Your New Year’s Eve Horoscope

your new years eve horoscope

Your New Year’s Eve Horoscope: Tabula Rasa (a Blank Slate)

There’s something exciting about putting the past behind us and ushering in a fresh start, a new beginning, a new year—a blank slate!

Looking Up and Looking Forward

When you look up in the sky on New Year’s Eve you may notice a sliver of a Moon. That’s because there’s going to be a New Moon in Capricorn and New Moons are the universal symbol of new beginnings. We couldn’t ask for a more auspicious astrological event.

Capricorn is also hosting Mercury, Venus, Uranus and even the Sun, fueling this New Moon Capricorn energy—representing traditions, goals, energy and spirit. Capricorn is a cardinal sign and like New Moons, cardinal signs symbolize beginnings; they are the signs that start the seasons.

So how would your Sun Sign and/or Rising Sign like to ring in the new year? Let’s take a look at your New Year’s Eve Horoscope and see the possibilities:


The Capricorn energy highlights your career and your public image. If you’re out on the town you’ll be dressed to impress. If you’re having a party, why not invite and impress a few co-workers?


Your ruler, Venus, is in retrograde so you may feel like staying in and getting cozy, but your house of travel and adventure is also highlighted. It’s possible that you’ll be toasting New Year’s Eve from a distant and perhaps exotic location.


Your ruler, Mercury, is sharing space with other planets in your house of sex, shared resources and transformation. Your New Year’s Eve Horoscope may include a New Year’s Day breakfast in bed.

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Your home-loving sign feels all that Capricorn energy, highlighting your house of partnerships. Nothing would make you happier than a cozy New Year’s Eve celebration for two.


The Capricorn energy highlights your house of rituals. You’re looking for a classic celebration with a new and personal twist. Create your own unique traditions starting this year.


Your New Year’s Eve Horoscope highlights your house of children, creativity and even gambling. Why not host a family-friendly, Vegas-themed celebration?


With all those planets in Capricorn touching your house of home, you’ll likely want to dress your best and enjoy the Times Square celebration via the television.


The energy of the planets will put your focus on local happenings and neighborhood events. You may go out, but you probably won’t venture too far from the security of home.

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Your house of money, attraction and personal values is highlighted in your New Year’s Eve Horoscope. You love getting out and if you do, you might attract some special attention.


The New Moon in your sign symbolizes your personal new year and you can celebrate it anyway you’d like. Even if you meet some resistance, stick to what you want to do and others will eventually come around.


You’re ready to break away from some old situations and attitudes that aren’t working and that starts with New Year’s Eve. You’ll want to get out and celebrate and usher in a very special new year in a very social way.

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Your New Year’s Eve Horoscope puts the spotlight on your house of social gatherings, hopes, dreams and unexpected events. You may not have a plan yet but you’re feeling excited anyway.

12 thoughts on “Your New Year’s Eve Horoscope

  1. Bella

    I wish everyone a safe and a very 🙂 Happy New Year !!! 🙂 I’m sure 2014 will be a good year 4 US all or at least I sure DO hope so lol lol 😉

  2. Amber Dixon

    2013 was absolutely TERRIBLE!! I sure hope 2014 has more blessings to come because it seems I’ve lost it all this year… 🙁

  3. Bernard Finnegan

    Liam will this be a wind fall of money and travel I left my problems and memories behind me this year.


  4. Debra Riveras,Crawson

    I turned 50 this year. the love of my life left me for another. he stops to see how I am. but. I do not trust him. we kissed . but. I started it. nothing happened. we had a long talk when went home he called me. and said after what bonnie and Heather did him he vowed he would never open up to another. we dated for 12 years.and is doing the same thing to this girl he is with. but she is much more different then I am. a lot of medical issues and in to drugs buys and sells. at least he thinks she is because she made him park on the dark street so she could pay some one back money. I still have feelings . he says he would love to rekindle are love but that I have to much ciaos in my home. I still have 3 boys home, my youngest will be 18. then 23, 24, I thought if I got my own place maybe we could try again. now I am second guessing my self. should I move on. I have my own place and car. and money coming in. he live with parents and has a car just lost his job. he knows I want to be friends and find some one who will respect me. I just want the simple things. to work to gather. with some one who cares


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