Your Birth Number Forecast for January 12 – February 12, 2014

 Your Birth Number Forecast: Make Your Dreams a Reality

Your Birth Number reminds you of your path and the special talents that you offer. It allows you to find the special days when your life’s journey is emphasized and energized. Your Birth Number consists of adding together the numbers of the date of your birth. You then add those numbers together until you reach a number between 1 – 9.

Example: 2-14-1988 is 2+1+4+1+9+8+8 = 33 (3 + 3) = 6. 6 is your number of powerful creativity combined with the ability to put ideas and dreams into form.

Note: If you get a double-digit number, just add those two numbers together until you get a number between 1 – 9.

In mid-January, we’re just beginning to get comfortable in our new year’s energy, which is a 7. We are taking our hard work from 2013 to the next level as we proceed toward our highest ideals. 2014 brings a time when we review and refine our past plans and gather allies to make these dreams a reality. Your special number energy days from January 12 through February 12, 2014 are:

Birth Number 1

Passion drives your day on January 20. Balancing others’ needs and communicating clearly is the key to having this energy bring success. High emotional energy also prevails on January 29. Be tolerant of others’ personal wounds and you’ll bring out the best in them. February 1 is a dreamy day when it’s easy to overdo it. Relax and enjoy a romantic time. You are motivated by a positive attitude on February 10, bringing a sexy day with lots of excitement.

Birth Number 2

Your energy is poured into love and partnerships on January 12. January 21 is full of surprises that can bring you joy if you handle them with gentle, loving communication and fairness. January 30 is a time of new beginnings that you never thought possible. Positive thought and action on February 2 succeeds by honoring your feminine side. Your sensitivity is strong on February 11 so trust your heart and you’ll build something solid in your relationships.

Birth Number 3

Your words are magical and full of power on January 13. Romance is on the minds of everyone in some form or another and you offer the perfect expression of beauty. January 22 is charged with sexual tension. Direct that energy into creating new ideas and fulfilling fantasies in a positive way. Take action for what you care about most on January 31. Trust your intuition to deal with surprises on February 3. Fiery and truly exciting ideas rule the day on February 12.

Birth Number 4

Stay focused on January 14 and you could make an otherwise confusing day work for you. Just stick with your plan and stay positive. The evening of January 23 is the perfect time for romance. Understand others are touchy on February 4. Focus on the things that matter most and you’ll be able to bring them around to a happy state.

Birth Number 5

Your emotions are aligned with your communications on January 15 and you are the perfect one for any creative or leadership efforts. January 24 offers the perfect time to bring your biggest projects into form. Your passions drive you to success. Your big heart and kindness lead the way on February 5 to a beautiful experience for all.

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Birth Number 6

January 16 is the perfect day to let both your inner and outer beauty shine. Being lovely, smart and dedicated is a great combination. If you’re patient with a few miscommunications on January 25, you can then make your plans workable. You’ll be the person with the insights to help others heal on February 6. Your reason and even-tempered approach offer them comfort and stability.

Birth Number 7

Well, this is your year! Really concentrate on what inspires you most on January 17 and you’ll sail through the distractions of the day. You have the stimulation, will and the words to get exactly what you want on January 26. In fact you can be truly persuasive in love and business. Your wisdom shines on February 7. In fact, you clarify what is really confusing lovers, friends and co-workers.

Birth Number 8

January is a good month for 8 overall. There’s lots of passionate love involved! January 18 is full of energy—particularly in the morning. Others love your strength and clarity today, bringing fun. What you share with others has real value on January 27 and February 8, especially if you’re telling someone how great, powerful and sexy they are.

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Birth Number 9

January 19 and 28 are the perfect days to combine loving affection for someone special with some serious passion. In fact a fun-filled strategic plan for a day or evening of love-making is a great approach. February 9 brings a peaceful, harmonious energy after several weeks of exciting and challenging times. You’ll get even more done without all the frenzy that’s been taking place.

