on Sunday, April 28 and everyone will be happy.

Birth Number 3

Thursday, April 11 brings opportunities to create great work in those areas of your greatest passion. Saturday, April 20 is a luxurious day when you feel creative and in harmony with the beautiful blooming of spring. Take a down-to-earth approach to your life to access your power on Monday, April 29. You are the voice of harmony on Wednesday, May 1 when there are likely to be people expressing frustration in aggressive ways.

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Birth Number 4

On Friday, April 12 the solid results of your work take form. Sunday, April 21 is a perfect day to open your home for a relaxed, easy day with no demands. Everyone else will enjoy calming down too. Passion and intensity will fuel your day on Tuesday, April 30. You can inspire others on Thursday, May 2 by sharing technological breakthroughs and ideas that also offer beauty and harmony.

Birth Number 5

You overwhelm others with your amazing appeal on Saturday, April 13. This can make you really successful. You’ll be focused on building your image on Saturday, April 13. Make certain that you use your most sensitive work and you will succeed. Monday, April 22 is a great day to put your creative efforts on display bringing great results. Use your sexiest stuff on Friday, May 3 and others will love it.

Birth Number 6

On Sunday, April 14 you’ll be working on personal health and well-being at the same time you’ll reap some benefits for all of your recent, generous efforts on behalf of others. An optimistic attitude will serve you in relationships on Tuesday, April 23. If you work in the medical profession or other forms of healing, Saturday, May 4 will be a great day for success.

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Birth Number 7

While you are relationship-oriented on Monday, April 15, you are also feeling inspired to share and teach others what you find to be valuable in life. Travel, spiritual and educational efforts will be richly rewarded on Wednesday the 24th. You’ll have a day of brilliant inspiration and loving relationships on Sunday, May 5, so listen to your heart and take action.

Birth Number 8

You are generous and confident on Sunday, April 7. Just don’t go over your budget. If you tap into your intuition on Tuesday, April 16, you’ll love both your work and your home life, as there is a real flow making everything enjoyable. It’s a perfect power day for on Thursday, April 25, so focus on your greatest ideals and ambitions. Be prepared for a day of surprises and changes on Monday, May 6 and you’ll benefit.

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Birth Number 9

You are a master of communications on Monday, April 8 and others learn truths from you. You are the perfect teacher on Wednesday, April 17 whether you are leading a group to distant places or giving instructions at work or at home. Make a point of enjoying a loving and beautiful environment on Friday, April 26. If you take time to go back and correct an old wrong that you may have thought was hopeless, you could find success on Tuesday, May 7.

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  1. Quitta

    Hi, is being in love with someone whom you know loves you back,but is afraid to tell you because he don’t want to give up his single life style wrong. What should I do. stay or go.

  2. amelia

    hi, my is treachers i have a girl stays nexyt door to me and we used to be friends now when my common law husband passed she was having me come over to her house she knows my common law husband daughter so he got hit by a drank drive on oct 3 we had his lay of rest on oct 13 his birthday was on oct 19 now god has sent me a friend and she been hateing on me calling me names i think she knows witch craft i been feeling sleep when i look at her can you also tell me if the man i meet is he gay he used to stay with a man name michael and michael told me they had sex i want to know before i go anymore with him is he gay and is she my friend her name is carla

  3. Anne

    Hi, Im going through a very difficult and painful time, so for the first time in my life I have consulted different psychics from this site. They give me different advice and different timelines. So now Im just as confused as ever! Who do I listen to? Why do they give different answers? I mean some of them give similiar infor but others are vastly different. Why is that? Who can I trust for reliable advice?

  4. Susan

    I had always read that 11, 22 & 33 were master numbers with their own readings and NOT to be reduced by further addition as in your example of 33 being further added 3 + 3=6. That is NOT correct. Check up further on this and you will find out that 11, 22 and 33 should NOT be added further. These numbers are especially powerful/interesting birth numbers.

  5. Catherine

    You send me FREE READINGS but yet always reqire a credit card I am ery leary of giving that info out now is it a free reading or not I have a very pressing question i need an answer to but again am leary of credit card info

  6. Lynda

    My number was 2 and had to be mistake, I am not in a relationship unless we speaking of my 2yr old grandsun whom I am madly inlove with. It seems to me that horror-scopes focus on romantic relationships, finding a night and shinning armor, meeting Mr. Right,……Email me when you Pyscho’s, my apologies Pyschics start seeing an abundance of money in my future;-)

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