Mom and Me: Sun Sign Compatibility Horoscope

 Your Mother’s Day Sun Sign Compatibility Horoscope

No one can deny the importance of a mother or mother figure in a person’s life. Moms have everything to do with how we see ourselves and how we handle our relationships. Mother/child Sun Signs work together to help both people express their spirit, heart and soul in a more dynamic way. Check out  your Sun Sign compatibility with that of your mom’s, and if you’re a mom, you can take a look at your chart and your child’s. Are you Sun Sign compatible? Here’s you Sun Sign Compatibility Horoscope!

Here are the elements each sign falls under:

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

The mom’s Sun Sign is given with the child’s sun element/sign interaction described:

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Aries (Fire) Mom:

Fire Child: You’ll light up the room wherever you go, as you bring out each other’s love of life and all it has to offer.

Earth Child: You’re more “grounded” than mom, but she brings the enthusiasm for a great balance.

Air Child: You’ll love your conversations and brilliant ideas together.

Water Child: Your open your mom up to a softer, more sensitive expression and she offers you vitality and fun.

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Taurus (Earth) Mom:

Fire Child: Your mom doesn’t explore the world with the same passion you do. However, she is the perfect foundation for life.

Earth Child: Both of you are solid and reliable. You motivate mom and in turn, she makes life warm and beautiful.

Air Child: You have a safe place to “land” and your mom loves your cleverness.

Water Child: You love your mom’s natural affection and she loves your sweetness.

Gemini (Air) Mom: 

Fire Child: You have amazing fun and laughter with mom.

Earth Child: You bring form to Mom’s ideas and put her dreams into gorgeous form.

Air Child: The two of you can’t stop talking and you love people.

Water Child: Mom’s language brings completion to your creativity.

Cancer (Water) Mom:

Fire Child: You need to listen carefully to mom’s heart a midst their constant curiosity.

Earth Child: You hear mom clearly and put her in touch with reaching out to the world.

Air Child: You speak for mom when she won’t speak for herself, but your mom must give you your freedom.

Water Child: You feel each other so strongly that you don’t have to speak.

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Leo (Fire) Mom: 

Fire Child: Share the stage and shine with your mom. You enjoy her intensity.

Earth Child: You reach mom through straight talk.

Air Child: You find your mom entertaining and even inspirational.

Water Child: Mom can overwhelm you, and will continue to do so until your get how much she adores you.

Virgo (Earth) Mom:

Fire Child: You’ll learn to appreciate mom once you understand that she is not criticizing you. She just wants to offer you health and happiness.

Earth Child: You easily understand each other because you share core values.

Air Child: You enjoy the fact that mom can take her thoughts and make them happen once communication is clear.

Water Child: You love the grounding your mom offers.

Libra (Air) Mom:

Fire Child: You know that your mom understands you and will let you fly.

Earth Child: You may think your mom’s indecisive, but she is trying to do what’s best for everyone.

Air Child: Your admire each other’s intelligence and can really flow together.

Water Child: You can confuse your mom, but once you connect, you’re a great team.

Scorpio (Water)  Mom:

Fire Child: You understand each other’s passions and once mutual respect is established, love is intense.

Earth Child: Your build on mom’s instincts

Air Child: Once you develop a mutual understanding, you’re a powerhouse. You find common ground when communications are open.

Water Child: Mom has a deep and mysterious understanding of your feelings. You share a mutual sense of reality’s demands.

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Sagittarius (Fire) Mom: 

Fire Child: Mom loves your energy and she adapts to your adventurous needs.

Earth Child: You need mom to take some time in the middle of her thoughts so she can be certain she’s connecting with them.

Air Child: You have a great time with mom because she never fails to offer a new exploration of thought.

Water Child: You have trouble with her blunt style, but her love is unmistakable.

Capricorn (Earth) Mom: 

Fire Child: You’ll learn to appreciate mom’s seriousness and need for structure as you mature.

Earth Child: Mom counts on you and supports your ambitions.

Air Child: Sometimes you find mom a little heavy, but you love her solid love.

Water Child: Mom inspires you to find your direction.

Aquarius (Air) Mom:

Fire Child: You love mom’s surprises even if she throws you off balance sometimes.

Earth Child: You love to connect with mom after you feel secure with her. You balance her eccentricities.

Air Child: You have an easy connection with mom and you appreciate her love of interaction.

Water Child: You may be overwhelmed by mom’s big network of people, but her intuition about them is comforting.

Pisces (Water) Child:

Fire Child: You love her imagination, but need some clarification before blazing on with her ideas.

Earth Child: You blossom knowing that you can count on mom to love you without judgement.

Air Child: You connect well with mom on an imaginative level.

Water Child: Mom brings light to your depths and inspires you to dream bigger.

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  1. Seren ext. 5445Psychic Seren, Ext 5445

    Love this article!

    I’ve been studying astrological themes that run in families for ages now.

    My curiosity was piqued almost 30 years ago when I realized that my daughter, my maternal grandfather and myself all have Moon-Jupiter conjunctions in Aquarius… and that all 3 conjunctions are conjunct!

    Fascinating topic.

    Brightest blessings,
    Seren, Ext 5445

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    I haven’t had the luxury to talk to a lady name Red. I spoke to her about 7 years ago and she was unbelievably accurate. Even gave me a date and it happened on that day. I pray that I will have some extra money to speak to her again regarding my new business and future about relationships. I wanted to let her know, I never have forgotten her and how she blew me away. I have told friends and family if they ever call, she is unbelievable. Thank you Red for who you are and the peace you must have given to people threw the years. Your are special.


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