Your LOVECAST®: Passions, Irritations or Complications

Passions, Irritations or Complications

Your Love Horoscope

The week begins on a playful vibe as Moon in Leo energizes romance. Then brainy interactions take the spotlight after Mercury joins Venus by transiting into Gemini on Thursday (through July 7). Toward the weekend, afflictions to Moon in Libra can rattle relationships on Friday, while the Full Moon in Scorpio intensifies the passion, irritations or complications in romance on Saturday and Sunday. Best days for socializing: Monday, Thursday and Saturday. Here is your love horoscope!

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Aries Love Horoscope

Mercury in Gemini will enhance your flirting skills, along with heightening your clarity during other communications. Networking can can bring in new friends and professional allies. During the weekend, the Full Moon will give you the urge to merge—physically and soulfully—with a partner on Saturday, but you may have trouble expressing your desires on Sunday.

Taurus Love Horoscope

Romance can bloom on Monday, but mixed messages abound on Tuesday and Wednesday. Mercury in Gemini focuses on the values you share with the people closest to you. This weekend, the Full Moon energizes shared activities with your sweetie or best pal. If you’re solo, getting clear about what you want in a committed relationship will help you manifest it.

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Gemini Love Horoscope

Your feelings may be out of alignment with your partner’s on Tuesday or Wednesday, but your way with words will be irresistible after Mercury enters your sign on Thursday, an excellent time for a date. This weekend, the Full Moon can make romance seem more complicated than it really is. Paying attention to emotional nuances will give you the clarity you seek.

Cancer Love Horoscope

Your intuition will be heightened after Mercury enters Gemini on Thursday, so pay attention to your dreams, synchronicities and psychic nudges. Avoiding negative people will help you stay centered during the troublesome aspects to the Moon on Friday. This weekend, the Full Moon ignites your desire for a sexy rendezvous, which will most likely take place on Saturday night!

Leo Love Horoscope

Social activities will escalate as Mercury transits through Gemini. You’re most likely to meet new friends (or a potential paramour) during a friendly gathering or group project. This weekend’s Full Moon can evoke your controlling side if you’re feeling insecure about a relationship. On the upside, a cozy tryst at your home will fan a smoldering fire into a flame.

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Virgo Love Horoscope

You’ll be desiring an intimate connection on Monday night, but you’ll need to express your feelings and intentions clearly to avoid a misstep on Tuesday. Mercury in Gemini favors taking the lead in social activities, but communications may feel heavy on Sunday. On the upside, the Full Moon can bring romance on Saturday by prompting you to reveal your desires!

Libra Love Horoscope

A contact from a afar may offer a social opportunity during Mercury in Gemini. Your allure can bring an admirer on Thursday, but you’ll likely feel off balance and out of control on Friday, so be gentle with yourself. This weekend’s Full Moon will evoke your passion by triggering your instinctual side. Whether you act on it or not is up to you!

Scorpio Love Horoscope

The urge to discuss your deepest feelings and darkest secrets (and other mysterious topics) will be strong during Mercury in Gemini. A beautiful and serene environment can inspire romance on Thursday. This weekend, the Full Moon in your sign will shine a spotlight on your allure, but you’ll need some quiet time away from crowds to stay emotionally centered.

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Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Mercury in Gemini will energize conversations with your partner or closest friends. If you’re looking for love, romance can come through a match-up, class or online source. Thursday is a good time to meet someone special during a social activity. This weekend, the Full Moon favors an intimate tryst in a peaceful locale or a friendly date with your best pal.

Capricorn Love Horoscope

An exotic ambiance can inspire romance on Monday evening, a good time for a date or to meet someone new. Busyness will escalate after Mercury enters Gemini on Thursday, and you may need to play peacemaker during a conflict on Friday. This weekend, an activity with friends will energize you and perhaps bring romance under the Full Moon.

Aquarius Love Horoscope

Your wit and charm will draw admirers as Mercury in Gemini travels through your romance sector. Look for love through activities that focus on education, communications or travel. Your adventurousness can bring a passionate response on Thursday. This weekend, taking the lead by initiating a date can bring the desired results during the Full Moon, especially on Saturday.

Pisces Love Horoscope

A date with your sweetie will bring delight on Monday night, but a misunderstanding may upset love on Tuesday, so seek clarity. Mercury in Gemini favors gatherings at your home where lively conversations are the focus. During the weekend, the Full Moon favors focusing on the soul connection in your relationship or meeting someone new during a spiritual activity.

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