37 thoughts on “Your Birth Number Forecast for January 12 – February 12, 2014

  1. dhenz

    Hi! there! to dang and those who got double digit, just add the two digits: if u got 10, then 1+0= 1, means your birth number is 1

  2. Kelly

    Rae, you add 7+1+2+1+9+7+1 = 28 (and then 2+8 = 10) he said to add any double digits together which would mean one more step adding 1+0 and YOUR birth number is 1

    Hope this helps…

  3. Tifa

    Hi,i could love to know about money and relationship in the good news or bad news? and with my households i need to know what going on with the family situation in 2014 something ain’t right or maybe is just me? please help Tarot thank you…. my bday is on july,10,1983 and my bf is August,29,1983

  4. Tania

    hi,i would love to know about money and with my relationship good news or bad news? and also about families situation in my household. i need to know what going on this year 2014? because i don’t feel right in this year… my bday is on july,10,1983 and my bf is August,29,1983…. hopefully is goood news thank you

  5. sandy kirkland

    I have aid so many times I can not call…. you wat money I do not have….thank you anway..I needed your help,,,guess that wll never happen…andy

  6. jayaraman sivaramakrishnan.

    i jayaraman sivaramakrishnan born on 15_4_1936 . a combination of 6&9. hope to get a good& healthy year.

  7. Bella

    Oh lucky year # 7 lol 🙂 yes – Yeah I’ve been preparing 4 the 2014 well -4 a while lol like since back 2007 yeah- no NO shi!!!!! It’s been rough lol .. Y’all say “” brings time – review – THEN refine ( yeah REFINE all my life’s lessons) refine – gather UP allies 2 make things become a reality “” yep I sure did 2 … yes & ONLY now am I finally seeing all my hard work – retro mess – deep digging with N myself 2- looking N my mirror = being honest with my own self lol .. by holding ON 4 dear life lol OMG yes it is starting – by paying off only now 2 “” lol yes sure now I can lol @ loud but bit back then !!! I’ve done A B C D & all I want 2 do right NOW is 2 get medically better right now , BCZ I’ve paid ALL my dues 2 !!!! Ok this is great news even though now as I look back now = yes I cursed @ all the past retro mess a lot , I’m so glad I hung N there lol tight lol !!!! Lol I know what’s going down on the 17th – as certain states finally gonna come 2 ITS senses & DO the right HONEST – right thing BY some certain children @ -N high risk !!!! & on 26th a lot of hard works gonna be paying off 4 my mates – – 4 myself bc of all the standing steadfast LOYAL – – TRUE – honesty & thru – or by showing goodness – kindness is gonna be – = hard work DOES – is paying off 😉 … Lol yeah on the 7th I’m gonna get N2 trouble on that day 4 sure lol bc on feb 7th OMG my worlds gonna BE – changed rocked N abundance – & all 4 love too <3 , & ONLY 4 the better 2 .. Very Kool – well done again CP very right on 2 … 4 all the none believers out there ok & A ""2 chay 2 you "" !!!! FYI If I didn't = IF I wouldn't OF read y'all's predictions I might not of believed it either JK lol however – but 4 me this has been etched N stone 4 a while – == it's been set B4 y'all ever made y'all predictions , yes I AM a true believer N CP 😉 … FYI I about fell over when I read it – mine & my my mates forecast 2 lol , very precise 2 … Have a good week !!!! 😉

  8. Gloria

    My birthday is November 27th so, according to you, there is no possible number as both didgets add to 38 and if you add 3 plus 8 you get 11, which is more than 8. If I only add the two 1’s from November I get two. I don’t know if this is correct. Thank you.


    I NEED HELP(DUMMY)I’m trying to get mine&my husbands birth#’s;but his comes out to 10
    when he does it “too much!!! my birthdate=11/23/1949=3

    HIS ” = 1o/02/1960=


  10. Ramon Sanchez

    This is the first time that I have been able to decode my astrological forecast by following your directives…..WOW!!! SO TRUTHFUL!!

  11. Darren

    The birth number I have doesn’t fit your scale of 1-9. My date is May 3, 1965. So
    5+3+1+9+6+5=29 (2+9)=11. Now what?


    I would like to know about my future on my job professional front.Date of birth 26-02-1961,Place of QUILON-KERALA INDIA

  13. Jagmohan Singh Walia

    My date of Birth is 18-July-1959. Kindly let me know, if yearly forecasts may be available on numorology.

    Thanks & Warm regards.

    ( Jagmohan Singh Walia)

  14. Gloria Ratcliff

    am happy with the readdin and yes i combined the numbers and lets see what happens please keep sending me the readings. i am happy to read my horescope everyday. i lool forward to it everyday when i wake up in the morning. thanks again gloria


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