Mars Gives Your Sexual Energy a Boost

Mars is Reborn!

Mars is visible in the sky again, growing in visibility in the morning sky as the year proceeds. As Mars’ energy strengthens, special sky events in July offer pure power and vitality. Heroic, fearless efforts propel you toward any goal.

Mars also offers pure sexual energy for both men and women. Venus’ energy is sexy and seductive and loves feeling beautiful. Your “inner-Mars” is just plain horny! It isn’t picky about sex at all. It just wants it, right now, so have some fun!

Mars performs best under the “supervision” of another planet. When with Venus, Mars is making love and “behaving.” Saturn/Mars is directed and constructive. Jupiter/Mars leads to heroic and wise acts. Mars is mischievous with Mercury and brilliant with Uranus if the energy is managed.

July 6 is the day that the Moon triggers opening communications to achieve your dreams and goals. Then on July 22 it joins Jupiter and the next door opens to the most beneficial and powerful blessings flowing this year.

Here are the best ways to use the amazing life force that Mars offers to the fullest:


July 6 brings out the most creative, sexy energy that you’ve enjoyed in a long time. Communication is the vehicle. You have a burst of energy through communications in your home life that can kick off a new flow of sexual commitment from a partner and long-term investments that are lucrative.

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July 6 is perfect for initiating financial activities and travel that could really flourish for you as the year goes on. You’ll have the opportunity to make that flow of communications and finances that you initiated on the 6 pour forth on July 22 through a lover or other partner and friends. Keep building on that.


You are highly motivated on July 6 with finances in focus and really intense and beautiful communications. It’s all about money, money, money on July 22. Approach a client or management with your usual stellar presentation to get far more money than you might have expected. The workplace offers a bonanza of opportunities for your most inspired work.


With Jupiter now in your sign tied to Mars these days, use that inspiration on July 7 regarding finances for maximum benefits. People come to you as the source for all great things on July 22. You create very real, substantial work that truly dazzles others today, so use it to your best advantage.


You are beyond inspiring to the public on July 6! You electrify any communications with a “love injection” others find irresistible. Sexual healing is the call of the day July 22. You could find the energy released from this wonderful breakthrough bringing real-life benefits in so many ways that it will amaze you.

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The public, friends and the Internet offer you amazing opportunities on July 6. Not only is Mars smokin’ on July 22 with terrific energetic benefits, but Venus is entering your sign as well. You are more attractive than ever and communications are so powerful today that you could receive love and creative breakthroughs that will be wonderful.


Both travel and work offer strong financial opportunities on July 6, so seize the day. The mega-energy of July 22 is all about your career and public image. Help make the workplace more beautiful and inspiring and see some financial gains from those efforts. Partners are full of erratic energy so help them focus and you’ll make them happy.


You are a sexual dynamo on July 6. Beauty and charm can bring the perfect lover. Travel and education get a power boost on July 22 that makes you inspired and a really solid source of “making things happen” for everyone. A magical and beautiful new friend could appear today as well. Is this “the one?”


Surprise travel opportunities and brilliant and inspired thought make your day on July 6. Some amazing benefits can come from investments on July 22. Be wise and energetic about long-term finances. One consideration might be making your home a source of income by creating inspiration or beauty there for others.


Partners, lovers and people in the workplace bring amazing breakthroughs on July 6. Their energy can bring you such benefits today. Offer clear communications with them and transformational ideas and you may start a dream business or a fabulous life with someone special.


You have a great drive for sports, making love, creative projects and you may find a perfect partner through travel or educational events on July 6. The workplace is energizing and flowing with benefits today, so be open to every opportunity.

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Oh, the flow you feel on July 6! Your home life is really active and a parent might initiate something amazing. You are enchanting on July 22 and your focus on creativity and gentle love with your partner will reap many real benefits for you. You may be taken on a magical mystery tour that you love!

20 thoughts on “Mars Gives Your Sexual Energy a Boost

  1. vaxoram

    i’m a libra looking for the other half, Libra is all about love from venus. yet everyone on here you posted is sex sex sex, an for libra its all about money. WTF. Not very informative about love what so ever. Libra lives for love. I should know I am true to the bone libra.

  2. arise

    Drusilla, as Anon says, a spirit is just letting you know they are there. Smell is the sense most closely associated with memory.

    Is there a friend or relative that passed over, whom you associate with smoking? It may have been quite a while since they passed; the ability to communicate can take some time. Take a few days to think about this. If no one comes to mind, it could be a former resident of that property, signaling they haven’t moved on.

    Talk to them in a natural way, kindly but firmly, telling them something like, “you’re not living / you’ve passed on / you have to go to the next level / call on those you loved to come and guide you / you can’t stay here.” Then ignore the smell until it goes away. To refocus your attention, you can burn a scented candle, dab essential oil on a light bulb, make aromatic tea, etc.

  3. tara

    Hi..!!! Can you please tell me WHEN WILL I GET MARRIED?? Will i get a partner of my choice? Will it be successful??

  4. lesley

    the man I love or think I love we have been having an ongoing “friendship’ for a couple years now I really care for him a lot but don’t know if it will ever amount to anything and haven’t seen or heard from him for a few weeks now do I just need to move on and forget about him? wasting my time?

  5. Nevenka

    I was told that I will receive a large amount of money in a three weeks by playing any chance of games ,may be lotto or casino? Can you comment on that ?Please

  6. anon

    Drusilla you have a smoking spirit in your home. Just ignore it becuase the more you pay attention to it it may turn out to be somehting else. Usually a smokey or burning smell is indicative of something demonic. I am not saying that this is what this is. To find out what or whom it is you may want to call in a paranorml group who ca also assist you in what to do about this.

  7. Drusilla Fletcher

    For the past six months I have been smelling cigarette smoke in my home. I do not smoke and neither does my daughter. The smoke comes and goes. However it has been over six months. What could this mean?

  8. anil sharma

    I am reading this forecast last more than 6 years can this year change my life in profession and and development in profession of advocacy thanks


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