Libra: The Perfect Sign for You?

Libras: The Lovers of Love

Compatibility is complicated. And of course there’s more to an astrological match than just a Sun Sign. However, as the aspect of a chart which has the most to say about individual personality, Sun Signs still offer a lot of information. With that in mind (and the Sun entering Libra this month), here’s everything you need to know about the sign of the scales.

If any sign longs to be in love, it’s Libra. No wonder they’re represented by the scales—partners are meant to balance each other out! The catch is, while Libra craves balance, their fickle nature can lead to a “grass-is-greener” mentality which prevents them from actually achieving it. Still, there is nary a more loving or adaptable partner than this Air Sign.

Compliments go a long way with Libra. Ruled by beauty-loving Venus, both sexes who fall under this sign want to feel adored and appreciated. They value their surroundings and associate themselves with them. Travelers, epicureans and lovers of luxury, Librans have style and are drawn to shiny things (read: people). If you’re the sloppy sort, you probably won’t please them. Even if they’re less tidy than they realize, they want to be surrounded by beauty.

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Deep down, Librans are lonely, particularly if they haven’t found the balance they crave within. We cannot create outwardly what we don’t have inwardly, after all. And so it is that a Libran who is not self-actualized may be desperate and fall into the wrong relationship. It’s then and only then that he or she will be apt to stray. That’s not unique of course, but it is something to be aware of.

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Meanwhile, more than anything (aside from partnership), Librans are plagued by a need for fairness. They hate injustice and do everything within their power to level any playing field they come near. They’re also big-time people pleasers, which can lead to resentments if the give and take isn’t equal in your partnership.

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Bottom line: Give as good as you get and you may be getting someone great.

32 thoughts on “Libra: The Perfect Sign for You?

  1. sharia

    I’m. Libra married. to a cancer man. He was so nice when i first met him then i got pregnant. And he said my life was over with. Me thinking nothing of it was the biggest mistake of my life I’m. So miserable. We dont talk he flirts with women he stingy grumpy cruel and sarcastic i thought he was so perfect i really love him but he’s. horrible

  2. Kirsten

    I’m a 60 yr old Libra and so have had plenty of time to figure myself out. I married a super sensitive Cancer man but couldn’t help myself. We are both so much alike its like supernatural. I am Libra all the way but find the planets and other signs in my houses, and my rising sign (Virgo) make me who I am as well. And the same is true of my husband. He is so much a Cancer/Leo, but his Aquarius rising is there as well (he can’t stay out of the water, fishing, swimming etc).
    If you marry someone who fails you, its not the sign of that person that is bad, it is the strength of that person’s character, his/her opinions of others, his integrity or lack of it and so on. For example, is he/she lazy or motivated, smart or not so smart, bigoted or compassionate, selfish or generous, big spender or spendthrift, religious, family oriented, controlling or submitting, cooperative or stubborn, and so on. Not any one sign has only good attributes. The bad comes with the good and you must decide what you are willing to put up with. I like and love my husband so much, that I am willing to try really hard to put up with his weaknesses, and vice versus. As a person I will not put up with infidelity, physical abuse or mean behavior. I would think that would be true for most people regardless of their signs. We as a group confuse the attributes of the different zodiac signs with what are the huge variety of human behaviors, characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, etc. For example, being a Libra I like fairness, pleasant surroundings, harmony. My Cancer husband likes his family, home base, good food. But we both have self esteem, crafts for hobbies and work hard at our jobs. And I can’t say that self esteem or crafts are a definite attribute to any zodiac sign. Margi (the first contributor here) is quite right that we are born one way, and life shapes who we end up to be. And that plays a big part in who we are when we marry. regardless of our sign. My advice to everyone : if you want to marry some day, pick someone who has the same values as you have in money (keeping and spending), sex, religion, kids, lifestyle, fidelity, communication, and yes integrity. I say integrity because if you are honest and your spouse isn’t, it will tear you apart. The other things like hobbies and interests, pets, houses, jobs, sports, schooling etc can be worked out. But our basic values are ours and they need to be basically the same or very close as a married couple, or the marriage will always be at odd ends and struggling. Sorry for the speech here but you need to know this stuff.

  3. Margi

    I think that people are confusing who the person “is” when they were born under their sign, versus who they are now, which is how they have become. For instance, I am a Virgo/libra cusp and do have several of their qualities but because my father was a bullying Gemini and saw how he treated my wonderful and generous Leo mother, I decided I would not be treated that way. So, I am the leader of my household for my Aquarius husband, who was mistreated by his Virgo mother.

    So, what you experience with people is not their true zodiac nature, as they have reacted to every situation of hurt, shame, anger, etc and it has changed them. The signs are about who we were when we were born… Not necessarily who we are now… Get it?

