Numerology Forecast: Detached and Deeply Introspective

The detached and deeply introspective nature of this 7 Universal Month will become more and more helpful as the current Saturn-Pluto encounter starts heating up for Monday’s opposition. It also will be valuable this week while Venus makes a number of connections that ask us to focus not only on relationships, but also on our deepest values and the foundation of our self esteem.

7’s precision thinking and attention to detail will also be a help while the Mercury retrograde continues to play bumper cars with our electronics and communications systems. Retrogrades, no matter what the planet, ask you to go back over recent decisions and actions in their area of influence. With Mercury in Taurus, financial stability, personal security, beauty and sensuality are key issues. This careful, analytical 7 month will probably help you put the brakes on one of this retrograde’s biggest bugaboos: impetuous, extravagant spending.

Monday – The powerhouse, businesslike energy of this 8 Universal Day enhances your focus and determination so that you may actually be able to make progress in spite of the fact that Mercury switched direction yesterday! The stabilizing influence of Sun moving into Taurus late today (PDT) will help.

Tuesday – There’s extra value in this 9 Universal Day. While 7 and 9’s goals are rarely the same, they both have the ability to achieve a level impersonal detachment which can gently unsnarl even the most intense and personal traumas and dramas. And 9’s natural kindness heals while it untangles.

Wednesday – The startup, entrepreneurial energy of this 10/1 (1+0=1) day needs to be applied with caution. Leave time to rework inevitable misunderstandings and glitches after May 15th.

Thursday – Hypersensitivity, a hallmark of any 11/2 (1+1=2) day, can tempt you to extreme reactions unless you listen very carefully to your inner guidance. This is particularly true in light of this month’s astrological stressors.

Friday – The charm and social skill available during this 3 Universal Day will make it much easier to negotiate the transformational encounters Venus (planet of love, beauty, personal values, self esteem) has scheduled for today and tomorrow. But you might want to leave your credit cards at home.

Saturday – Numerology and astrology combine to saturate today and tomorrow with still more powerful healing, transformational energy. Today’s 13/4 (1+3=4) Karma Number empowers decisiveness and creative individuality, to be applied to the existing structures in your life. Build your future by thinking outside the box.

Sunday – This 14/5 (1+4=5) Karma Number Day adds depth and intensity to a harmonious connection of the Sun (self, self realization) and Pluto (deep transformation), and the feisty, irritating possibilities of a clash between Mercury (communication, daily mental activities) and Mars (will, ego). 14/5 strengthens and purifies by letting go, and then rebuilding.

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