Your New Moon Forecast for January 2014

Your New Moon Forecast: Double the Pleasure

In January, we’re graced with a rare occurrence—not one, but two New Moons. That’s two fresh starts in a month that already brings us an entirely new year!

Here are three ways to make the most of both influences! Read your New Moon Forecast.

Bid the Past Aideu… and Mean it

The year kicks off with a New Moon in Capricorn on January 1. This influence asks that we relinquish old ways of being in order to pave the way for a future of our choosing. How appropriate on New Year’s Day! To make the most of this beautifully auspicious timing, start your year by resolving to leave the past where it belongs. Consider that even happy times gone by are memories. They’re meant to be visited, but not lived in. Meanwhile, any thing, person or behavior that no longer serves you belongs behind you! This is a celestial chance at a do-over. Furthermore, thanks to Pluto’s involvement, a major release is not only possible, but called for!

Get Practical

Now that you’ve decided to move forward as opposed to lingering or revisiting, you’ll need a grounded plan of action. No sign is better for this than Capricorn—the earthy, driven, ambitious doer who makes things happen. Use the early part of the month to lay out how you intend to get where you’re going. A step at a time is fine. You’ll be given another chance to plan some more at month’s end!

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Stay True to You

Everyone knows that resolutions have a way of falling by the wayside come February. Fortunately, the month’s second New Moon on January 30 gives you a chance to re-root in your ideals and yourself and continue making progress toward your end game. If you’ve gotten caught up in the tides or regressed at all during the month, this influence is ideal for reconnecting. Aquarius is the individual and the intellectual. You may find you know how you want to feel, if you don’t already feel it. So keep your mind and your eye on that prize as you continue on your way, making adjustments as necessary to remain rooted in your own highest good!

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33 thoughts on “Your New Moon Forecast for January 2014

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  2. Melody chin

    Hi my name is Melody. I was born on May 27,1968 can you suggest me what can I do for improv my realtionship life or I will be alone the rest of my life. Thank you do much

  3. Marisol

    This new moon forms a grand cross to my natal planets opposing both Juno and Vertex, and squaring the nodes. It also semisextiles mercury, and sextiles Lilith. This has me a little worried, what does it mean?

  4. Patricia

    I agree, things are different. I have finished off one situation. And ended in my favor. I have reconnected with the love of my life, and we picked up, right where we left off. It’s wonderful. Thank you for the information, about the two new moons.

  5. Jessica

    It sounds like a lot of people are hurting and scared right now. The world is changing is so rapidly these days, and so much of what we have all come to depend on, is crumbling around us, that it’s hard not to be scared!

    For all of my fellow-readers who are worried–John, Lynn, Sreedhar, Amandeep, Judy, David, Bela, Ashok, Audrey, Glynnette, and Kevin–sometimes the best time to begin to succeed, is when everything we’ve been taught tells us that we shoudln’t be able to, like when the economy is poor, for example.

    When times are difficult, it can be possible to do really well. My experience has been that this requires thinking and behaving differently than I have in the past. If jobs are scarce or I’m not finding one, then it’s time to create my own ‘job’ doing something I love that can serve other people and create a good income for me.

    If a relationship isn’t working anymore, then I have to wonder where I stopped trying or where I started being something different than what I had been in the relationship. Sometimes a relationship has run its course.

    I know that when one is having a hard time financially, it can be difficult to put money into a psychic reading. However, one thing I’ve learned about psychic readings, Tarot readings, etc., is that while they are extremely valuable, for me at least, their value is in that they typically confirm what I already knew deep down. Perhaps I didn’t want to acknowledge what I felt; or I didn’t trust my own feelings and so I sought validation.

    What I’m getting at is, I’m sure I’m not the only one for whom that’s true; and I encourage each of you, if you’re not currently able to get a psychic reading, to really tune in to yourselves to find your own answers.

    And then, you have to believe and trust in what you discover. Your own psyche knows everything you need and may surprise or baffle you with something that seems so big and ambitious or daring, or different, that it’s hard to believe! But that doesn’t mean it’s not what’s true and best for you.

    Often, it’s not reaching high enough, not dreaming big enough, not being honest enough with one’s self, that causes failure, disappointment, and loss.

    This world, as I said, is changing so rapidly, and there’s so much chaos in the midst of all the corruption, that it really does take a great deal of faith to move forward. I wish you all lots of love and courage, and that you’ll really listen to what your own heart and intuition have to tell you. Intuition is where the truth is. Logic is all very well, but in the kind of world we live in now, intuition is where your power is.

    One other thought that might help: Anytime anything goes wrong and you’re reflecting on it, ask yourself how you could have made a different choice. Keep working your way back until you get to a point in the history where you did make a choice that lead you down that path. It’s not a matter of blame, it’s a matter of recognizing how much power you have over your own life through the choices you make. It’s a good thing.

    As far as psychics charging money for readings, my question is: why shouldn’t they? Psychics and all healers deserve to thrive like everyone else. The idea that they should live on whatever donations people make, is an outdated, mythological idea.

    Not only that, but I’m sure that using one’s psychic powers to help others, must be extremely taxing and draining at times, and in addition, many psychics probably have to deal with residue from their clients’ illnesses, trauma, and emotions, and work hard to keep from becoming ill from it all.

    Reason would suggest that if psychics should serve without being paid properly for their services, then so should all of us, whatever we do.

    Warmest Wishes Everyone. You’re not alone!

  6. Alexandra

    Great tip… thanks… specially also with the Chinese new year upon us…The Fenshui
    tips on the site helps a lot… every little bit helps….!

  7. Annette H.

    It sounds like these people are looking for answers from your psychic team. First of all, only god has that type of power to grant your dreams and wishes. Look to him and inside of your self for answers. They can only touch the surface. You have to believe and pray that things will change for the good. I am not down playing these psychics everyone needs a job. It’s when you feed on people’s desperation and hopes to fill your pockets, that I have a problem with. If you truly have that type of power, why would you put a monetary value on it. Why not try to help people because you can.

  8. John

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  11. David

    Yes well this full moon has cost me almost $13,000 to fix my basement foundation on cracks that will create serious water in my house.

    Also my health still is not good.

  12. judy

    I would like to know if i will find a job, i have not worked for a year and i lost a dear friend, i have depression and aniexty if i don’t find a job a may loss my house of 14 years i have always worked and taken care of myself and daughter who is 21 now please help my dob is 1/4/1961 thank you kindley

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