Mercury in Virgo: Tame Your Tongue

Maximizing Mercury in Virgo

On August 23, master of communications, Mercury, moves into Virgo—the sign of the Task Master. Analytic to the very core, a Virgo Mercury empowers us with quick thought, dry wit and incomparable powers of perception. Those born under this influence (and indeed everyone on some level, during this transit), are blessed with the ability to see through to the core of any situation. However, they also tend to fall back on sharp criticism and have a tendency to lose sight of the big picture.

How can you maximize the positives without falling victim to the negatives? Read on for some suggestions on making the most of this powerful influence!

Be Purposeful

There’s a driven feeling in the air. You’ll get lost if you don’t set your goals and intentions. However, if you know what you’re aiming for, your focus will be impeccable during Mercury in Virgo. Creativity is at a high, and by keeping yourself firmly grounded in your purpose, you’ll allow your imagination to truly soar.

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Stay Calm

While you may feel like blowing off some steam when someone really irks you, one of the strengths of the Mercury in Virgo influence is the ability to remain calm, cool and collected in times of stress or crisis. Implore this power and you’ll avoid coming off as aggressive or overly critical.

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Remain Open

It’s easy to get caught up on one little thing that’s bugging you while Mercury is in Virgo. However, doing so will be to your detriment. By remaining open to other people’s suggestions, you’ll be able to keep a handle on what matters most. Remember, it’s not the niggling details, but the general direction things are headed.

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12 thoughts on “Mercury in Virgo: Tame Your Tongue

  1. suzy debus

    Tamara: I’m bursting tdo talk to you. CenturyLink is creating all kinds of problems for me. I was at the clinic Monday. He was there, but I didn’t see him; then I noticed he was “peeking” out a partially opened door at me. So, I left, and got in the car to go, and he came running out after me, and gave me my hug. I gotta tell you

  2. lucy

    Love this article Chastity. Very true and those reading the article may think before speaking abrupt truth which stings. Great job!

  3. donna sedivi

    i try very hard to maintainmy bad feelings,i just kind of lost it when i lost my husband and everything else,im still trying to gain it back.thank you for the advice.

  4. Catrena Jones

    You Must tame your tongue. To save people will hurt you quicker than save people. Its better to mind your own business and stay out of there presents

  5. Christine

    As for remaining calm and collective, biting my tongue. I am a true Virgo. It can be to my demise tho. I feel like I have to hold inside what I really feel, what I really want to say, but I don’t. I bite my tongue. I wish I had the skills to just say what I mean. and being the perfectionists we are being Virgos, I also wish I could let alot of things go, but cannot because I am a perfectionist. I hate making mistakes and all has to be in order in my life. Any suggestions?

  6. Ramon Sanchez

    THANK YOU!!!! You are right on target. Help!!! I have a great reputation….loyal, exemplary work ethic, responsible, dedicated, great track record, etc. However I am experiencing a set back now……applying for an administrators job in public school system. I am driven and extremely have incomparable perceptions of power.

  7. misskrystalmisskrystal

    I loved this!! Thanks, so much. A Virgo has the power to perfect many things, and for sure, communication…
    I feel communication can be excellent, through virgo influences, especially, when we focus on using precision and grace. Cheers, Miss Krystal

  8. Carla

    Today’s reading it hit a target of what I am feeling now. My irk moments and bitting my tongue not to get things worse. I ‘ve been with anxiety and makes it works. Love getting these readings,it is like you talking to me. My financial and family concerns are to the highest now and I feel once of these days i am going to break down.


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