Your Mercury Retrograde Horoscope: Don’t Leave Anything to Chance

It’s Time to Review and Revise

When Mercury turns retrograde it appears, from our vantage point on Earth, to be traveling backwards through the sky. It symbolizes a slowdown and reversal in all the things that Mercury represents—communication, commerce and travel, to name a few. This Mercury retrograde starts on December 19, 2016 and ends on January 8, 2017. It’s a time to rewind, rethink, review and basically reevaluate things that pertain to your specific Sun sign.

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Anyone, in any sign, will be affected by these Mercury retrograde caveats: Since this Mercury retrograde takes us through the holiday season, practically everything we rely on during the holidays—travel, money and even shopping for gifts should be well-thought-out in advance. Make sure your car’s oil and fluids are topped off and the tires are filled if you’re taking a road trip. Don’t leave anything to chance. Here is your Mercury retrograde horoscope.


Mercury will affect your career house for most of its retrograde period. In addition, Mars and Saturn may be pulling (or pushing) you to make a career or work-related change, especially in the third full week of December. Unless this is something you initiated beforehand, wait until January 12 to make a move.


You’re no stranger to the world of finance, and Mercury’s retrograde will prompt you to look over your situation and possibly make some changes. This could mean renegotiating a contract or agreement that’s been in place for a while. If you’ve brought this up prior to Mercury retrograde, proceed forward, but if not, wait until after the retrograde is done plus three or four days.


Mercury retrogrades always affect you deeply since Mercury is your ruling planet. You may be dealing with end-of-year tax issues or dealing with money you’ve obtained through a loan or lease. Take care of matters that require your immediate attention, whether or not the retrograde is still in effect. There are some things you simply cannot ignore.


If you work with a partner or depend on others to get your job done, you may sense a slight delay or even resistance to an idea you’ve presented. The last four days of the Mercury retrograde will highlight your house of daily work and reputation. The message here is to hold back on pushing your agenda; things may work out as planned without you having to do anything at all.


Mercury will turn retrograde in your house of everyday work and reputation. Here’s your chance to make an impression that lasts whether it be on clients, bosses or coworkers. The way to a successful retrograde period for you is to just check and double-check your work before you make it final so that no one can question your facts.


You have many positive money-related planetary alignments going on at the moment. However, you share Mercury with Gemini and so Mercury retrograde will try to affect you in some way, albeit slightly. You may feel pulled between work and home obligations, but nothing so serious you can’t handle it.


When Mercury retrogrades in your house of home and family matters, it’s a good idea to keep unnecessary spending in check in case an emergency comes up. Your washing machine might give up or your fridge may go on the fritz. You get the idea. You may need to borrow money or use credit to fix or replace an item, in part due to other astrological influences. Just try to go with the flow! This too shall pass.


Mercury retrograde lands in your house of communication which is actually the very thing

that Mercury rules. If you’re publishing a book, making a speech or even just trying to get your point across, you may have trouble getting the words out or relating your true intention. This can be frustrating but it’s not life-changing. You’ll get another chance to get it right in mid-January.


Your house of money and your overall financial state is the focus of Mercury retrograde. During the retrograde period, you may want to look at your money situation as a whole and make any changes that will relieve the pressure. Renegotiate interest rates, check your credit score and fix any mistakes. You’ll be glad you did.


Mercury’s retrograde begins and spends most of its trip in your Sun sign. While other influences suggest you’ve been kicking butt at work and you’ve got the cash to prove it, maybe it’s time to consider spending some of it on yourself. Go for a spa day, plan a getaway or just have fun anyway that you can.


If you spend Mercury’s retrograde period having a good time and not worrying about all the things you usually stress over, you’ll have a much better time. Venus will try to distract you from Mercury as he tries to get you to go after old dreams and endeavors. All you have to do to realize those dreams is to socialize and let serendipity take the wheel. You’ll succeed while hardly trying.


When Mercury turns retrograde you should take a moment to see if your life is on track or if it’s veered off the track of your original idea. You may be surprised to learn that not much has gone quite the way you planned, but it turned out for the best anyway. In the last days of the retrograde, finish up any outstanding work that began last year 2016.

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