Your Weekly Money Horoscope for June 10 – 16, 2013

Financial Ebb and Flow

In life there is a natural ebb and flow, like the oceans’ tides and the phases of the Moon that guide them. In the week that is surrounded by a Gemini New Moon (June 8) and probably the luckiest day of the year (June 19), it’s not unexpected that we’d hit a minor bump in the financial road.

Fortunately the midweek Venus-Uranus square won’t have its desired disruptive effect while Venus, Saturn and Neptune support each other in the realm of water and absorb any shock waves, making them feel more like mere ripples. Still, this week it’s best to stick to what you know and not take chances with your money (or love). Stay positive—things get better next week.


At home and at work, take a conservative position and avoid your impulsive tendencies. This is how you stay in control of your finances.


Your money horoscope is pretty good at the moment. However, if someone tries to push against your financial sensibilities this week, just grit your teeth and smile—you’ll be glad you did.


The best financial picture is about to show up on your horizon. So, this week’s money horoscope reminds you to plan and save and think of the bigger picture—like what your ideal bank account would look like.

Money is an energy and nothing more.” – Psychic Ariel ext. 9775


Venus opposes Pluto and squares Uranus causing delays in your financial plans for the future—the planets say plan now; act later. The answer will come. Want to know when the answer will come? Get a detailed money reading with Psychic Tessa ext. 5897 and find out.


Your mission this week is to make a financial plan now for the summer ahead and beyond. Before you know it, you’ll be too busy to bother, and that could be costly.


If you haven’t already received a monetary blessing because of the recent New Moon, you will soon. Midweek, get all the facts first when it comes to making money decisions.


Neptune, Venus and Saturn are working together for your financial benefit, whether it’s immediate or slowly over time. Lay low on the 11th and 12th when it comes to spending.


Avoid any temptation to invest or gamble in something that is unclear or just doesn’t feel right. Midweek, keep your wallet in your pocket. Avoid emotionally-based money decisions.


Your weekly money horoscope reminds you to stick to the budget—or to make one if you haven’t yet. Jupiter sends financial information through a partner—at least consider their advice.


Mars is still hard at work in your daily work sector bringing personal and financial recognition. Finding balance in health and work is your best bet for a steady financial flow. Still having problems finding that balance? Check in with an in-depth reading from Psychic Nadine ext. 5678 and regain your balance in life.


You’ll soon find that getting recognition (financial or otherwise) doesn’t mean you have to jump through hoops. In the meantime, avoid impulse shopping and big purchases.


Your money horoscope may test your resilience a little. Remember to keep a tight rein on your budget and financial goals and “neither a borrower nor a lender be,” especially this week.

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