Your Lunar Eclipse Forecast for May 2013

Can You See Our Future?

Late evening/early morning on May 25/26, a new consciousness is being born within each of us! This phenomenon, reflected in the heavens by a lunar eclipse, is the beginning of a series or “family” of eclipses happening approximately every 18 years until June 30, 3275. If you are alert to what’s happening in the world and in your heart during this time, you will see our future.

In your personal life, you may be stunned to meet the person you could be committed to through numerous lifetimes over the next 1,200 years. We experienced a fading “moon goddess” in the world and in ourselves in late April, and now we have the joy of the birth of a fresh, new goddess—a new expression of the feminine, the receptive and the compassionate. The nature of the changes within each of us is fiery and exciting. At the same time we will discover that we are becoming more loving, creative protectors with pure brilliance at our core. Each sign has this happening in a special area of life. Get the full details of what this lunar eclipse means for you. Call Psychic Kit ext. 5180 to get a detailed lunar forecast.


The May 24/25 lunar eclipse brings the birth of brilliant, new ways of thinking for you. A soul friend or lover may appear through travel, studies or spiritual pursuits. Major changes at work can bring openings for amazing new forms of self-expression and fulfilling new relationships, particularly over the coming six months.


The May 24/25 lunar eclipse has the meeting point (nodal axis) in your Sun sign with the Sun and the Moon in Gemini. The goddess within you is gaining her voice over the next six months. Your natural receptive, attractive way of being offers the “window” for us to see our future.


With the Sun in your sign at the birth of this 1,200-year cycle of eclipses, you’re an amazing voice for guiding others toward the future, particularly over the next six months. Gemini has a natural integration and balance of the masculine and feminine, and your soulmate is drawn to this great quality. You could enchant others with your optimism and vision. See what else is ahead with an astrology reading from astrologer Brandon ext. 5704.


The eclipse on May 24/25 brings an ancient knowing within you to the surface over the next six months. You embody this paradox of old and new—evolution—as the “once-and-future queen” Cancer lunar goddess. You carry a very necessary thread for humanity to understand through your “soul group family” or you may find an eternal love to share in your embrace of the future.


You will be a group leader of the new consciousness found in this 1,200-year lunar eclipse series beginning May 24/25. You direct and complete the brilliant action flowing from the heart of humanity. If you try every action and goal with intelligent, strategic thought, you can change the world!


The birth of the new goddess within on the eclipse of May 24/25 is expressed in your area of career and public expression. Your dedication can bring two sides together—those yearning for the past and the youth dreaming of a better future. Also, a new soul partner could be found at work or through a family member.


You are inspired to express the new wisdom awakening within you on May 24/25 through travel and education. Your soulmate for your future may be found in either of these areas within the next six months. Communicate passionately and that special someone will hear you.

Use astrology to discover if you and your partner are right for each other.” – Charrmayne ext. 5058


You feel this new way of living and being rising up from the depths of your passions. A soul partner may become obvious to you from an amazing sexual encounter that symbolizes something deeper. If you are already committed, your lover will realize that your relationship must have come from a primal place (the thread of life itself) that can’t be denied.


This new eclipsed Moon occurs in your sign, Sagittarius. Who you are at your very heart speaks to humanity over the next six months. You are the nurturer of this newborn reality of earth consciousness—the protection of life and beauty. You could find a partner who may be in awe of your essence.


You will be focused on personal health and service to others when this new lunar eclipse is born, and may well meet or realize that you’ve found your perfect partner in the workplace, a health club or a medical facility.


Your creative efforts and group leadership skills will be so pronounced over the next six months that you are likely to be the person everyone goes to in order to make things happen. An eternal lover may be discovered in a group, artistic or sports environment.


Your career and public image will be based on a rich expression of passion and empathy over the next six months. There will be a new sweetness and joy in your home life, and a soulmate would be found through family or career efforts.

10 thoughts on “Your Lunar Eclipse Forecast for May 2013

  1. ann

    How does my finances look …. any better, if so how much …. and how soon …
    born May 7, 1947
    When, where, how, and under what circumstances will I meet
    my soul mate?
    Thanks a million

  2. Tracey

    I’m a Libra and I’m ready for this change….I’m tired of dealing with so my bull that my life seems to have turned into a tornado that I can’t get out of. That person to appear that can be my “happy ever after” person would be great! I don’t like being alone, but I’m tired of abusive relationships too…..I’ve got fingers crossed on this one~ Thanks for the update Brandon 🙂

  3. anna coccia

    do you see any
    good financial
    gains in the
    very near future?iam in
    serious debt
    can you please
    give me some

  4. Barbara colber

    Is the lunar eclipse 5/24/25 or 5/25/26? In your opening paragraph you state it is 5/25/26 and in the individual signs you say it is 6/24/25? Thank you for the clarification.


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