Mercury Retrograde Checklist

Mercury’s dominion is vast. The planetary muse rules a lot: communication, travel, contracts, technology, appointments and the written word. But when the planet goes retrograde (appears to reverse its course through the sky), things go a little wonky for us mortals. During Mercury Retrograde, don’t be surprised if you encounter misunderstandings, confusion, frustrations, crazy drivers, angry people, computer glitches, and more delays.

Incidentally, Mercury Retrograde happens about three times a year for approximately three weeks at a time. Things aren’t hopeless despite this phenomenon. There are some guidelines you can follow to prevent mayhem. One of the cardinal rules to remember during Mercury Retrograde is to not start anything new because chances are it will have to be re-done or revised.

For instance, if you undergo a surgery in July, you’ll likely have to repeat the procedure. No fun. Also, until Mercury goes direct, it’s best if you don’t make decisions that permanently lock you into future commitments. It is also wise to not make important decisions in relationships and jobs – since it is very likely that misinformation, poor communication and careless thinking will come into play.

So how can you avoid chaos and confusion during this time? Try this chcecklist:

Negotiate a contract
File a lawsuit
Buy or repair electronics
Start a new job/relationship/project
Make important decisions
Travel without a back-up plan
Sign paperwork
Buy a house/car/business
Expect things to move quickly
Take anything for granted

Now, obviously we can’t stop living just because Mercury Retrograde has rolled around. There are things we simply can’t avoid or put off. If this is the case, simply make sure you double check things and plan ahead. Re-read contracts, mail packages early, carry on your luggage if possible. Be extra careful and you will save yourself a lot of grief.

Meanwhile, we can still benefit from this time by making allowances for a symbolic “sleep cycle.” These periods give us a chance to take a breath and review familiar territory. Similarly, this is a good time to reflect on second thoughts and miscommunications.

Use Mercury Retrograde energy to your advantage by doing the following:

Reapply for a job
Rewrite your resume
Review your bank account
Renew a loan
Repair your car
Re-contact past clients

As the We’Moon handbook states, Mercury retrograde is the time to “recall the now of the past and pay careful attention to underlying issues.” And if things do get screwy, the best thing to do is roll with the punches.

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