Your Mercury Retrograde Horoscope

Mercury Retrograde Horoscope

Mercury Retrograde: Rethink, Review, Reevaluate

In 2015 we will experience three Mercury retrogrades, all in air signs, and those signs will feel them the most. The next (and second) Mercury retrograde of this year will occur between May 18 and June 11 in the sign of Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury, making this retrograde especially strong for everyone. All of the common caveats should apply regarding maintaining mechanical items, postponing big-ticket purchases and avoiding possible mishaps in communication. As you may already know, this is not the time to initiate a project or enter into an agreement. Instead, focus on all of the words that begin with “re”—rethink assumptions, review past agreements and reevaluate recent decisions.

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Mercury retrograde will affect each sun sign in a different area of life, so let’s see what your Mercury Retrograde Horoscope has to say about your sun sign:


This retrograde will occur in your house of communication—one of Mercury’s specialties. Choose your words carefully as there’s a chance of a misunderstanding. As this house also covers siblings, one thing that is favored is a family reunion.


Mercury will touch your house of earned income and investments. It’s a good time to not only review your budget, but also review the relationships in which you’ve made an investment. You’ll easily discern which relationships are fruitful from those that only take and never give.

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Your ruler Mercury will retrograde in your first house—the house that is all about you personally. Since you’re always thinking, this is the time to focus and write down some of those brilliant ideas and develop a game plan. Implementing these ideas is sure to bring long-term benefit.


Mercury will retrograde in your house of the subconscious mind and spirituality. Whether or not you meditate, you may still experience some mind-blowing epiphany. Your heart and mind will work together and shed light on your path to a more soulful existence.


Your house of friends, peers and like-minded groups is activated during the Mercury retrograde. Reunions and gatherings stimulate your life and help you feel supported. If you experience delays or a meeting needs to be rescheduled, have no fear as this actually will work in your favor.

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The retrograde occurs in your house of careers, allowing you to put a pause on recent business-related decisions so you have time to rethink your journey going forward. A prior trine in earth signs and a pending Venus retrograde in your sign coupled with this retrograde means that you’re set to have a rewarding year ahead, and your career plays a big part.


This Mercury retrograde gives you the chance to live without borders. Exploration of thought and physical travel allow you to expand your mind and reset your path if need be. Jump on opportunities to explore as well as revisit prior choices and experience life with more depth.


This retrograde touches your house of sex and intrigue—the heart of your sign. Superficial couplings, however, will have no place in your world. You’ll experience the desire for true connections that may include mystery, seduction and dreamy encounters where you connect on a physical and spiritual level.


Your partnerships, marriage and closest relationships could test your patience during this Mercury retrograde. Friction between you and a loved one could activate a “fight or flight” response. Hang tough, as this too shall pass. Soon after Mercury goes direct, retrograde Saturn will leave your sign and go back to Scorpio, easing tension and enabling you to express your point of view coolly and calmly.

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This retrograde activates your house of daily work and reputation. You know you were meant to be a star, so you may rethink your career path or come up with some entrepreneurial epiphany. If anyone can put this retrograde to good use, it’s you. Find your path to financial independence.


Your house of true love is the focus of this Mercury retrograde. Your sex life is bound to take on a more free and fun-loving tone. You haven’t felt this level of freedom to enjoy love and sex in this way for quite a while, and you’ll want to make it last—and you can.


Your fourth house of home and domestic issues is the focus of this Mercury retrograde for your sun sign. You’ll want to open your home, entertain and gather friends and family. Just make sure there’s gas for the grill, the dishwasher is working and the fridge isn’t about to go on the fritz and all should go well.

One thought on “Your Mercury Retrograde Horoscope

  1. Quinn ext.5484Psychic -Quinn ext. 5484

    as always your articles are inspiring and informative.
    I sure hope that the retrograde is not as bumpy as the shadow of it was. boy this month so far was like murphy’s law. everything that could go wrong went wrong. oh the drama of car issues and bad storms.
    LOL – got that under so I am looking to revisit sanity.
    you have a sane mercury retrograde and if anyone is feeling out of sorts don’t worry it will pass.
    Buddha Bless,


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