Your March Chinese Horoscope: Nobody Does it Alone

Your March Chinese Horoscope: Nobody Does it Alone

Your Chinese Horoscope

Welcome to March, the first full month enjoying the Year of the Wood Sheep. We’re just beginning this cycle and it requires that we work together, because nobody does it alone in reality. We are in relationships with each other and our planet, and this year will honor and bless those who realize and act accordingly.

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The Tiger Climbs the Mountain month continues until March 20. Directing passionate energy lovingly is the key to success. We then shift to the Rabbit of Woods and Mountain that puts further emphasis on working together intelligently. Your personal animal days in March will be intense and full of opportunities. Here’s your Chinese Horoscope!



You are the Field Rat on the evening of March 1 when new optimism and energy motivate you after a day of some uncertainty. Have a terrific lunch break with a female friend on March 13 as the Granary Rat. Your Chinese Horoscope says it’s time for girl fun. You are way ahead of others with those great new ideas on March 25 as the Rat on the Cross Beam.


You are sexy and loving it as the Lake Buffalo on March 2. You have greater self-assurance and it shows. March 14 is a day to express your romantic ideals as the Ox in the Byre. Non-verbal communication may work best. The afternoon brings creative ideas on March 26 as you are the Ox on the Road.

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On March 3 (your day and month) be smart and strategic about your feelings of rebellion for success as the Tiger Climbs the Mountain. Make health and vitality your goal on March 15 as the Tiger Leaving the Mountain. Be prepared to use what you’ve learned from past experience to handle all surprises on March 27 as the Tiger Crossing the Forest.


Generous optimism works for you on March 4 as the Rabbit of Wood and Mountain, according to your Chinese Horoscope. Don’t let others’ confusion interfere with good plans. Hard work brings great results with your high energy level on March 16 as the Rabbit in the Burrow. March 28 is your month and day as the Rabbit Leaving the Forest. Communicating your dreams produces results.


Be the Dragon of Patience on this March 5 full moon day. Out of very strange circumstances, wonderful gifts arise. On March 17 use networking to rekindle opportunities that seemed lost as the Rain Dragon. March 29 brings fiery dreams and lots of energy to succeed as the Dragon in the Whirlpool.


You are the Hibernating Snake on March 6, the perfect day to incubate new ideas for something great in the future. Romance (even melancholy) dominates on March 18. You can inspire them as Snake in the Field. Surprising inspiration fills your morning on March 30 as the Snake Leaving a Hole.


March 7 is a passionate, take-action day full of surprises, according to your Chinese Horoscope. Ride the tide as the Way Horse. March 19 is a perfect day to release old wounds and fly higher as the Horse in the Clouds. March 31 is an earthy day full of desire. Focus that passion, Traveling Horse.

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Include people you never thought would be part of the group on March 8 at work and in social events. You’ll enjoy real benefits as the Sheep in a Flock. March 20 is the perfect day to pour your energies into finishing old work as the Serious Sheep. It makes room for opportunities.


Trust your intuition and romantic instincts on March 9 as the Tree Monkey. Your love life and creativity will know no bounds. Brilliant new ideas bring opportunities on March 21, your Mountain Monkey day. Your confidence could bring a promotion.


March 10 brings a day when you are full of wisdom and that helps others as the Cock Crowing at Noon. Old wounds become assets. March 22 is a passionate day as you are the Rooster of Solitude. Channel this into creativity for great results.


Your Chinese Horoscope says you are the Sleeping Dog on March 11, when it’s time to take the fear out of your nightmares and see the inspiration just beneath. You’ll laugh at how silly your worries have been. March 23 carries you deeply into your inner world as the Mountain Dog. Communicate what you learn to someone special.

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Positive thoughts bring the best surprises on March 12. You’re the Pig Traversing a Mountain, working hard early in the day, and then the downward slope reveals success. Communicate your most idealistic thoughts as the Monastic Pig on March 24. Be patient while others grasp your inspiration.

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