Your May 2017 Video Love Horoscope

Good Love is Give and Take

Venus, the Goddess of Love, will be spending all of May 2017 in Aries. Having been retrograde prior to May, she has spent a lot of time in this impulsive sign. The best way to get through a Venus retrograde is to give the love you’d like to receive. But, do it without expectations. However, now that Venus is direct in Aries, it’s a very playful time for those relationships in a good place. May is also a month where you become more direct and better able to convey what you want and need. Just remember that love should always be a bit of give and take—never just one or the other.

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Important Days for Every Sign

Days to note in your May 2017 Love Horoscope are:

  • We’ll experience a bold Full Moon in Scorpio on May 10 that can highlight our sexual desires.
  • Venus and Jupiter in retrograde wink at each other on May 19, lending warmth and positivity to relationships.
  • A New Moon in Gemini on May 25 could cause some confusion in a new relationship. We may think we’ve met someone special, but they could turn out to be someone completely different.

Now let’s see what your love horoscope has in store for your love life based on your Sun sign.


Venus moved back into your sign, and she’ll remain there until June 6. All eyes are on you, Aries. Jupiter retrograde is still in your love and relationship house, adding its enthusiasm, excitement and a little dramatic flair. Circle May 19 on your calendar when Venus and Jupiter retrograde take a long, loving stare at each other. Your love life is heating up and you may even feel like your search for “the one” has ended. But, it’s in your best interest to stay open-minded and available to what the universe may send your way. You still have the “surprise” planet Uranus in your sign, making your love life both spontaneous and unpredictable. That’s just the way you like it. If married, you and your other half could spend May focusing on recapturing the magic.

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With the Sun in your sign until the 20th you can say that May is your month. You’re ready to celebrate! Your agenda should be full of invitations from people who want to be in your company. May 19 is an important day because Venus in your house of secrets goes face-to-face with Jupiter retrograde which is now residing in your house of public reputation. You may find yourself enamored with a stranger or perhaps getting flirty with a coworker. Normally, you can quickly put those urges aside, but not on this day. If neither of you is attached, then go for it, but start off slow and be discreet. A gossipy New Moon in Gemini on the 25th will highlight a Venus-Pluto square that could signal a turn you hadn’t anticipated. Your love life might become a water-cooler topic.

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May holds a lot of possibilities for love. Venus is working her way through your house of friends, peers and environment. This is also your house of hope, dreams and unexpected circumstances. A friend may become a person of extreme interest to you. Singles, keep your eyes open as hooking up with someone who isn’t completely available is quite possible. Be sure you know who you’re involved with. And speaking of hookups, Jupiter is retrograde in your house of creativity, personal pleasure and satisfying encounters. A clandestine encounter could turn into a serious relationship, although not right away. Karmic Saturn is still in your house of true love. It gives you a clear view of suitors who are here to stay and those who will fall away. Whether single or attached, the New Moon on the 25th will illuminate your powers of attraction.

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May seems to hold a whimsical and relaxed feeling for you. Still, there will be some stellar days where you could connect with someone special in a way which appeals to both your water-sign personality and your cardinal nature. Single or attached, you can look forward to a dreamy, romantic Full Moon in Scorpio on the 10th. Another great day for you is the 19th when two giving, loving planets, Venus and Jupiter, lock eyes in the sky. Another day to circle is the 25th, the day of the New Moon in Gemini. On that day, Venus will square with Pluto retrograde, again emphasizing your cardinal energy. Also with Pluto retrograde in your house of committed relationships you could form a psychic link with your significant other; feelings can be shared without so much as a word.

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Single Leos are still dealing with taskmaster Saturn in their house of playmates and pleasure. If nothing seems to be going your way, then it’s time to let the universe guide you. You may be drawn to someone from a different culture. If you’re married or in a serious relationship, you’re going to love the sexy New Moon in Scorpio on May 10. Since that Moon will be in your fourth house of home and family, set up a couple’s massage in your den. It’s a perfect time to recharge and reignite your spirit and libido. On a more serious note, there may be a bill coming that you and your other half either forgot about or chose to ignore. Don’t let this be a reason to argue or point fingers. Instead, work on getting your joint finances in order.

