Your Numerology Forecast for July 16 – August 16, 2013

Your Numerology Forecast

July and August will be one of the most beneficial, opportunity-filled periods available to us during this several-year period, so you’ll want to seize every opportunity for love, your career dreams and a happy life.

Your Birth, Destiny and Heart’s Desire/Soul Number energy days can be determined by the following formula:

Your Birth Number is calculated by adding together the numbers of the date of your birth. You then add those numbers together until you reach a number of 1 – 9. Example: 2-14-1988 is 2+1+4+1+9+8+8 = 33 (3 + 3) = 6. 6 is your Birth Number.

The Destiny and Heart’s Desire Numbers both use the full birth name as it appears on your birth certificate, applying a numeric assignment to each letter and adding the same way. The Destiny Number uses each letter of the full name. The Heart’s Desire Number uses only the vowels of the full name.

Focus on the days when your number vibrations are active to make your moves!

Letters to numbers are this simple:


Your special days for July 16th through August 16th are:

Birth/Destiny/Heart’s Desire Number 1

Romance is in the air on Wednesday, July 24. It’s a good time to say how you really feel. There is a fiery brilliance to the things you say and do on Monday, August 5. You’ll wake up full of emotional energy early on Wednesday, August 14, so hit the ground running and you’ll be able to slow down a bit later to take advantage of a pleasant sense of well-being.

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Birth/Destiny/Heart’s Desire Number 2

Have serious discussions about commitment on Tuesday, July 16. Then take care as emotional words fly recklessly on Thursday, July 25. You will make sense of it all. A little drama will help you make your point about what is needed for your future during the New Moon on Tuesday, August 6. Take care of your health on Thursday, August 15, and use positive thoughts to feel renewed.

Birth/Destiny/Heart’s Desire Number 3

Go with the flow on Wednesday, July 17, and you’ll create something beautiful. You’ll feel fiery and can excite others with your ideas on Friday, July 26. Then work with your hands to create what others will desire on Wednesday, August 7. Pursue sports or otherwise take center stage Friday, August 16, as this is the day to “show your stuff.”

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Birth/Destiny/Heart’s Desire Number 4

You may feel like being lazy on Thursday, July 18. Relax and let in what your mind and body are trying to tell you and you’ll be in a better place to get going later. On Saturday, July 27, life is fired at you at lightening speed but the results will be brilliant. Thursday, August 8, brings some confusion early but this evolves into a great creative breakthrough.

Birth/Destiny/Heart’s Desire Number 5

 There’s sexy, exciting energy in the air on Friday, July 19, and you are the right person to use it! Romantic feelings that are more down to earth rule Sunday, July 28, so a wonderful day at home can be just perfect. Love arrives in such an amazing way that you feel like it was delivered on the “wings of an angel” on Friday, August 9.

Birth/Destiny/Heart’s Desire Number 6

Saturday, July 20, is a powerful, dynamic day. Just slow down enough to take care of your health. Monday, July 29, brings a heavy workload, but you’ll see real benefits from what you do. Thursday, August 1, is a day of romantic thoughts and sexy action, so enjoy it. Then Saturday, August 10, is a bit erratic and disjointed, so just stay grounded and you’ll be a winner.

Birth/Destiny/Heart’s Desire Number 7

You are pulled three ways on Sunday, July 21, so focus on spirit first. Tuesday, July 30, brings opportunities to create beautiful, inspiring words at work and with people that you love. Confidence and a positive attitude make you really sexy to others on Friday, August 2. Then the opportunity arises to integrate spirit and emotion on Sunday, August 11, to break up old habit patterns.

Birth/Destiny/Heart’s Desire Number 8

 The Full Moon on Monday, July 22, brings lots of work, but you’re up for it. The focus is on clear and innovative thinking on Wednesday, July 31, so keep those intuitive lines open to create something wonderful. Then nothing can stop you on August 3, as you build your new creative idea into reality. Work with your most positive beliefs for success on Monday, August 12.

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Birth/Destiny/Heart’s Desire Number 9

Emotional energy is high on Tuesday, July 23. You can focus it into improving your situation for real success. You access amazing energy through travel, studies and research on Sunday, August 4. Finally, there’s a karmic freeing from old wounds on Tuesday, August 13, that will open new doors of opportunity.

18 thoughts on “Your Numerology Forecast for July 16 – August 16, 2013

  1. Rupert

    The effort and generous actions of the provider of the powerful information available in this blog is appreciated. This action of writing the truths provided by numbers gives to all of us incalculable value and benefit both personally as well as universally as the increased high vibration heightens the stream of joy for each one of us participating in this exchange of our energy with yours. The numbers are a pure and accurate compilation of all that encompasses who we are on every level and plane. The power of your personal energy accompanies the spectrum of enlightenment you activate and magnify in our environment by this free choice to give,thus allowing each one of us to participate in energy exchange with you.You have manifested an unending ripple of creative energy that continues eternally raising the level of pure consciousness and which cannot be diminished. It is a high vibration energy field perpetually connecting with high vibration energy fields throughout the universe. Each connection magnifies exponentially, the high vibration energy of the two connecting fields thus perpetually creating greater and greater amounts of higher and higher vibration energy, the energy of creation and pure consciousness. The act of freely choosing to give becomes unwittingly, the elusive piece in the alchemists puzzle. What can start as a common and simple almost unnoticeable moment, ignites a perpetuating reaction that transforms into creation and light. Amazing what you have done. Thank you.

  2. Robin Christensen

    I don’t know why my numbers are so high,can you tell me why? Name was 102, and my birthday was 31 ? Thanks Robin

  3. Locksley

    Thanks this is beneficial to me, I read each day, and i am beginning to feel much better than I did a few weeks ago.

  4. Kim

    What if your birth number is an 11. In these kinds of forecasts there isn’t anything for an 11. Only up to 9

  5. Jennifer

    The HUGE things I wish for in Life, are for my Children to always Live a Healthy, joyful, meaninful, Happy Life..Then I wish, Hope, and Pray that We can win the powerball or the Florida Lottery. Because even though I will/ we will always love him/her for who he could have been and chose to be…Im disgusted at how superficial and awful these words sound even though they are typed. But I would speak the same words to a person who knew the real me and had the ability to help me help others, and myself enough to helkp my children and the little family I have yet to confront in such a manner.
    For me, there is nothing but the Truth. And im just not ready to hurt others who have not witnessed what I have yet.

  6. Maggie greggos

    My birthday is 11-19-1943 my number always comes out 11 but there is no 11. what is my number? thanks

  7. Suresh Chander Bagga

    When will I get a regular flow of money, a good job, a good status and lot of love, care and respect.

  8. Victoria v Howard

    I am face with one problem in my life an anther one wish bring me financial freedmen. But I think that I such not have to choice because , I have been treat bad in my life by people that have been put in authority an abuse it. I should not have to pick between my PCH and law suit. Because, these people act without give any care what so ever to life and higher authority. I will never forget what I went Thought and how they toke everything from me that I work hard to get, one thing I would never forget they said no one can do nothing. About it. You are black. I wish everything would come to peace.

  9. Yvonne

    Why do all of these numerology forecasts have to a massive math equation? Isn’t there a simpler way to get to our numbers like making the site an app in the Google play store where we could open articles and enter in our info easily to get to the numerology forecast, horoscopes etc.


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