Mother’s Day: What Mom’s Sun Sign Taught You About Love

Mom Taught You About Love

Your Mother’s Day Horoscope!

Do you remember the old saying, “Help, I’m turning into my mother!”? The truth is, you carry a big piece of your mother/mother-figure within you, and in honor of Mother’s Day, we’re going to explore that together.

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One of the most important things your mother helped form is your approach to relationships. As a small child, you learned survival and how to get love and acceptance by watching your mother. Whether she had healthy relationships or not, you learned from them, and over time either mimicked or avoided much of her behavior. Her sun sign shows up in you every day. It also offers you wonderful tools for coping with challenges and enjoying the joys of a loving relationship.


Mom made it clear that life is an adventure and that you are a heroic figure with high energy and a fierce, protective quality toward your lover. She also taught you to recognize that you have to be free to pursue your career and your life. What you may have learned to avoid was being too self-oriented to relate well with a lover.


Being valued by a partner is something Taurus moms teach with authority. She showed you a partner needs to show you respect, love and generosity, or find the door. There is someone else who will romance and cherish you. Someone loyal who “has your back” is mom’s idea of a good catch. You learned to avoid being too inflexible from her.

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Your Gemini mom made it clear that loving, honest communication is the foundation of a successful relationship. You learned to not only share your thoughts and feelings, but to have fun while you do it. A lover must also be a friend. You learned to avoid being too impersonal from mom.


Cancer is the “mom” sign. She taught you how to be warm, tender and sensitive to your lover. While Cancers are masters at creating a comfortable home, they also show (by their own moods and needs) that emotions are powerful and ever-changing, so you must always adapt. Emotions always get back to love. Mom taught you how to avoid having feelings that are hurt too easily.


Your Leo mom was likely a master of playfulness, fun and a sense of personal power. She taught you to be fiercely protective of your lover while you maintain your self-expression. You and your lover must know and admire each other no matter what challenges you face. Mom taught you not to let your enthusiasm blind your sensitivity to others.


Your down-to-earth Virgo mom showed you that you need to approach each ever-changing life situation with intelligence and agility. Virgos know the importance of being supportive and adaptable to your lover’s changing situations. She also taught you to avoid being “in your own head” too much and to express affection more.

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Your Libra mom cherished harmony and beauty, really working to give you a peaceful childhood environment. You wish she had stood up for herself a bit more and enjoyed watching the fighter arise in her to defend the people she loves. You’ll probably be seeking the balance of self-respect and loving giving that she worked so hard to achieve.


Your Scorpio mom had to learn the lesson of finding a safe place to dig into her own depths of love and passion. In that process she taught you to nurture and examine your passions privately so that they can be harnessed to really make your relationships powerfully intense. She also taught you to avoid too much secrecy and manipulation in love.


Mom taught you the power of generosity, humor and the joy in life in your relationships. No matter how much trouble she found through her escapades or brutal honesty, you learned that her big heart and humor worked for her and works for you, at least eventually through her non-judgmental love. She taught you to avoid speaking first and thinking later.

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Mom may have seemed too serious about certain things, like your education, your health or your goals and achievements. She taught you to love a person who respects you for your desire to make a difference in life and who supports you no matter what. She taught you to avoid being so “cool” in your expressions of love that your lover thinks you don’t care.


Your mom had a different approach to raising and loving you. She taught you that love and relationships don’t have to look like the conventional fairy tale romance you’ve read in books and seen in movies. You’re okay even if you don’t fit in. Mom showed you that you must avoid being so enthralled with friends and social activities that you lose touch with physical and emotional intimacy in love.


Your Pisces mom taught you real sweetness, imagination and creativity. She showed you that love is huge and defies a singular definition. It takes on various forms depending on your lover’s needs and vulnerabilities, and your own intuitive/spiritual knowing. She taught you to be clearer in your self-expression with your lover so that you don’t lose them in confusion.

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