  4. Kidney Stones

    My brother is a Libra and all those who say narcissist and always right are spot on there. He married a Pisces. There was a Sagittarius Lorraine, I’m surprised you went out with the signs you did, an Aquarius is perfect for you I think because they’re ‘good enough’ if you know what I mean. My other brother is Sagittarius and married an Aquarius, this looks more promising to me that the other brother…

  5. emma

    Hallooo everyone, I am taurus engage to my sweet loving libra fiance. He was so wonderful protector like all the time I am safe if his around me. I am so thankful that God sent him to me, guys the most important in relationship is respect to work everything in balance..

  6. Missing

    I am married to a Scorpio, never again, if I ever get out of this one!!
    He is very controlling, Argumentive, very, negative about everything!
    He doesn’t like anyone, and thinks everyone is stupid, a moron, exc: He is way to intense for me, I am optimistic, I am very easy going and enjoy life, I feel like a prisoner in my own home!

  7. Qwen

    The information about Libras are so true. I have been in a part time relationship with a Libra and I must say the definition fits quite firmly. Libras are kind of lonely and craves for extra attention. “Grass Greener” should be their nickname because the things they proclaim just seems impossible. By the way I am a Sagittarius- very sexy, generous and understanding

  8. Qwen

    The information about Libras are so true. I have been in a part time relationship with a Libra and I must say the definition fits quite firmly. Libras are kind of lonely and craves for extra attention. “Grass Greener” should be their nickname because the things they proclaim just seems impossible.

  9. nancy

    Im a sag dec 6 virgos are too boring for the sag. A good match for sag is the gemini bcus they give the space needed. Sag must learn to be patient with gemini bcus they cinflict with freedom and commitment but if u can help balance that in them u got a gold mine.

  10. Monica

    Please do not tell me that Libra is my match. It is not. Being married for 15 years to one and it ended in divorce. Would not consider any Venusian, type Libra or Taurus. Maybe Leo, Scorpio, Cancer.

  11. Darryl

    Well I am a Libra threw an threw! Not only that I am a cusp Scorpio which sets my vervous energy out of wack an people notice it for they get all jittery around me. I love love an all that has to go with it, the only thing is with a scorpio cusp it has intensified to the point that its a total disaster! One look a a person they run from my intensity! Yet you get to know me an then you’ll find someone who is outta this world! Those who call me their friend grip me with their claws for they don’t ever want to lose me as a friend. Trying to find love is not fun for the intensity scares most of them away n the ones who do chase me are not worth my time! The other thing is because of the scorpio I get called slut lots an Im dressed conservitivly! I just stand there an guys an gurls walk by an call me slut. What did I do I was just standing there… Well guess what bend over an find out! LOL!

  12. Sam Snead

    I’m a Libra and I have been in love with both a gemini and aquarius, in both relationships I got cheated on after awhile. Everyone is different though, good and bad in all people and signs

  13. susan jones

    Hey Hey Hey you guys. I’m a Libra and can match with anyone…including Leo. I take pride in my home, career and especially my appearance. Want to come to a classy party and not be disappointed? That would be me. Non judgmental. Extremely fair minded, and two wonderful kids who think I’m the greatest Mom on earth. Perhaps is was the other sign that didn’t work out. Hmmmmm……

  14. Monalisa

    I hear you,Donna …I was married to a Libra for 26yrs….one word comes to mind narcisisst…I’m a Scorpio that fell under his spell for too long…now I am in love with a Gemini and I know his love is real!!! We all make mistakes

  15. Lorraine

    Im a Sag. Last month you said Virgo was the perfect sign for me now Libra??? What is my perfect sign? Dated Virgo,Sag,Scorpio and married a Pisces,didn’t work..

  16. debbe

    I am a libra/scorpio living with a scorpio and the relationship is a lot to be desired.He always likes to humiliate me in public and very controlling,can’t do a thing without him making some kind of smart comment or gesture.Always making jokes or comments about the way I look or my weght,and actually a very attractive individual,not going to take it to much longer,there is so much more but not enough time to talk about it.

  17. FREDDY


  18. Chuck

    Well I’m a Virgo libra cusp and in love with a libra. We tend to clash on a few things but over all we have a good relationship

  19. Cleveland

    I am a Gemini and six years ago I was married to a libra. The relationship ended because she cheated on me with a Gemini. She now with him, the man she cheated with. So libras are not a good fit with me.

  20. Donald Nazeeh Abdur-Rasheed

    Good morning Tabitha

    i would like to know will i find a new job in the coming months.moved out of parent’s house and get my own apartment will i move to a big city or a bigger city. are my fincinal are going to change for the better.

    will i find a that lifetime partner who is waiting for me. i’m a libra.

  21. Donna

    I’ve been married to a LIBRA for 20yrs. and he has any of the qualities mentioned and definetly is not a lovable person,He is always right and does not verbally communicate with me
    and never has..I’m moving out of province;but not really to find anyone else to be with my kids!!


    Donna Marie


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