Mercury Has Gone Direct

Breathe a Sigh of Relief, Mercury Retrograde is Over…

Mercury has gone direct, leaving its retrograde period. We should now have smooth sailing on communications for the foreseeable future.

Mercury retrograde, of course, is the period in which the planet of communications goes haywire, causing all kinds of difficulties in interpersonal communications and with electronics.

What did you experience during this Mercury retrograde? Share your stories with us, and let us know what went wrong (or right!)

2 thoughts on “Mercury Has Gone Direct

  1. Shannon

    it is a fact – Mercury retrograde is chaos! My new washing machine went wobbly spraying water all over causing everything to trip. No internal problem – but days on and off with no internet, lost messages and delayed cell phone service. people didn’t keep promises, didn’t keep appointments and many well intentioned mesaages lost in translation. Looking forward to smooth road ahead …..until the next one!

  2. Gina Roseext.9500

    Thank Goodness it’s over….

    I always seem to have residential plumbing problems or major appliances go out during retrogrades….or electrical/mechanical problems.


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