Your November 2016 Supermoon Horoscope

The Extra Punch

A supermoon adds an extra punch to any Full Moon, and this month’s supermoon is the biggest and brightest moon of the year. It hasn’t been this close since 1948, and it won’t be this close again until 2034! It’s kind of a big deal.

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What does that mean for you? It offers a real opportunity to use your emotional power, focus your intentions and balance your mind and emotions for your future love life, career and dreams. The Full Moon takes place at exactly 5:52 am on the US West Coast. However, both the evenings of the 13th and 14th are excellent viewing days to concentrate your powerful intentions.

Each Sun Sign has specific areas that will be impacted by the supermoon:


You can benefit financially from the work you do with this moon. Focus that power to create what you find rich and fulfilling, and it could be lucrative. That might be creating intense, inspiring music, sexy designs or working in athletics and health to make people’s lives happier and more energized.


These nights are all about you, as this biggest and brightest Full Moon for many years is in Taurus! You are so good at never wavering from a goal until you reach what you want that expressing the power of this moon is second nature to you. Celebrate your unwavering talents and what a gift you’ll be to others through your efforts.


Focus on health and happiness during this supermoon and communicate with others seriously about what you need emotionally. This can serve you well. If you’re in the midst of education for your future career, you’ll have lots of energy and succeed in your efforts. Your love life will be mysterious and profound.


Friends and partners offer some compelling ideas to pursue your creative efforts and the partnership of your dreams. You may find the person who will make a difference in your love or career life—or see a person already in your life rising to be that person—by being open and bypassing old fears.


You are essential to the major events that this supermoon reveals. You’re just the person to put another’s dreams into form through great promotion and hard work. You’ll be the beneficiary of all this because of what you have to offer. While their emotions may seem overwhelming and demanding, if you listen you’ll know what’s needed and wanted in your world.


Go with a combination of instincts and life education to make the most of this supermoon. Travel and education offer great opportunities to move your ideals forward in your life so that it becomes much more profound. Careful, yet enthusiastic communications will get the job done to build your new foundation in life.


This supermoon is a true Libra opportunity. You’re feeling bolder in your self-assertion than you have in the past. While partners will be surprised and a bit unpredictable, you’ll find financial benefits if you stick to your guns and don’t succumb to any manipulative emotions from others. Stay true to yourself and you’ll find greater love for yourself and others.


This Supermoon is embedded in your soul. You feel it so deeply that you’re not certain what to do with the intense personal spirit you’re feeling. Focus on creativity that will heal your heart and others. Pay distinct attention to the feelings of those around you and you’ll reach the outside world with your amazing work.


This it the perfect time to be mindful of what really matters to you and work hard toward your goals. You are digging through the deepest parts of your soul as part of this work. While it might not be the kind of progress you’re looking for, clearing old, dead issues from your life brings a bright new world to build and enjoy.


You have the heart and soul to really make a difference in the world. You’ll love how you change others for the better with your intelligent, graceful presence. Consult with friends. Beta test your ideas if necessary and see what you discover. You’re ready to inspire a lot of people with well-grounded ideas.


While family and career demands are clearly “in your face,” you still have a fearless resolve to fulfill your passions. Education and travel serve you well. Use your social networking skills to create real progress in announcing to the world who you are and what you have to offer.


Your experience of this supermoon will offer you new ways to communicate the power of your sweet dreams to the world. You also offer some real experience in your life to show others that there is reality to what you have to say and what you’ve created. Dreams are your creative source, offering future possibilities.

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  1. Romareeann

    Man, do I feel it!! Deeeeeeppppppp!!! My birthday is the 21st of Nov. I also feel the fir! Cusp people can juggle anything between the 2! Go for it! ;))


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