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It will be hard to get someone special off your mind—especially if you don’t live near each other. The week of the 15th is an excellent time to take an out-of-town trip or just enjoy a few days off. No matter what’s going on at work, you can’t ignore your love life, especially with Pluto retrograde in your house of fun and flirting and the Sun and communicative Mercury in your house of friends and acquaintances. You’ll want to get close to someone. Hedonistic thoughts are hard to ignore this month, so why fight it? You may also like the 9th and the 31st when your charm and affection get you anything or anyone you desire. Attached Virgos will find stolen moments to dodge obligations and enjoy a little alone time, whether it’s out of town or just behind closed doors.

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This could be a revealing month for you, and you may even surprise yourself. Venus, your ruling planet, has ended her retrograde in your house of relationships and is again moving direct. During her trip into the past, you may run into an old flame or a love interest. If you’re serious, then a new chapter may be on the horizon. If you’re not, then it’s time to be honest. Attached Libras have hopefully been able to regain the spark that brought the two of you together in the first place. Single or attached, you’ll trade in your usual charm for a little shock and awe around the 18th when Saturn in your house of communications forms a unique angle to unpredictable Uranus. Your naughty side emerges and you might enjoy raising a few eyebrows, eliciting some surprising reactions from the opposite sex.

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Single Scorpios, Neptune’s continued stay in fellow water sign Pisces gives all your recreational sexual encounters a dreamy, almost naughty, effect. This effect is long-lasting and to your liking so make the best of it. You love fantasy surrounding all of your enticing and illicit encounters so you feel comfortable here—being secretive is your specialty. Look to the Full Moon in your sign on the 10th to illuminate your natural curiosity. Ask your lover the question you really want the answers to, even if they’re uncomfortable. One long look into your piercing Scorpio eyes and they’ll tell you their deepest secrets. You can use this information to your advantage. Attached Scorpios, if your love life has experienced a few misunderstandings lately, then after Mercury moves into compatible Taurus and your house of committed relationships on the 15th, you’ll give love a second chance.

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May will be a particularly exciting month. Venus, will spend the whole month of May in your house of pleasure and playmates, where she’ll remain until June 6. With Venus in, Aries, you’ll be feeling even more adventurous than usual. If you’re attached, Venus will help breathe new life into your relationship, so go with the energy and use the month of May to spice things up and rekindle that spark. Single or married, you can also look forward to the Gemini New Moon on the 25th, in your seventh house of committed relationships. If you’re single, then there’s no better time for you to get out and about, especially if you’re looking for that special someone. The whole month of May has fun written all over it. All you have to do is show up and enjoy yourself.

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This is the time to put a little more focus on fulfilling your personal desires. On May 9 the Sun in your house of playmates will form a wonderful angle to Pluto retrograde in your sign. If you’re attached, then you and your partner may make plans to get away and reignite the passion. Single or attached, Venus in your fourth house will put you in the mood to turn your boudoir into a five-star sanctuary—with another or alone. Not everyone knows how naughty you can be, but Venus does. On the 31st candid Mercury in your house of frivolity will allow you to tell your lover just how you feel. Neptune in your house of communication makes your words sound dreamy. Some Capricorns might “pop the question.” No matter what you reveal, you’ll feel glad that you did.

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May will be as fun as April was, although you’ll be spending less time with friends and more time with a significant other or a new attractive stranger. Single Aquarians should not hesitate to take advantage of the New Moon energy on the 25th which is in your house of frivolous fun. It’s the perfect day or evening to meet someone completely new and out of the blue. Whether you’re close to home or away on vacation makes no difference. You both want to have a fun, carefree experience. However, you just might find this one to be absolutely perfect for you. If so, no distance will be able to keep you apart. No matter what, May will be a socially active month where you can let your hair down and regain a part of yourself you thought was gone. You still have it!

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Frisky Pisceans don’t have any planetary action going on in their house of playful liaisons or their house of committed relationships. However, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on in the love arena. Don’t forget that we have a juicy Full Moon on the 10th in Scorpio—a sign made for sexual encounters and deep connections. Single or attached, May has a sensual yet naughty feel to it that may lead to some intense encounters. After the 15th you and a significant other seem to be on the same page in love, and you may discuss taking a trip together to a tropical destination. If you’re attached, shut down the iPhone, the iPad and quiet all the “I wants” in your life for a day or two surrounding the New Moon on the 25th so you  can dive into some Neptunian underworld fantasies.

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